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Mary B
How many times do you have to throw up to be bulimic?
I threw up two times, on purpose, the other day and yesterday...I don't think I'm bulimic...
How many times do you have to throw up to be bulimic?
And also do you get skinny from being bulimic? Do you get skinny right away?

If you make yourself throw up, then even one time throwing up makes you considered bulimic. I advise you don't do it. You will damage your teeth, throat, and stomach; and even if it does make you thinner, your body won't be getting the nutrients from food that it needs. So not only will you be unhealthy, your hair will thin out and dry out, your skin will be flaky, and your entire body will be frail and weak. It's not pretty.

Just accept the way you are. If you want to lose weight that eat healthy food and get a proper amount of exercise every day. Good luck =)

Change of Venue (Not In Use)
You are bulimic. At any time you purposefully make your self vomit in order to "lose weight", you are bulimic.

uhm....it takes one time to be bulimic, idiot.
IF YOU EXERCISE AND EAT CORRECTLY YOU WILL BE SKINNY. you need to get help immediately you are going to kill yourself.

throwing up once on purpose makes you bulimic, especially if your thinking about doing it again. you dont get skinny right away, but you will get more imune to diseases and sicknesses if your body isnt getting nutrients. also it makes your nails go yellow and your teeth go feral from all your stomach acids when you throw up. serisouly, there are MUCH better ways to lose weight. like eating healthy and exercising more.

Katherine W
If you're throwing up deliberately, then once is enough to qualify for the definition. Stop now. It doesn't make you skinny and it rots out your teeth, gives you bad breath, and will make you sick. If you can't stop, get help right away. You can die from doing this, or you can go into a coma for years because you can have a heart attack from having unbalanced electrolytes.

Throwing up two times doesnt make you bulimic.
And throwing up to be skinny doesn't help either.
You just lose nutrients in your body when you throw up. You don't get skinny or skinny really fast. If you are sick and you throw up a lot then you will probably lose weight and get skinner but not if you do it on purpose.

If you throw up intentionally, and especially since you have the thought in your head about "getting skinny right away," then I'm sorry to say, you have it. You need to talk to someone right away. You cannot lose weight this way, it's very dangerous. Please get some help.

Heath E
You have to only have to throw up once on purpose to be bulimic, but why do you want to be??? YOU ARE NOT FAT AND YOU ARE NOT A BAD PERSON So why do you want to make yourself barf? Its nasty, uncool, unhealthy, and unattractive. You could die

Exercise and eat right. DONT THROW UP!!!!

you are bulimic when you make yourself throw up even once for the purpose of not gaining the calories. you don't get skinny from being bulimic. you get throat and mouth cancer, and HCL all over your teeth, which rots them, from being bulimic.

Fat is stored in your body, under your skin and around your organs. the only way to burn it is to create and deficit (eat less then you need) in your body to the point where it resorts to those stores. take note if the deficit is too great, your body WILL go into a low caloric mode where it burns much less calories then it would normaly.

If losing weight is what you want to do, exercise, and eat better. if eating something made you want to throw it up to avoid the calorie intake it probably wasn't that good for you.

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