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 Where the **** is Dr Frank?
Explain in short simple terms the shape of the Erythrocyte cell, comment on the nucleus, whats it's function and how is its shape good for things?
Additional Details
well where is ...

 Urge to urinate but NO infection?
For the past week I constantly have the urge to urinate. After I go, I immediately feel like I have to go again.
I finally visited my doctor and she tested my urine for any kind of infection and ...

 Please, I need help.?
Hi, I have had horrible back pain since October. It hurts when I move, bend, sit, lift, basically everything and anything.

While this may be unrelated, I’ve also been tired, had my hair ...

 what will doctors look for in your wee sample?
just moved to a new doctors and they have asked for a wee sample. does anyone know what they will look for in it? only 14 anyway, just worried what might come up (if anything at all) probably just ...

 Are weight fluctuations and appetite loss some of the symptoms of anxiety?
I have GAD and my weight has been going up and down daily,also my appetite is off. When i eat my appetite is good,but i am not that hungry in general. I know anxiety can lots of symptoms are these ...

 Is it common for a 6 year old to be on Seroquel?
He is currently taking 25mg in the morning and 25mg in the evening. He was diagnosed with autism. This medicine seems extreme to me. As 1/2 hour after dosing him he's comatose for 3-4 ...

 My boyfriend has asperger's disease. Help please?
I just recently found out that my boyfriend has asperger's. I don't really know that much about it, except he does have ALL the symptoms when I look it up. Can someone help me understand it ...

 What illness do i have? (Please its getting serious and Local doctors are not helping)?
My Stats (when i first got sick)
brown hair
brown eyes

(as of now)
Brown hair
Brown eyes

My symptoms:<...

 How bad is Tobacco Free Shisha, and how badly can the affect be on you?
Yes, I LOVE to smoke hookah and finding out that 20-200 smokes can equal to over 40-400 cigarettes I was seriously shocked, I haven't been doing it that often, and I know I'm fine now but I ...

 Could this possibly be tourettes?
When I get scared or happy or sometimes randomly i will twitch and like spazz for a couple seconds like shake really bad for a bit and every couple minutes it will happen, does that mean anything?...

 Start Tennis with Osgood Schlatters Disease ?
I have Osgood Schlatters Disease on my left knee, and I have started tennis training.
I want to know that could the condition get worse if I started training, and if anything could help me ...

 how do you cope with tinnitus?
I have tinnitus all my life, and it can be very unbearable , and make u have sleepless night, anyidea to help this would be helpful,...

 Help with Adult Colic?
Does any one know how to ease it?...

Is it possible to have a thyroid dysfunction if your TSH level is still normal?...

 what causes arthritis and what is the cure?

 How do I know if I have an inner ear problem?
Just a few hours ago, I started feeling dizzy and off-balanced (The urge to lean to the left, I don't know, I'm just telling how I feel), I ate lunch figuring that maybe I was feeling this ...

 Possible UTI and real bad pain in my side.?
Ok, so I posted a question this morning about a possible UTI. I'm almost certain that I have one. This morning I developed a sore lower back/right side and it's gotten severely worse. I ...

 How can I stop my heavy breathing?
I don't know how it started but it's just started somehow... I don't usually breath like this. It's like I breathe really loud where someone can hear me. It's not ...

 The reservoir in the kidney that collects the urine is the?

 what causes sulpher smelling burps?
My Husband has rotten egg smelling gas, burps and bowel movements, is it the food and drink, or could he be really sick, he is very stubborn at age 68, he smokes, drinks, and eats what he wants, and ...

Tyler S
How long can your keep pee in a fridge before a drug test.?
Hey jw how long u can keep pee in a fridge, and i know u can so please dont get on here n say u cant

tyler s
well i know how to warm it up n keep it warm with hand warmers was jw if it is ok to keep n use for less then 24hrs. And the rest of u F off smoking pot really isnt that bad smoking cig n drinkin ARE worse for your body do your research n dont listen to everything people tell you, not like i am a bad person i just enjoy doing it, its relaxing n the only side effects are hungry, happy, sleepy lol so Peace n to the guy who is clean for 2 yrs congats man!

How about you stop doing drugs or what not! Wow..wouldnt that make sense?

Green 182
eeewww gross. Anyway quiet some time.

it can go 5 days but remember if its not taken at the lab for testing you loose days in transfer . id keep it at 2 .or use synthetic urine

I would hope no one in your family likes apple juice!

It goes bad On the day that you need it!!

If you was a big boy and mature enough to not Need that Sh*t; I don't care if you are 15 or 55, - a mature, smart person can stand on his or her own two feet and face life like it was meant to be.

Hope you Fail!

Timothy B
I have taken many many drug test in the last few years. (Sober now for two years), Jobs, rehab, probation all had a little strip on the bottle that measured the temperature. So even if you saved clean urine, not sure how you can beat that temperature test.

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