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 I'm thirsty and I can't drink anything! What should I do?
I threw up three times night! I drank water after the second time, and threw up the water the third time. I feel dizzy right now and my stomach is empty, what should I drink?
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 how long will it take for cocaine to get out of my saliva?

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 Whats wrong with me?
i woke up with a normal cold and as the day has gone on, i have swollen glands, pain in my spine and neck and my stomach has swollen up, just now i have vomited and i feel ok at the minute. i have ...

 Can Cocaine cause mental alertness?
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 I have a monkey, he smokes joints with me what are the health risks ?
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 how do i unclog my ears?

 I have trouble sleeping. I dont take pills and i dont want to start.?
i hate milk.i tried counting sheep.i dont like soothing music.i like to listen to rock like motley crue,slipknot etc....

 i think my tongue piercing is infected please help!!?
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 what causes dehydration?
I was at the dr on monday for a physical, they did a urine sample, and called me about an hour later saying to drink now, i was severely dehydrated. I drank more, but i never felt bad, so i dont know ...

 Is anyone scared of the swine flu?
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 Why am I nauseous nearly every morning?
and before you say it, I'm not pregnant.

I wake up around six in the morning and feel sick to my stomach, I have a dizzy headache for a while but that soon goes away. The ...

 I feel like taking a bowel movement but it wont come out and it hurts?

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if I get up from the toilet, it hurts but then it goes away and I try to come back to the toilet but it hurts too much
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 I have this small white things in my stool that sort of look like worms......?
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 What would you call this?
-Runny nose.
-Joints hurt.
-Hurts to swallow.
-Inside of ear hurts.
-Muscles in pain.
-Last night had a fever in my forehead and hands.
-But my feet were as cold as ice.<...

 How do you get rid of urine on your hands?
I heared it on a tv show and they didn't have the answer to the question i think it is was Brain e ack?...

 Im 16 and I think I am anorexic.?
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 How do you flush your liver out to make it healthy??
I drank way too much a few days ago, and want to rejuvinate my body again into a more healthy life style and make sure that my poor liver is taken better care of. How does one do that?...

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~ <3 ~ hi!!
How to get a fever?Tips (better if overnight)?
I don't wanna go to school tomorrow for a presentation, how do i get fever?thx

Just tell your mom that you have diarrhea

put a hot towel over your head in the morning and tell your mom or dad to check your head...and it will be hott..!! haha like my bod!

well you can blow a hairdryer on your head, and where ever you put the thermometer. (like your armpit or something) and then when your mom feels your forehead, she'll keep you home, i hope, and then when she takes your temperature it will be warm

try the old penny under the tongue trick.

never really tried it, but i guess it's worth a shot

Leave your windows open all night. Sleep in your lighest clothes (or no clothes, I don't reccommend this because of bugs, unless you have screens). Sleep with NO blankets. Stay up all night, and sleep for 1.5hrs or so.

And yeah! lol

Angie S
make yourself really cold. put ice on yourself or just fake it

that girl ツ
idk?? Don't make urself sick dude!

Drink hot water and put a hot water bottle on your forehead. Then, tell your mom (or whoever) that you don't feel well. She'll take your temp and it should be high. (Assuming she does it by mouth.) :P

first, make yurself really cold, then put the fan on you, have someone sneeze on you & sleep on carppet* they seriously do give you colds & fevers and shiitt*

Colorful Crayons
try to stay somewhere where it is very cold, and stay there. if you catch a cold nd cough, you probably get a fever with it.

play sport for an hour then take a cold shower, eat ice-cream, overeat in the dinner, drink very cold water and play sport again, keep doing that. drink lot of olive oil. things like that will help u get a fever & vomit as well!

Start to pretend puke in the bathroom really loud so your mom will hear.

Eating lot of chocolate or something really unhealthy well do the trick.
Nice question

Don't try and get the fever. It lasts way too long. It's way easier to catch the cold and it'll go away faster.

umm. why would you want to get sick..
the best way is to pretend youre sick.. its the easiest too.. just say that yyour stomach really hurts..and you always feel like throwing up..
no one can check that

2 girls one cup. google it. Not for the faint stomach'd I'm told. I've never actually seen it, but from what I hear... it's pretty sick and has a 90% chance of making you throw up

Randi S
You can't just get a fever unless you have an infection. Just go to school and make that presentation and get it over with. Prepare it and work on it and you'll feel better about yourself.

take a warm shower in the morning, wait 2 minutes after toweling off, then take your temp. I used to do it all the time, works like a charm. Also, to really make it beliveable, tonight start complaining about a gut ache, says you feel cold and have the chills, eat only a little bit of dinner, and go to bed early. Really sell it.

......Go to school presentations arn't that bad.

um eat mold.
or something that's like incredibly old.
and if you die, it's your own fault.

Yes, putting your body through horrible situations so that you can continue to be irresponsible and immature is a great idea!

Beth Taylor
snog the face off your dog ?

realy not sure, lol x

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