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Richard M
I have epilepsy - is there any chance that i could still join the army?
I have been seizure free for nearly four years - all i ever wanted to do was join the army but apparently i never can

Maid Angela
I would not think you could. although you have not had a seizure for 4 years there is not way of knowing when you may have another one and the army could not take a chance on you having one when you are handling dangerous equipment which you will have to do at some time

You've not got a snowball in hell's chance of joining the army.

yes the regulation is much the same as driving. Go for it if that is what you want, just make sure you get a trade while you are in. don't forget there is also Air force and Navy. and the medical service there is much better than outside, so they will be able to keep you free and help you understand more about yourself


Smiley Sue
Count your lucky stars, then.
Why would anyone want to join an organization built to kill and subjugate people?

Try looking at the army website - they may display the criteria for soldiers wishing to join up. At the very least they will have a contact telephone number or email where you can put your question directly to someone who knows. It may be worth having a chat with them - they're very friendly but at the same time wont mess around in telling you the answer. You've nothing to lose by making a call - give it a go and good luck x

Jack Brocken
More than likely no incase somethin happened to you durin battle for example.

No ..not unless we were at war again

I cant see them using you on the front line, you wont be much use in combat if you have a fit, it would put others at risk if they tried to help you and got overpowered by the enemy.

Maybe there is something else you could do, like engineering or mechanics, that sort of thing. If you arent being posted into combat situations, I dont see how they can refuse you a job in a safe environment. Youve as much right as anyone else to work, but you have to be realistic about the effects epilepsy are gonna have on a job.

I copied this off the army website for you...

Medical standards

The Army requires its people to be medically fit to serve world-wide. New entrants undergo intensive training which is physically demanding and mentally taxing, therefore you should be in good health.
As part of the selection process you and your General Practitioner/Medical Doctor will be required to complete a health questionnaire. Following this you will undergo a medical examination and take a series of physical fitness assessment tests.

There are many medical conditions that are not compatible with Army service. Recruiting staff have access to this information, but generally, you should not have a medical history of any problem that interferes with a physically and mentally demanding occupation or is likely to be made worse by it.

Your application will be rejected if you fail to meet the minimum acceptable medical standard for entry.


Stephanie B
You do have to pass a medical exam. Depending on how severe your epilepsy was in the past, they may reject you for frontline duties, but there are always other positions in the military. Remember, stress can bring on a seizure and the military is concerned about your wellbeing as well as the safety of your mates.

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