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Less dreaming, more living
I feel like taking a bowel movement but it wont come out and it hurts?

Additional Details
if I get up from the toilet, it hurts but then it goes away and I try to come back to the toilet but it hurts too much
should I take something???

The Magic Answer
try sticking a spoon up there to get it out, works for me

Try screaming my name...that should scare it out of you!!!

Kelsey M
yes. a quick dose of cough syrup and you're on your way to recovery

Yeah your constipated you need a laxative. Go to walmart, pharmacies are closed unless you live on the west coast.

did you take and bowel pill to poop?

It happens to everyone at some time or another. You'll be okay even though it's uncomfortable. Try drinking prune juice or water. You could also be dehydrated and that's causing constipation. If laxatives don't help, c a doctor.

A laxative is fine but also drink plenty water that helps, believe it or not


See a doctor.

Try using an Enema..its a liquid that comes in a bottle and it basically looks like a baby bottle. Anyways, you stick it up ur but and squeeze the tube. Its a good alternative to using a laxative that tastes disgusting.

Its like a liquid laxative

Seriously one thing to try is to eat garlic, its good for digestion. Also I swear every time I gotta go and it hurts, I smoke a cigarette and it moves my bowels quickly. Also try eating fiber and if it really hurts enema.

Maybe its your period or you are ovulating check with your doctor.

taking an over night laxative is good. they are gentle and they dont really make you "runny" they just help it get moving. also. eating something high in fiber while drinking apple juice or grape juice is good. constipation is painful and something that shouldnt be ignored. if this doesnt work you should probably go to your doctor.

you are constipated.
take exlax or do the old trick and eat an apple or two.

Take stool softeners called Colace , And take them with plenty of water , Make sure to increase your liquid intake
within your diet , Eat more fiber or buy a fiber supplement , You can eat more wheat bread

Stick your finger up there and pull it out.

See a doctor

If you want immediate relief, you should try a glycerin suppository. Other wise you can try a stool softener.

1776 - 2008 R.I.P.
You are constipated. You need an enema or a Fleet suppository.

Sounds like you need fiber in your diet. Take laxatives for now, and add fiber into your diet and it shouldn't happen again.

Openly Straight

Alli <3
You may be constipated. Make sure you eat plenty of fiber. Also, try some laxatives like Miralax. That should definitely help.

T&C Kenny
How old are you? Are you eating enough fiber?

This is very uncomfortable. You may have a bit of an impaction which is hard stool that won't come out without some intervention. You may be able to do this yourself. If you have not had a bowel movement in a few days, it will be more difficult. If you had a BM yesterday or the day before, it will be easier. Lubricate the rectum with vaseline or K-Y jelly. Try a suppository first. If this doesn't work, you can try an enema. Try the oil retention first. This will soften the hard stool. You have to leave it in a while so don't do this before you have to go somewhere. If you don't have a BM after a few hours, follow up with a fleets enema. You may have to manually remove some stool with your fingers. If none of this helps you may have to go to the ER or call your MD. The ER doesn't like to have to do this but in some cases it is necessary. Hopefully you have some one who can get these items for you from the drug store. If you experience any abdomin pain, bleeding or can't pass stool or gas, then go to the ER. Here is some info from Healthline.com. Good luck!

The treatment of fecal impaction is aimed at removing the impaction and initiating a program to maintain normal bowel function. Often a warm mineral oil enema is used to soften and lubricate the fecal impaction. However, enemas alone are frequently not enough to remove a large, hardened impaction.

The mass may have to be manually broken up. A health care provider will need to insert one or two fingers into the rectum and slowly break up the mass into smaller pieces so that it can be expelled.

Manual removal of a fecal impaction is usually performed in small steps to reduce the risk of injuring the rectal tissues. A series of suppositories may be given between manual removal attempts, to help clear the bowel.

Prevention of fecal impaction centers on preventing constipation. Fiber should be added to the diet to promote normal stool. Additionally, the right amount of fluids and exercise may help the formation of normal stool

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