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Sorry Sian it also deals with treatment according to peoples lifestyes....

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I really like this girl....

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The Cannabis Kid
How much alcohol would you have to drink to get liver cirrhosis?
Hey there!
I heard that if you drink too much alcohol over a period of time then you can develop liver cirrhosis. So I was wondering how much alcohol would you have to drink daily to develop cirrhosis and for what period of time?
Thanks! :)
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PS - I don't drink, I'm just curious! ^^

i don't think talking about that part of your body is appropriate for these forums. and girls are born with a "cirrhosis" as you spell it. they don't grow from alcohol


Ross S
**** loads!!!!!!!! As in being an alcoholic morning, noon and night.

This Is Annie
depends how fast you want to get it. wow much?

Lankan Cub
I knew someone that hardly ever drank and they were diagnosed with non-alcoholic cirrhosis

madison h
you'd probably kill yourself before it got that bad

dont drink everyday! and if you do keep it 2 beers or less. you can drink more if you dont drink as often

A large amount.

Cirrhosis is the final stage of alcohol abuse, It progresses from fatty liver disease (this happens everytime you drink too much - your liver has a fat yellowy appearance) and then alcoholic hepatitis before expressing itself.

Chronic overabuse of alcohol will lead to cirrhosis with very serious complications. The important thing to realise is the degree of abuse required differes between individuals; some people can drink large amounts for years before cirrhosis whilst others may only abuse alcohol for a few years before cirrhosis.

Generally speaking women and Orientals are more at risk of the acute problems of alcohol.

Hope that helps

idk..so far as a freshman in college going on to Sophmore year, I have had about 20-25 cans of beer (Budwieser, budlight, miller light etc.) and four types of alcohol (smirnoff, vodka, whiskey, and rum). Each of the days in which I had drunk these was mostly on same days. On average, every time I do get a chance, I drink about 20 ounces..so really I don't know if I even have a liver left.

Yes your right - the quantity and time span are very much dependent upon the individuals tolerance level but basically its an alcoholics disease and so your looking at a considerable amount over years - hope this helps

As the other answer said... You would have to drink excessively for years... But most importantly remember that alcohol abuse can cause MANY health problems.. I know of alot of alcoholics dying from heart attacks most commonly... It also increases your chances of getting certain cancers, and it ages you, supresses your immune system. etc...

Baa Baa
The medical experts say that 10 years of heavy drinking can put a person on the road to having signs of cirrhosis. But you must understand that this varies so much from one person to another. We have all seen that person that has been drunk for 20 years and still hanging around while just recently there was a 22 year old that died from cirrhosis when he began drinking when he was 14 years old. So you can see how it is very difficult to determine what is going to be your lucky number as to how much it will take to get permanent scarring of the liver which is cirrhosis. Ten years must be the average time. I'm not sure what they mean by "heavy drinking" but it most likely includes drinking a good bit every day.

I got cirrhosis and hardly ever drank anything, maybe a beer once a month in the hot summer. My auto immune system attacks my liver and I had to get a transplant. So you don't have to drink to get cirrhosis. It's one of the reasons, but there is quite a number of things that can cause it. No matter what the reason is for having it, once you have it, the disease pretty much acts the same with everyone.

It would vary Brosef. There is no set amount

Just Me
Daily more than 1 an half cans of weak larger or beer or more than 1 glass of wine daily.

Our body can only sustain 4 glasses of wine per week due to the fact of its alcohol units or 9 cans of beer/ larger per week. More than this on a regular basis will cause addiction and disease.

It's different for everybody. I don't think you should be having more than one drink a day. But some people drink all their lives and live till 90; some are advised by their doctors when they're in their 30s to quit because they already see damage! My dad died of alcoholism around age 47; his father drank heavily but stopped when he got a little older and he's in his 80s now... It all varies.

It varies massively between individuals. If you are woried you're drinking anyway near the amount needed for such a serious disease, you have a problem and should seek medical/psychiatric attention.

A moderate to excessive amount on a daily basis for years.

Hereditary health is a factor. Some people will develop it within 10 years of heavy drinking (8+ drinks) every day. Some, it takes 30-40 years. It's not pretty, I don't recommend it.

Actually that depends on the individual. Some can drink all their life and not get it, then some with less tolerance can have a drink maybe 3 times a week, then develop it.

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