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How long does it take thyroid medication to work?
I just found out my thyroid is slow and has been for many years which explains the weight problem iv had. My question is after they start me on the medication to correct the problem how long does it take my body to make up for lost time and start removing the weight. I know I have to work out thats already taken care of my question is how long until the meds start aiding the situation.

brown eyes
That depends. My daughter has graves disease and had to have most of her thyroid radiated out which caused a really low thyroid. It has taken a year because you will probably go back in about three months and the doc will check your levels. It may still be too low, so then the doc will increase your meds at a slow rate. Then three more months or so check levels again. She is just now starting to lose weight and feel better. She's finally on a high enough dose of synthroid. You will be able to tell somewhat if the meds are working because you won't feel so sluggish. One thing that will help you though, even if your meds aren't quite right, is some alkaline raising minerals. These help get toxins out of your body and help you lose weight. A lot of us that are overweight have too much acid in our bodies and can't lose because of this problem. The enzymes will help your body get more balanced and you will feel better even if synthroid's not a high enough dose yet. My daughter and I have just recently stumbled across this. Alkaline/acid thing and it's working for both of us. I do hope you get to feeling better soon. You will lose the weight! I hope I've been some help to you!

It will take a couple weeks for the medication to fully absorb into your bloodstream and for you to notice the effects. I noticed some minor effects within a day or two. It will still take a while for the weight to come off, but when your thyroid levels are normal, the weight will come off more easily. With diet and exercise, you should see noticeable results within a few months.
The doctor also starts you on a low dose, based on your thyroid and TSH (thyroid stimulating hormones) levels. At first, your dose may need to be adjusted until the doctor finds the correct dose. Regular monitoring will also be needed, because thyroid levels can change. Keep on top of this, and this will help you manage your weight as well.
I have been there; weight loss with an under-active (hypothyroidism) thyroid is almost impossible. I started taking Levoxyl, and within a few weeks I started to notice that I lost a few pounds. I am not the type that likes to go to gyms or work out, but the weight did come off more easily after starting my thyroid medication. I have to keep getting checkups because my thyroid levels are constantly changing.
Your doctor likely will have you returning to the office routinely for lab work to make sure you are taking the correct dose of thyroid medication.

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