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 what do bloodtests feel like? do they hurt?
do they hurt more than a injection? holly long do they leave the needle in? does it take them along time to find a vein???...

 Did you ever have a colonoscopy?
I did today and I'm happy to report that I'm fine!!
I had a 7mm polyp which was removed but no cancer!
Additional Details
LOL michael, I had a kidney stone removed ...

 Do I have insomnia?
I normally take like 2 seconds to fall asleep and recently its been taking me like a really long time like a few hours. When I do get to sleep, I wake up like every minute. What do I do?

 I am 5'4 and I weigh about 100plbs and I am 14 years young. I don't like food.?
I have an intense fear of gaining weight, food is my enemy, i make sure I eat under 500 cals a day, and I have been told alot that I have an eating disorder. Do I? I need help. Because I feel like I ...

 I want to know if Am bulimic!!?
well im 15 years old and one day i decided that i wanted to make my self trow up nd i did its been a week and i have mad myself throw up about 5 to 6 times and i wan to know if im bulimic... what can ...

 What is your average sleeping hours? 4, 6,8hrs....? Is 6 & ½ Normal?

 i think i have BO but i cant smell it??? how do i get rid of this smell and stop underarm sweating?plz help?

Additional Details
wow everyone yes of course i take a shower i am a very clean person i shower at least twice a day and i use deoderant ...

 I have a fever of 101.7, what should I do?

 My daughter is getting really bad stomach aches?
shes 12 and gets these stomach aches. when she gets them she has to use the bathroom. she gets them almost every day! do you know whats wrong?...

 I can't keep my eyes open!?
I have anaemia and feel sleepy all the time (24/7) i feel like i'm half asleep all the time which is hard! I take strong iron tablets yet still really sleepy any other medication i could take ...

 Does anybody know what could be wrong with my boyfriend?
Over the past year or so, my boyfriend has never been happy. He gets down easily and often snaps at me over petty things (e.g. i asked him to test me on some psychology work for my exam and he began ...

 Is there bad breath cure?
Is there a cure for bad breathe?...

 my lips are frozen! HELP?
i cant move my lips that well sometimes which causes you to slur your speech. then i cant talk normally. they feel really stiff andhard to move....wat is this? im worried cause people notice this and ...

 what causes a black swollen leg?
someone hurt their leg and now its swollen and it turns blue/ black. The person is in hospital for treatment and their whole body began to swell. What's happening?...

 I get dizzy/ lightheaded, to the point of near fainting. I haven't fainted, but what could it be?
I have gone to the urgent care by where I live and they have said it is do to emotional stress anxiety which causes palpitations.

I get a racing pounding heart and I get dizzy and ...

 I'm an alcoholic?
On New Years eve I humiliated myself and my boyfriend at a bar by flirting with some dude I didn't even know. I have been a heavy drinker for 5 years and have decided that enough is enough. I ...

 do you think its personal to tell someone you do cocaine?

 What is the lump on my neck?
Right below my chin, on my neck is a hard lump. The area surrounding it is swollen. It is sore and when I lift my head to look up, it hurts even more. My throat is not sore and I have no idea what ...

 Drinking to much water cause diarreah?
ew! i know but does it?...

 Is there a disease for being too skinny and whats it called?
My friend had a normal body of 96 lbs and 5'4.She is 14 years old.She is on a diet for 3 months and she eats bery little now she is 63 lbs and 5'4.shes too skinny....

I have this small white things in my stool that sort of look like worms......?
But they are not moving whatsoever. My bowels have been acting very peculiarly for the last week or so and I know there is a stomach flu going around right now, but I'm wondering if that's all this is or if this might actually be worms. I don't have any of the itching or anything that is typically associated with worms either. I just don't know if maybe it IS worms of some sort and maybe they're dead....can anyone please help me, thanks.......
Additional Details
omg people I am just looking for some help here, not insults. I just want to know if anyone has ever had an experience with this and might be able to tell me if worms could be there but not moving.....

there maggots call an exterminator

stop eating road kill.

I dont see why your on the internet asking for help and not asking a doctor. If you cant afford it, get life insurance!!!!
if you cant afford that then i cant help :]

Go to the doctor. We cannot diagnose you without looking at what you have. Eww.


what are you doing asking people who dont even have a specialization on that topic... go see a doctor.. he will tell you MORE than ANYONE can tell you over here....

yes you got worms go to emergency room now go now

ewww........ ask your doctor!!!!!

oh wow.. ummm first could be a tapeworm. even if its not moving or whatever it still could be so i would get that checked by a doc.
also this is gross but i assume it couldnt get much gross anyways, but if you have discharge and it is clearishy/white it could be that just runnin down. sorry for the graphics lol but yea or it could be something that you ate maybe? or something that was in your meat like a dead parasite?

idk no clue but hoped that helped a little bit

get some worming tablets for yoruself any your family members, treat the whole family and if the squiggles are still there after a week get medical advice

teacher 55
If your bowels haven't been working properly , what you saw could just be some undigested food like rice or something. I would wait a few days and see if it goes away. If you are worried you could go sooner just to relieve your concern.

cat f
this is something you definitely want to talk your doctor about

The reason people pass worms is because the worms have died. Because of this, you may indeed have worms. Make an appt with a doctor. In the meantime, I'd recommend taking garlic and goldenseal capsules as they make an unstable environment for the worms in your intestines.

Go to the doctor and make sure..

Sounds like worms to me. Go to a doctor.

It probably is worms. In fact most people have worms from time to time. Tell your doc, he can prescribe a liquid that you only take once .... tadah...no more worms.

You might want to get a container and put them in it and
go see your doctor. It may be nothing or it may be worms.

Dylan M
They have an over the counter medication for worms and it's called Pin X. It won't hurt you to take it if you don't have worms... I'd give that a try and then go to the doctor if they persist....

Get youself off to the doctors!
Allways think the wost when it comes to your body!

stick salotape on your bum at night then in the mornng youl know if you have worms when you peel it off!

go to a doctor hun

Mama Mia
Sounds like worms. Some types of worms attach to the intestinal wall and the head stays attached, feeding while segments break off in the stool ( thus they don't move) Do you have a cat or have you eaten pork that may not have been thoroughly cooked? You need to see your doctor.

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