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 my stomach makes noises sometimes even when im sleeping does anyone know what causes that and how i can stop i?

 Why don't doctors care for their patients anymore?
I used to have this kidney doctor, we treated me poorly. When i called to make an appointment, one was never made. The only way i could see him was to go to the emergency room. Then when he would ...

 I think I might have a colon problem.?
I'm 16, I have been looking into it and I think its either colitis or colon cancer. (Don't think its the latter as its supposed to be insanely rare at my age.). My BM's are either ...

 I'm having terrible synus pains around my eyes,nose and cheeks, is there a cure?
I had a sore throat few days ago, with a runny nose and coughing with it , the sore throat has gone, the runny nose is still there and coughing has almost disappeared,

By the way it'...

 I had a Viagra overdose and my instrument has been awake for three days what now?

 Is alcholism a disease?
I recently discovered that alcolics consider themselves as having a disease, rather than a disorder. In my opinion, a disease is something physical that can either be removed or treated, which ...

 I am always feeling sleepy. Is there any medicine to be energetic ?
I am always feeling sleepy. Is there any medicine to be energetic which is available in Indian market ?...

 What's Jaundice?

 Wts Rong wit meh it hurts when I go pee?

 I feel very sleepy during working hours ? pls help?
I feel very sleepy during working hours even though I had 8 hours sleep last night. I don’t feel like not wake up from my bed. I hate to go to office on Sunday morning. Please somebody provide me ...

 could i have MS???
I am constantly tired plus the last few weeks i have noticed a tingling and numbness sensation in both hands and my wrists. Almost like pressure is being applied. I am in my early 20s and i have ...

 Pl. tell me the remedy for nail biting habit?

 Can I give blood if I'm anemic and have mono ?
I want to give blood through my school, and I want to know if I can being that I'm anemic and have mono,and I don't want to look like an idiot in the nurses office .
About the anemia, I...

 Baby 15 months old ; don't walk?
does any one know the posible causes ? the baby is fifteen months old and he does not still seat down by hem self, does't walk ; is like a baby of three months ; the doctor says is nutrition but ...

 How do you find a cure(it's my friend who's affected)for a flesh eating disease?

 I don't feel the urge to defecate?
Ok, I had a stressful week, and suddenly I don't feel the urge to defecate. I only pass out flatus even though I eat plenty of food. This has been already for 5 days and I only defecated twice ...

 HELP!!!!!!! Am I dying??????
I hit my hair on a metal frame a few months ago. It didn't hurt extremely bad, but it did leave a pretty big goose egg. I posted a question yesterday because my head hurt A Little for a short ...

 why am i always hungry? i get mad when i'm hungry too?
i'm 17, female&i weigh 91 pounds. i'm pretty skinny. but i'm always hungry. i have to eat ever 2-3 hours. and the weirdest part is that i get really mad when i'm hungry. i get ...

 Why do I feel like I always need to pee?
Since I started year 7 ( I'm now in year 8) I have always felt like I've needed to pee but I don't need to. I really wish it would go away, it has made me always feel upset and I'...

 White stuff on sides of my throat and it isn't strep - what is it and how to get rid of it?
On both sides of my throat I have this disgusting white stuff that on one side has the "honeycomb" spotted look, the other is a giant, grayish-white blob that literally looks like my thoat ...

I just ate a bunch of raw Mexican sausage, I thought it was cooked, its wasnt am I going to die? What should?
I do? It happened about 30 minutes ago

Don't worry about a thing. The only side effect to your case is that tomorrow morning you will wake up and be able to sing La Cucaracha fluently.

Good-bye. Hope you have a will.

Mmm yummy. It usually takes about 1.5 hours for stuff to leave your tummy and hit the intestines. You should eat some salad, raw apples, something fibrous to help push that garbage out asap.

You might vomit, but most likely you'll spend a great deal of time on the throne. Go gather a good book, your laptop, turn on the fan, get your baby wipes ready, set the cordless phone nearby in case it rings and you can't get up. Now you have wait for the first wave to show up. It won't be long now. Seriously, if you have to wipe often you can tear up your rear end, so if you have any baby wipes around use them. Beg someone to bring you some, pay them to bring them over. You'll thank me for that one.

You don't want to take anything to stop the diarrhea, you need to poop all that stuff out. If you poop for more than 48 hours call your doctor.

I hope you are okay, my brother ate something that he thought was pepperoni and it was actually raw. He lived in his bathroom for 2 days. Unfortunately he did survive.

Usually all sausages are made with raw meat and spices &salt.The sausage are dried.That is what gives it a taste.
The spices keep the sausage from spoiling.
However there are dangerous bateria which are immune to the spices.And some time the sausage could contain deadly bacteria if the sausage is spoiled. If that was the case, with what you ingested, it may be too late to read this answer....

I think the sausage were cooked. Mostly all Mexican sausages are smoked. So you are okay. Just try the hot next time.

you can get sick... try and throw up.. and then go to the doctor

WES G.. too funny.. I peed on myself !!!

head straight 4 the hospital or call ur doctor

KC Slim
Make sure you have plenty of toilet paper and air spray.

I wouldn't panic over it. The people who are saying "you're dead" are being a little dramatic.

As the one poster said, a tape-worm is a possibility. Another possible danger is trychanosis, which raw pork products can carry (but usually high-quality meats won't carry the trychanosis pathogens, even if it's raw).

The main thing is to keep monitoring yourself for signs of sickness and drink plently of fluids - if you get a low-grade infection, your body will need water to fight it off, and if you get sick, it helps to have liquid to vomit. Just make sure you keep an eye on yourself for 5-6 days, but don't panic. If you get pale / dizzy / sweaty, call a doctor.

You are okay. Worst case scenario is you get a tapeworm (which is actually kind of likely). There are no diseases that pass directly from swine to humans, so no worries. There are bacterial concerns, but your immune system will handle those just fine, or you might have cold-like symptoms in a few days. There are viruses related to food cleanliness and preparation such as E.coli, or Salmonella. If you get either of those and are not part of the danger group (children under 3, chronically ill, or elderly), then worst case scenario is you experience some flu-like symptoms for a few days (not contagious).

Best case scenario - nothing happens.

Worst case scenario: You contract E.coli, get sick for 3-5 days, and end up having to take a LARGE disgusting pill to kill a tapeworm.

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