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Rob m
I have a very high protein level in my urine. Why does this occur???
I am a very active person who works long hours and works out quite a bit as well as participates in Triathlons. I also eat a high Protein diet to insure muscle repair. My levels on a 24hr urine sample is 1075 normal levels are 0-150. Are my kidneys in trouble???

~~*Paradise Dreams*~~
Possibly. You are either getting too much protein in your diet and it is leaking through to your urine, or you are having kidney problems. Did you consult a doctor before deciding to eat such a high protien diet?

No, your kidneys are not in trouble. Proteins are absorbed in the gut (not the kidneys), but only so much can be absorbed. If you have a lot in your urine that means that you're consuming more than you need. Stop eating so much protein.

For a professional, the guy Ramin above me, has horrible grammar. I don't really believe that he is a doctor with English skills like that. Listen to the first couple of people, not him.

Adam S.

your kidneys are putting too much protein in your urine instead of getting rid of it.


Your kidneys may be malfunctioning. Your doctor will probably want to investigate the condition of your kidneys to check for any disease or injury.

Hyperthyroidism, lupus and diabetes-related kidney disease are other potential causes.

Some people have elevated urine protein levels for no apparent reason.

Take care!

Protein in urine in the form of albumin is called proteinuria. Urine albumin test is performed to measure the amount of protein in urine. If level of proteins is increased, further investigation can be one to determine where are proteins coming from. They can origin from blood, if there is a disorder in filtration of the blood in kidney nephrons, from damaged walls of urethra or urinary bladder, in infections or proteins accummulated during some longer time in kidney tubules.. Based on origin of proteins doctor makes the diagnosis, and some of these conditions are treatable and others not. But, it is also important to collect urine in a proper way, because to measure precise amount of protein excreted in 24 hours, it is important to have 24-hour urine sample.

No preparation is needed for this test, but results can be affected by factors such as high blood sugar levels, recent exercise, urinary tract infections, high blood pressure, heart failure, or a high fever during an infection.

Protein normally is not found in urine. When the kidneys are damaged by diabetes, small amounts of protein begin to leak into the urine. If blood sugar levels stay high and early kidney damage is left untreated, larger amounts of protein may be lost, possibly leading to kidney failure.

Because the amount of protein lost through urine varies, 2 of 3 urine samples within a 3- to 6-month period need to show abnormal results for a diagnosis of diabetic kidney disease (nephropathy).

One of the main questions is whether chronic intake of high-protein diets may be of any value in promoting increased lean body mass. The answer to this question is important not only for athletes and body builders who tend to believe that a high-protein intake is crucial for their physical performance but for all those conditions characterized by a decreasing lean body mass, as seen in the elderly and various catabolic situations.

To this end, there is absolutely no data in healthy adults suggesting that a high protein intake causes the onset of renal (kidney) dysfunction. There aren’t even any correlational studies showing this effect in healthy people.

Any studies that show a correlation between renal (kidney) dysfunction and protein intake are in those with some type of diagnosed, pre-existing renal (kidney) disease like diabetic nephropathy, glomerular lesions, etc. Even research into protein restriction for renal patients can be controversial.

Besides, you’ll likely recognize a serious pre-existing kidney condition; the signs and symptoms will clue you in long before you happen upon it with a routine blood test (especially if there's a noted family history of diabetes mellitus and hypertension).

In your case, your macroalbuminuria of 1075 is probably related to your high protein intake. and high intensity exercise as an athlete.

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