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 Restless Leg Syndrone... Please help.?
My Mom has it so bad, that she literally hasn't slept in days. Please any and all homiopathic remedies of any kind would be greatly appreciated....

 I have tourettes what do i do???
and is there any good tourette doc in austin ...

 i have difficulty sleeping because there are some worms in my as_h__e, i have never been in this kind of?
situation, i dont know what type of worm this is and i dont know how to cure myself and we dont have enough money to go to a doctor because we're only poor, can someone help me in curing my self,...

 Whats is Bell's Pulsy? Why it Happens? Does it have cure?

 What home remedies relieve coughing?

 What does it mean if you have a bump under your ear and at the end of you jaw and it hurts only on one ear?

 I need some help with my blood test cbc readings some red blood cell are low and mono is high, anemia or not?
WBC 7.1
RBC 5.84
HGB 15.2
HCT 45.2
MCV 77.4 LOW
MCH 26.0 LOW
MCHC 33.5
RDW 14.2
MPV 9.2
NEUT% 63.8
LYMPH% 22.3
MONO% 9.8 HIGH<...

 Help! my shingles is in it's 20th day!?
The rash is better, but the pain on my forehead and temple comes and goes--very uncomfortable. The pain clinic doctor put me on 10 mg. Amitriptyline at bedtime 2 days ago, and both nights I've ...

 Can OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) also pertain to drug addiction and alcoholism?
My whole family has mild OCD, with something or another, except with one family member that has a drug addiction, another who is an alcholic, can OCD also pertain to these problems too? Is it an ...

 is love a disease?

 has anyone out there got the genetic disorder NF1 please reply?

 How can I avoid shaking hands without having to always explain the painful arthritis in some of my fingers?
To look at the rest of me you'd never expect me to have arthritis in my fingers. Im a petit, fit woman ("buff"). I look easily 10 years younger than I am. People see my muscular arms ...

 Natural ways to lower cholesterol?
I am 20 and I have genetically high cholesterol. My doctor doesn't want to start me on medication until I am done having children, so for the next 5+ years, I will not be on them...but I still ...

 How can we find out medicine for aids?Will cancer be usefull for finding medicine for aids?

 How do nursing homes treat the blind?
I have to do a quick 2-3 paragraph paper on how nursing homes treat the blind, but I can't find information on it online anywhere! I was hoping you guys could help?
Additional Details<...

 I'm still afraid of the dark, and I'm 14 years old! I get scared so easily! How do you guys cope with fear?
I get scared so easily from the stupidest things. I'm terrified of horror films about ghosts, curses, or anything that has to do with the devil. I only saw clips from The Ring, and I've ...

 hi i am a father for 3 month baby boy diagnosed as a G6PD Deficiency i need to know only the cure ?
i need recommendation to a good Doctor for G6PD Deficiency in any part of the world .
bless you ...

 Chronic Mono / Epstein Barr - any ideas on how to fight it?
I was recently diagnosed with Chronic Mono, which is chronic Epstein Barr Virus. One doc told me I would have this all my life. Another said no. One said I had to sleep it off, another said take ...

 Can someone tell me the name of this disease?
I'm not sure if this is correct but I think is something like "Potters Willi" not sure but it's close. It has to do with not being able to realize that your stomach is full ...

 Can you tell me what carsick means and can u give me a story about you or someone you know who got car sick?
And what happened? Cause my cousin said he got car sick sometimes and did not explain to me what it was....

I need help in getting rid of my cervical vertigo. I've had it for almost two years now.?
I was in a car accident in Dec. '04 and began experiencing 'dizzy moments' in Jan. '05. Feb. of that year, I ended up falling on my face. I couldn't keep my head up. Everytime I tried to stand I would fall and my body would be dead weight. I get severe head swims by just walking normally. I even get head swims if I lay on my back or on my right side. My head swims when I'm at my computer as well. I had three sessions of vestibular rehab...no luck. Five medications all left me severely drowsy. One medication increased my vertigo. Since I have a low tolerance for meds I can't take anything to keep my head from swimming. I can't drive or anything. Any normal activity results in severe dizzy spells. How can I get rid of this if meds and rehab don't work? And please, this is a serious question. If you're going to be rude or childish please don't answer. This is serious. I've been going through this for almost two years now.


my gf has it too and it comes in spurs. there is not much you can do other than take meds. its an ongoing thing that u have to live with

Same exact thing happened to me & after suffering way too long a dear friend suggested I go see her Chiropractor & he did the trick for me. Your neck is out of alignment. If you don't take care of it now your in for much bigger problems later.

I had the same problem as you with vertigo following a whiplash injury in a car accident. It lasted for about two years and then slowly got better. Now the only thing to trigger it, is sometimes shopping with all the bright lights and isle after isle of merchandise. I wish there was a cure for this, but there is not. My friend has it real bad too. And he has been to several specialist with no help. I know how it wrecks your life and I'm sorry you have to go through it. I don't know of anything that can help. I used to be prescribed medications like zanax for panic attacks, but that does not get to the root of the problem. It only relaxes you and of course makes you sleepy. Hope you start to get better, or they come up with a cure for it.

As for the ladies suggestion of seeing a chiropractor, I would not recommend this course of action. I went to one for treatment and because of that suffered more injury. My neck and shoulder became numb and swollen for weeks. So PLEASE take this into consideration.

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