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Additional Details
Hi snizz, thanks.........

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Nina Lee
I am soooo confused now.... iron in blood marrow low?
but high hemoglobin level? Is that even possible?

What does low iron in blood marrow mean? (4 y/o)

Additional Details
Just his primary pediatrician so far...

Every time I read your Q's regarding this, I am left with the same two Q's of my own-

1- is your little guy being seen by a pediatric hematologist/ oncologist (for hematology, NOT onc., just to keep you calm on that one) yet? (Though if he's had a bone marrow aspiration I'm guessing he has...


2.) has anyone mentioned hematomacrosis or one of it's similar disorders?
ETA 3- has his adrenal function been checked?

***ETA #4 (sorry, I can't help myself...I'm a worrier, which is why I haven't answered your Q's on this up until now, and also because I'm too familiar with all the 'weird', rare diagnoses :) BUT-

When they did a CBC w/ diff, did they also do an ANA and a sed rate? It could be chronic inflammation, from an autoimmune dx or such. You *REALLY* need to get these results.

And there's a third Q... Aren't you in Texas? Because if you are, I'd head to MD Anderson for answers ASAP.

Low iron in the blood marrow could mean that the iron is not reaching the bone marrow effectively or the body is not receiving enough iron to absorb it properly, and iron is mostly found in haemoglobin, if not enough iron is being stored in the marrow, the haemoglobin will try to retain as much of the iron as possible.

The only thing I can think of that involves an iron deficiency and high haemoglobin is Iron deficiency Anemia.

When your doctor thinks your child has this he will mostly do a full physical examination, blood tests and bone marrow aspiration or biopsy.

This site can tell you more of the physical symptoms of Iron deficiency Anemia: http://www.umm.edu/blood/aneiron.htm

rosie babayyy
That confuses me too. Tell the doctors to explain to you what's going on..that'd drive me crazy! I hope you find out what's wrong.


I have a co-worker that is 7 months pregnant with Iron Deficiency Anemia. That is what they're telling her... low iron in blood marrow. Exactly what Kati described... her body is not absorbing enough iron. They just keep raising the iron doses in her medicine. I'm not sure what they'll do if it doesn't get any better though.

I hope he's feeling better! Poor little guy. :-(

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