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 I was diagnosed with high cholesterol (7.8) I do not eat much fat and eat a lot more than my 5 a day fruit &?
veg so my diagnosis was a great shock. My doctor says it must be heredity. I don’t know if this is true as I do not know whether any of my family suffered/ suffer from this condition. Given ...

 Colour of an alcoholic's urine???!?
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 How do i get rid of the hicups ?
Ive tried drinking water......upside down D:
But it hasn't worked D:
i want to get rid of them D:
HOW ?!...

 I Have An Ingrown ToeNail Infected. How Do The Doctors Numb My Toe Please tell me the truth please?
I dont know what to do im scared about having it took out i need to know if it hurts when they numb the toe
please write back fast i have the appointment on friday...

Tell Me the ...

 I'm not really a smoker...?
I'm not really a smoker, I only smoke when I feel depressed... But why is it that every time I smoke, I feel dizzy? Well, I like the feeling dizzy part. But why do I feel dizzy? I've only ...

 my first white hair...?
But i'm only 18, it's definitely not genetic, nobody in my family had white or grey hair from an early age. It's really making me upset and knocking off my confidence, what caused it?...

 Should children / teenagers be made to wait for opperations that would improve their quality of life?

Additional Details
Let's say their personal safety was at risk, should they then be ...

 what happens if you have to pee?
and you're stuck in the middle of a traffic jam you have absolutely nothing like a cup, bag, container of any kind or anything you can pee into it's just you and your husband who is also ...

 What kind of illness do I have?
I went to a doctor today and he didn't really have an answer. Said it *might* be laryngitis and gave me antibiotics as a precaution.
Here are my symptoms:
* Vomited Thu. night for no ...

 has anybody every suffered from anorexia or bulimia?
what caused it?

How did u beat it?...

 does anyone know of a website that you can enter your symptoms and get a diagnosis of illness?
my hubby has a prob and went to dr, he referred him to hospital, went to hospital yesterday and consultant says not what dr thought in fact he doesn't know so now he has to have a scan. we have ...

 I'm always tired and thirsty?
what could this mean
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which type of ...

 Who's tired of Non-Smokers?
I have only smoked for 5 years and I swear i have heard the least creative, and pro-propagandized speach's from people who my habit doesnt consern. Random pleople in restaurants have said "...

 Constipated badly?
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 Nausea!!! Please help. 10 points for best answer.?
Okay for the past few days now I've been feeling slight nausea. Nothing to make me freak out over or make me want to vomit. But it is slightly annoying. Its barely there but still noticeable. I ...

 Any good quick fix cures for insomnia?
I regularly lay down and think, at my bedtime.

Before I know it, a few minutes have gone by, and then a couple of hours, and I haven't "slept" a wink.

I had ...

 What causes people to smoke cigarettes?

 What happens when you have low blood sugar (59?)?
I have been sick for about 2 weeks. I recently went to the doctor, and when I got my lab work back they told me I had a urinary tract infection, dehydration, and hypoglycemia. They said that my blood ...

 i think i have pink eye. it's starting to grow. should i go to the ER or wait for a doctor's appointment?

 Causes of headaches in 11 year old?
my son has been having headaches for a month now,he eats just fine and is very active and happy,but most days complains of a headache
what would cause this in a 11 year old?
thanks in ...

I have a cold and can't taste or smell?
I've lost my sense of taste and smell. Does anyone know any remedies to relieve this and the explanation as to why this happens. I can still breathe through my nose, there's a little sinus congestion. I don't take anything other than Airborne and a lot of Vitamin C which usually works great for me. It's just frustrating when I lose my sense of smell.

the best response is to get in touch with your gratitude for the fact that you can usually taste and smell. this is a great opportunity to appreciate something you normally take for granted.

i can tell you're frustrated because you would like to have your full functionality.

Bryan M
Try herbal Tea or medicine

(O \ ! / O) 67 Bug boi
Smell and taste work together. You know when you smell something and you salivate...

That's just what happens when you get a cold, and there is no way to cure a cold. Vitamin C isn't really going to help you because you actually have a cold for a couple weeks before you get any symptoms. You just have to ride it out. You can take cold medications for your symptoms for temporary relief.

Miss Honesty
when you have a cold u have flem blocking your air way. when you cannot smell you cannot taste. its really that simple. airborne works miracles but only before you get sick, technically it prevents u from getting sick in the first place. if u r already sick it will not cure ur cold. unfortunately u have to let ur body fight it on its own. in the mean time, take some dayquil without sudafen. and get rest. take care

asteroid vs mars
Take some Buckley's cough medicine.. it's digusting but it helps to clear the sinus.

vicks vapor rub.. put it on ur chest nd lay down...lots of water too

the majority of your ability to taste actually comes from your nose.

with a cold, your nose usually congested with "stuff"

take a cold medication and blow your nose whenever it is necessary.

get some eucalyptus oil and sprinkle a little bit into a tissue and hold it close to your nose for a while,
works a treat!

He is the Vine, I am the branch
very aggravating.
vicks vapo rub might do the trick

Sudafed is a GREAT over the counter medicine for decongestants. Even tho this is for blocked passageways, and I understand you can breathe but not smell, this medicine has helped me in the same situation. It really helps anything out with the nasal airways. It should help you smell at least a little better. It has for me!

U don't smell?That will save on deodorant!
I'm kidding,Airborne actually just had 2 pay a bunch of money 2 the FDA because it doesn't work @ all.
Take a multivitamin & get some exercise,U will B surprised as 2 how quickly U get better.

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