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Cortney L
I am 5'4 and I weigh about 100plbs and I am 14 years young. I don't like food.?
I have an intense fear of gaining weight, food is my enemy, i make sure I eat under 500 cals a day, and I have been told alot that I have an eating disorder. Do I? I need help. Because I feel like I am being pressured to eat, but I think I am eating to much.

Wow! You should weigh a little more than that. You can safely weigh up to 130 and still be at a target weight at your height. You should be eating about 1500 calories per day if not up to 2000 if you are active in sports and such. You DO have an eating disorder and you need to see a medical professional now before it's too late. You can die from being too underweight. It's okay to eat and weigh more than you do. You will still be beautiful, if not more beautiful because you will look healthy!! Good luck and be careful.

you are not eating much but not to worry
you can drink boost to supplement your
daily nutrients needed to keep you healthy

sweetie, i think you do need help. If food is a fear this is a major concern. You NEED to get help immedietly. While your online, search for some sites that can HELP you with your eating disorder. PLEASE, do it for the sake of your own life.

food is over rated. you aren't seeking food, it is the attention that you crave. grow up, find a hobby, like something constructive that might help people with real problems, and get on with your life

Russell C
You are sick. I prescribe one enormous cheeseburger per day.

if ur 5'4, 14 years old, and weigh 100 lbs. u really need to tell some1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it is sooooooooo important!!!!!if it gets to serious it could be ur life...........do it for me,tell somebody that is way not normal it is very likely u could have an eating disorder.if ur not eating because of peer pressure forget all the people that r pressuring u.....everybody is pretty in their own way.listen im in 6th grade and i tip the scale, i am pressured to stave myself but screw that ,screw everybody that thinks im fat. i might be younger than u but please listen to me.... TELL SOMEBODY!!!also please start eating more do it for ur life no joke!!my friend was put in the hospital for 2 weeks cause see wasnt eating very much. and my teachers friend died from starving herself.. u wont gain wait if ur that skinny!!!!!!!!!keep this in the back of ur head next time u eat!!!!!!!!!!ur pretty in ur ow n way even if u gain alittle weight, it is good for u.(not to much but dont under estimate!!!!!!!!good luck!!take care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, 500 calories is too less, if you continue, you'll be losing even more weight. i'm 5'2 & 120 lbs yet people tell me im skinny (i'm not stick skinny, but im thin)...people actually think better of you & your weight than you'd expect them to

besides, most of my guy friends say that they get annoyed when girls complain about thier weight & think they're fat - so don't worry about guys not liking you!

i think you should just eat healthy - do not eat junk food (i found i dropped 5 lbs just by not eating junk food) but DO eat a balanced diet - i think you need around 1500 calories - more if you exercise

i don't think u have a disorder YET - if you continue the way you are, you might, so try to fix this before it gets that bad (or else you'll have to get help, and talk to people, and your image will really become bad then)

As someone who is a recovering anorexic, it sure sounds like you do.

I would suggest that you get help but what good would it do? You know what your doing to yourself. Grow up and do something about it. Quit being so shallow. "Feeling pressured to eat". How dumb.

you should be eating between 1200 and 2000 calories a day 500 is not gonna cut it sweetie

stats don't really mean that much, it really depends on what you look like. Do you have a pic?

Melanie P
Yes you do have an image disorder. You are scared that if you eat, you will gain wait. I'd see a psychologist. You can eat safely up to 1500 calories a day. I wouldn't worry too much about your weight, unless you are eatng high calorie foods like fast food and junk food. But, if you are reasonably active, you can consume more calories without gaining weight. But if this is a problem for you, talk to someone. You are not fat.

you are exactly like me.you are 14 years old have an intense fear of getting fat, eat barely anything,exercise alot,and the only things i can see are the fact that i weigh 5 pounds less and i am 2 inches taller.you have an eating disorder.screw what people have to say.i have 1 to.feel free to email me.we can talk.you arent crazy and it is fine to do this.just remember death is right around the corner.i have an eating disorder.so do you.deal with it

Do you not feel good about yourself? If not talk to your mom,and if you don't feel comfterbole with that talk to your best friend. Your definitly not over weight! And if it gets really bad, talk to a docter.

EAT!!! I am small the same way and i eat a lot...i just get about an hour or 30 min of exercise a day usually....it works!!! donnt starve yourself!!!

You need help, ask to go the the Doctor and discuss it with him or her.

Ah the teenage years. So fraught with agony.
What do you eat in a normal day? Give us a few more details.
I used to never eat between breakfast and dinner but I realised it was making me miserable.
Make sure you are eating a decent amount of healthy food everyday or you will go a bit strange. Maybe ask your parents to take you to a dietician, or if that's not an option talk to your science teacher at school about what the minimum you can eat each day to be healthy is.
Make sure you're having fun - don't let eating or not eating control your life.

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks!
dont believe it unless your doctor says so.....
if the doctor says ur fine,
then ur fine....and u dont like food? who doesnt like food?
but thats 2 much work for me to figure out how many cals i eat...
im 5'7 135 and about 16 yrs old....
sumtimes i think im eatin 2 much....just eat when ur hungry...

Ok if you think you are eating too much then start drinking more. Have a glass of milk, a cookie, soup, these except the cookie, I just threw that in cause I wouldn't mind one now myself, but these are mostly liquids and will come out so you are not eating a heck of alot. Salads are mostly water so have a salad. Oatmeal is mostly water after you cook it for 2 to 3 minutes. You will not get fat eating these things but they will keep you alive and kicking which is important. Remember you need food to live and looking a little chubby looks much better than looking at someone whose bones are showing through. If you are pressured from parents tell them how you feel and see if they will buy you some of those Insure drinks, they contain a whole bunch of good stuff for you without eating a lot. If you are 5'4" and weigh 100 you could stand to weigh in a little more so if you want to pig out once a week feel free, remember your body is growing and it needs food to do that so depriving it of food is only hurting yourself. Food can be an enemy if it is the wrong type but if it is good for you it can also be your friend. Look at Beyonce' she certainly isn't hurting in the food department, this girl can eat and her nice body shows it is her friend and there are a lot of guys out there that want to be friends with her so take it from her and get some good food.

ok one, if u were wondering, your not fat!!!!!!!! im 13, 5'6, 106 lbs and eat a 2000 calorie diet and get compliments on my slenderness. its not quiet an eating disorder, but its very close. you may need help...... but heres what you do, start eating more little by little. you can't possibly have enough energy to operate on 500 cals. and your 14 and still growing possibly. to achieve more cals easily drink fluids like gatorade and fruit juice and milk. also eat granola bars and stuff. you wont feel so guilty about eating if you excercise at least 30 minutes a day. BUT THE BOTTOM LINE IS 500 CALS IS NOT ENOUGH.

whoa whoa whoa, 500 cals? okay thats like my after school snack right there. I love food, and always will. Weight is just a number, being healthy is a way of LIFE. As long as you are healthy (and i cant tell if you are becuase i cant mentally picture you), you should be happy. I am probably 5'10 and 150 lbs and i am content, but not healthy cuz im sick.

You DO need help. Talk to your mom about it or your doc about it. Don't let this ruin your life. It will if you do nothing about this now.

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