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 What causes diahrea (sp?) and what are the side effects?
What foods commonly cause it too?
Additional Details
How often do you need to go to the toilet when you have it?

I have a feeling my brother may be faking it to avoid school ...

 how would the cri-du-chat syndrome effect someone if.....?
how would the cri-du-chat syndrome effect someone if they had it? be as descriptove as possible please!
Additional Details
what does that have 2 do w/ anything? and btw, its not a ...

 What are some common symptoms of Fasting Hypoglycemia?
If you have Fasting Hypoglycemia please answer my question. Thank you.
Additional Details
I was just wondering....

 I'm 16 and I have kyphosis,physical therapy didn't help, what should be done next? please read and help?
Alright, about 3 months ago I started to get really bad back pain, went to see an orthopedic and he did a xray. I saw him back awhile ago as well when they noticed the slight curve in my spine. It ...

 How to break the ice about multiple sclerosis when trying to pursue a relationship?
Hello, I just recently turned 23 and the day after my 23rd birthday I was diagnosed with M.S. I am a single mother of one child, and I was hoping to get back into the dating scene but I'm afraid ...

 breastmilk as a pink eye remedy?`?
I've done research, and heard from friends that their pediatritions say that breastmilk will work for pink eye.. because of the antibodies in the milk and it's sterile condition, if so do ...

 Weird feeling in my stomach D: ?
It doesn't feel like I'm going to puke, but I can like feel the stomach acids in there. It's really weird. All I've had in the last several hour is soup. What could be up with me?...

 How long do anorexics go without food?
why would anyone want to do this I do not know......

 can my insomnia be connected 2 my pregnancy?
i have chronic insomnia. could this be because my pregnancy?or did it just make it a higher level insomnia.(insomnia is a sleeping disorder)im only 15 and its hard coping with the aches and pains of ...

 What exactly is nausea...?
When I think of nausea / nauseous I think of that sick to your stomach felling but NOT throwing up...

but what really is nausea / nauseous??...

 can a disease have more than one cure? can you provide an example?

 My child has severe autism will the pain ever go away?
Its been two years now since I first found out and I still cry....

 What is it like to get an ultrasound of the ribs?
Does anyone know what the process is like to get an ultrasound of the ribs? How long does it take and do they make you strip naked or drink gross dyes or anything like that?


 Hypothryoidism, Birth Control & Getting Pregnant After?
I have hypothyroidism and want to start taking birth control. I have heard that after taking birth control it could be hard getting pregnant after. And also having my thyroid condition could make it ...

 Strange medical question...?
When I was 12, I moved to California. In order to attend school, I was required to have a physical. During this physical, the doctor looked inside my mouth, and was puzzled by the shape of my ...

 This H1N1 is the biggest "boondoggle" in the history of modern medicine. Well! the Cholesterol scare is worse.?
The pharmaceutical companies are putting out a product with little testing and with mercury in it as a preservative. Other ingredients are worse. Beware and check it out. Australia is already in the ...

 Am I just sick, or...?
Since yesterday, I have been sick. The highest my fever was 103.8 degrees Fahrenheit. I also have a stomachache, I've been dizzy since yesterday. Sometimes, I can't even walk in a straight ...

 under what conditions can a vet be sued?
I'm still a kid ,but I was wondering if a vet could be sued if an animal dies in surgery or is harmed by a veterinarian....

 Do Dr.s do x rays to find kidney stones, or ultra sounds?

 I have a burning sensation under my ribcage on my left side?
It happened last night after a small amount of tuna casserole and lasted for a couple hours. It is happening today, though very very light and doesnt hurt much at all. Ive lost my appetite alot in ...

If you have an incurable disease, what will you do?
First, the patient should be hopeful and take care of their health
Second, the patient's relative should be alway beside him(her) to encourage.
Third, good mood and optimism may help him(her) a lot in pushing back step and step their illness

I will go when God wants me home and will not stop the process

Yo' Mama
It all depends on the quality of my life and my ability to control that. If I had an incurable disease, as long as I can maintain a level of independence and ability to function, I will deal with it. However, if I know that the quality of my life will be severely compromised and that my decline will adversely affect my family, I would want to put an end to my life. We allow our pets to have the grace of being allowed to die peacefully at those times but we don't allow it for ourselves. I wish it were otherwise.

go into denial

Step over the nearst cliff, is what I would do.

I do have an incurable condition. I have Lupus - SLE. I live my life like everyone else. Day by day. Granted I take meds and see doctors more often then other people who are healthy but so what. I have my three daughters beside me which is a big help. We know to make the best of every day.

Step over the nearst cliff, is what I would do.

robert KS LEE.
fourth,help him to build up his faith against the disease.
fifth,pray 4 him everyday.
take care.

I will pray a lot and ask God not to make me suffer too much. I will also visit my friends, relatives I will say them good bye. I will visit children's and old people's centres and try to help them in whatever I can until I have strength in my body. I'll read all books I always wanted to read. I will go for long walks and contemplate nature and thank God for the miracle of life.
Be strong, life is just a passage.

yvonne c
Hello there, I was diagnosed with cancer some time ago and to be quite honest had so many horrible things happen at the time (all loved ones died one by one in less than a year, including parents) I think I went into a form of shock as I had no one to help other than exceptional friends I may not be here, but on the whole a warped sense of humour helps and making yourself go out in a positive mood each day I then eventually came out the other side to tell the tale.

In essence HUMOUR thank goodness for that, I have no faith so did not go that route.

Well that's my answer hope it helps

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