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I have trouble sleeping. I dont take pills and i dont want to start.?
i hate milk.i tried counting sheep.i dont like soothing music.i like to listen to rock like motley crue,slipknot etc.




Dynamite Soul
Try not to drink any caffeinated drinks, establish a schedule, and perhaps you could try buying a nature cd which would have the sounds you would hear while out camping, if that doesn't bother you. Also, resolve as many of your tasks as you can before night falls. Those who have a lot on their minds find it difficult to sleep. If they don't sleep, it will be difficult to complete tasks the following day.

You might not like milk, but try teas like chamomile and valerian. Tension Tamer and Sleepytime teas by Celestial Seasons work well.

Valerian root can be found at a health food store. Valerian smells crazy, so if you want, mix it with peppermint or another tea.

Maybe your mattress is uncomfortable. Make sure there is NO light in your room - even light from clock radios can disturb your sleep.

stay up super late.

I don't think those types of music would help you sleep. Maybe you should try turning off the music and try turning on a fan. The constant or "white" noise is often very helpful in lulling people to sleep.

Amir H.
do this.....

stay up all night and thru out the day.

when you get really tired, sleep like at 7 or 8 pm. then, youll wake up like around 9 am the next morning and thatll fix your sleeping schedule.

Start working out during the day.

I found a great product at Walgreens. It is a spray, called Sleep Now, that is herbal. It relaxes you enough to fall asleep without the long term affects of a sleeping pill. I love it and it works. For less than $10 you can fall asleep without pills and without being knocked out!

I have children and do not like sleeping pills. This spray relaxes you to sleep, but does not knock you out for 8+ hours.

I have bought one for each of my friends. Everyone needs help now and then without sleeping pills. Trust me!

read a book?.or try washing your hair before you retire i dont know why but it always gives me a good sleep...........especially if you happen to colour your hair sometimes!

Living for today.
go out for a walk, drink some hot chocolate[or anything else hot that you like hot tea for intense]. watch tv[fall asleep to it eventually]. if you like the smell of incense lite on as you go to bed[in a safe incense holder of course] preferrably sandalwood smell or nag chamba.

Rick Hunter

Wait and Bleed listen to it and others song you like and then lay down in your bed and then close your eyes

works for me

Find a talk show like George Noory or some old Art Bell reruns. Art, especially speaks in such a monotone soothing voice it will put you to sleep.

To sleep one must lower their heart rate below a certain level to go into that phase. Take a few deep breaths then calm down and shut your eyes, try your hardest not to open them. The biggest thing is to remain calm.

Clary Sage essential oil. A few drops on my pillow put me out like a light, and I don't toss or turn during the night.

Patch Adams
Drift about in the pool.
Jacuzzi if you have one. Relaxes you.
As your eyes dry out after that, you will fall a asleep just lying on the bed.

When I have trouble sleeping, I run up & down the stairs until I am breathing really hard. Then I get back in bed and fall right to sleep.

Take a hot bath before bed, it really relaxes you.
Instead of counting sheep, focus on your breathing, it will take your mind off of your thoughts.
Excersize also helps.
Try some Sleepytime tea before bed, you can get it at any supermarket.

The Truth
a hardcore workout routine will get you the tired feeling you are looking for. that or melatonin.

Katie W
If you like intense, pounding, energetic music... well, that won't lull you to sleep. Don't listen to it shortly before bed, or you'll wind yourself up.

No caffeine within several hours of bedtime.

No exercise within several hours of bedtime. (Earlier is fine... great, even; it can help regulate your body and improve your health in general. You just don't want to be working yourself up so that you can't sleep.)

Keep as regular hours as you can. Sleeping until noon on the weekends may be fun, but it makes it that much harder to wake up in the mornings on the weekdays, and that much harder to get to sleep earlier during the week. If you go to sleep near the same time each day, your body gets into the habit of sleeping around then.

You could take melatonin; it is a natural sleep remedy. It is what your brain naturally produces to make you sleepy, but they sell it at drug stores. You could also try cutting out caffeine, stress, and also if you hang out in your bed a lot when you aren't sleeping, stop that crap. Try to go to bed at the same time every night and avoid naps.

ok, try doing PM yoga.
try relaxation techniques (relaxing one part of the body at a time)
and try breathing techniques (focusing on your breathing)
as long as you are thinkin about stuff it's hard to go to sleep.

I have trouble too. There's a couple things I do that really work. I think of something weird that happened sometime in my life. Something bizarre that you don't see everyday. I replay that memory in my head until my own imagination takes over. Remember, it has to be an abstract memory, so you're brain starts to get in dream mode. Also, don't be afraid of pills. There are some good ones. Don't take any of the fancy over the counter ones with names like "Sleep-Rite" or "Easy Sleep". There's one that was recommended to me a couple weeks ago and it doesn't fail. It's not bad for your body at all and it is non-habit forming. It's called, Melatonin. It is over the counter. You can find it at almost any pharmacy. Melatonin is actually a natural hormone in your body that promotes sleep. The Melatonin pills are a vitamin that releases this hormone. The best part is, it's natural sleepiness. It's not something that will knock you out. If you take it, you can stay awake if you want, but when you close your eyes, you're out in about ten minutes. Ask your pharmacist about it. That's what they're there for. He'll tell you everything I just said. Totally safe.

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