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☪ ïкřąм ♥
How to fix blood-shot eyes?
I woke up this morning with a blood-shot eye, the other eye was perfectly normal. How did this happen overnight? And how can I fix this or will it just go away?
Additional Details
I slept at 10:30 yesterday and woke up at 2:00, that's plenty of sleep.

rub some salt on it, cleans it good.

Green G
w8 or stop playin computer

It's spelled M-a-d-d-y
sometimes it helps to get some more sleep, or go to the grocery store and get atrifical tears.

use visene.
it should help. if it doesn't i would really consider going to the doctors.
and get sleep :D

You could have pink-eye. That can spread to the other if gone untreated. At least rinse the eye with water for 20 minutes, letting the water drain away from your face. Next level would be eye drops such a Visine. Next is having a Dr. examine the eye. Good luck

Response to your edit: 4 1/2 hours is not enough sleep. You need at least 6. 7 is the perfect amount for me.

That could be pink eye because the same thing happened to my roommate. But if its not pink eye its probably because of the lack of oxygen to your eye during sleep. Don't use "anti-red" eye drops just use regular ones and blink a lot

get more sleep

eye drops should herlp

It could be possible it's an infection, you could tell by if it has a stinging sensation to it. More likely, something just got in it in the night and irritated it. A couple eye drops and some shut eye without anything in them will do good.

visine eye drops or clear eys

Your local pharmacist may have some drops for red eye.

use eye drops if it feels uncomfortable, but i know many who have blood shot eyes randomly they are not a big deal if you wear contacts than try going a day or two without them to oxygenate your eyes. Otherwise dont think much of it.

Lakers 10 champ crazymothaf*cka
get some more sleep or clear eyes drops

Is it pink-eye? See your optometrist or any doctor.

You may have conjuctivitis. Try some Vyseine and keep your eye clean, if not better in a few days go to the eye doc for some drops.

skiddly dee
It should just go away. You can use eye drops like visine - but you shouldn't overuse eye drops.

for dry red eyes "clear eye" is "awesome"
it removes rednes

the defferance is clear clera eyes

it could be the start of Pink eye

Well it depends on what happend. If you have itchy scratchy eyes, lots of clear eyes works, but if you have a busted eye vessel you just have to wait it out not much you can do for this.

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