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 how do people get kidney stones and what is a kidney stone?
i kno lame but i really dont kno all i kno is that it hurts like hel* to pass them....

 pleeease tell me how to get rid of this "bag"gage under my eyes....?

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so when i expand my cheeks(like blowing ) something really weird happens behind my right ear lobe. its where you ...

 What does hypochromasia mean?
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 Lupus pain, I'm afraid my doctor will think I'm an addict?
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My problem now is that I am very chemical sensitive. I'm able to take Hydrocodene with no problem.
My doctor started me on a low dose. It was not ...

 Sound or Vision?

 How does our body kill viruses and why won't anti-biotics kill them?
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I have bags under my eyes that never go away whats the best treatment?

massage the eye area gently, this brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the area. They can also be caused by dehydration so make sure you are drinking enough water.

There are many causes of bags under the eyes, ranging from age, heredity, lack of sleep, all that stuff...

There are several methods for treating these, not all methods work for everybody. Since I do not know which methods you have already tried, here are some common treatments that DO work:

Preparation H does work for bags. It tightens the skin under the eye, so if you haven't tried that, i suggest to do so.

There are also some other methods that work:

Cool a pair of spoons in a glass of ice water, (don't use the freezer, or you'll get freezer burn..) when they are ice cold place them on your eyes until they are warmed from your body temperature - this works for bags caused from lack of sleep or an intense session of crying.

Raw potato slices will help tighten baggy, puffy eyes.
Slice a somewhat thin piece off of a potato, and then cut it in half so that you have two semicircular halves to place over each eye. I'd suggest leaving these on your eyes for 15 - 20 minutes during a hot bath, that's what I do b'cuz I have the same problem. Works well enough, and it refreshes your eyes too.

Similarly with cucumber slices, they also help sooth the eyes.

If you have bags under your eyes from birth (like Oprah), surgery is the only thing that's going to get rid of them altogether.

Hope some of these help, but if all else fails you should ask your doctor for advice.

preparation H (don't laugh it works)

Cheryl P
Try ice cubes in a flannel or absorbant paper.

Wet a cold rag and place it over your eyes for about 10-20 minutes.

If they are bad surgery is the only way, it is a fatty build up that has to be removed.

Hiya, the best treatment is lasar. However, if you want a cheap 'n' cheerful way try using eye gel, which you rub under neath your eyes. Superdrug, Savers and Boots all offer eye gels, and they help with bags, wrinkles or generally tired eyes. Apply them once or twice a day and you'll quickly see an improvement. Good Luck!

cut up a few cucumber slices and put them over ur eyes

Try putting teaspoons in the fridge and put them over your eyes in the morning for 15 mins

calendar girl
my aunt had these for all her life and looked awful..she had surgery to have them removed a while back but I rarely see her and forgot. I saw her at a funeral for another aunt last week and told her she looked really young (at least 15 years youger). Later it dawned on me why..the bags were gone.

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