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 What Can i get my friend with Leukimia?
I just found out one of my best friends has it and i was wondering what would be a good gift for her. Shes going to be in a Children's Hospitable for sixth months and me and my friend want to go ...

 What should I do about ADD?
HI, I have ADD but my mom or teachers do not know this about me. Lately it has been acting up and my teachers are getting mad at me. I really don't want to tell anybody because I'm not ...

 What would happen if an earwig bug crawled in your ear?
Alright. So I just had to kill five earwigs all in one minute and I'm scared one of them will crawl in my mom or my ear and I don't know what would happen. Any help here??...

I dont know what it is but if i know that a gay is around me i get very nervous and i dont even want to look at the gay. It ruins my whole day if i am stuck. like at work i think everyone around me ...

 What's wrong...!!?
My cousin has something wrong with her and we don't know what it is. Her symptoms are: Itchy but not really itchy??....restlessness....she had a headache earlier....her back feels stiff and neck ...

 Tell me about fibromyalgia?
Anybody who has it?...

 Opinion on genetic counseling and risk assessment?
Do you think genetic counseling should include a risk assessment for mental health disorders? and if so should it only focus on severe psychiatric illnesses ...

 I need to pick a Genetic disease to do a project on. Any suggestions?
I need to pick a genetic disease to do a biology project on. I don't know which one to do though. I can't do any of the really common ones like down syndrome though. So any suggestions?...

 Endoscopic Brain Surgery?!?!?
i think im going to have this done soon....im scared...should i be scared? or am i over reacting? is there anything i can do to prepare for it? or something i can do to stop thinking about it 24/7?...

 Does anyone know of a good sleeping aid that will not knock you our for more than 7-8 hours?
I have a lot of trouble sleeping. My mind will just not shut down...and every little noise keeps me awake. I drink little to no caffeine and definitely none past dinnertime. I turn the TV off and ...

 I slept with a girl who has Downs syndrome, does this mean I'm gonna get it too?

 what does smoking cigarettes taste like?
i had a dream last night that i was smoking and now im curious

im 18 years old and i have never smoked and i dont plan to. but im just curious to know what it tastes like.


 What Chromosome number is Tourette Syndrome?

 Urinary Tract Infection?
I am a teenage girl, and might have one. I know nothing about them.
Are they bad?
How long does it take to recover?
Do you just take antibiotics?
Is there anything else I need to ...

 My big toe hurts so bad?
I know it's not ingrown because I had that for many months and like 4 months ago had it removed. Well the nail has grown back, it looks normal, however suddenly over the last 3 days my toe is in ...

 Could i have a blood clot in my leg?
3 days ago i was at the store and i came pretty close to fainting, my parents were going to take me to the emergency room but then i came out of it. the next day i went to the doctor and she said my ...

 Throat problems? Visible epiglottis?
Ok this all started about 8 years ago. In the back of my throat I got these bumps. It was weird and during my sister's doctor visit to the ENT doctor, we quick asked him what was wrong with my ...

 How can i stop being bulimic, without professional help?
I'm bulimic and have been for a year and a half.
It has been on and off severity, but it is starting to get bad again.
I try not to eat as much or anything because I feel guilty after ...

 what is it when you have swollen feet and legs?
i have spyndolestisis in my back and also i have arthritis in my hip well know i have found out that i have tissue damage on my c spine in my neck also i had my foot operated on well my hip is ...

 urine infection?????????what shall i do for now? its hurting?
they keep saying my wee samples are contaminated
so ive done another one and sent it of to the hospital
but it wont come back with results for another 2 days
and im in need for ...

How high should your temperature get before you worry about the fever (part II)?
I am 35 years old and have major chills, I am above the suggested temperature that the thermometer says is normal.

i have always been told 101-103, depending on what your norm. is. if norm. for you is 97 ,then you have a high fever at 101.

Question: As a child did you ever run a really high temp? My brother ran a sudden high fever(cause never found, of 105 and soaring)that nearly killed him. He was wrapped in towels and buried in a tub of ice to bring the fever down. But while waiting on the ice to be brought he was bathed from head to toe in rubbing alchol. At that time the doctor did the only things he knew to do. The fever came down but my brothers normal temp of 98.6 was changed to 96.0. So a temp of 99.0 is not low grade fever anymore; at least not for him. Are you under great amounts of stress? Stress can do wild things to your body. Under tremendos stress the muscles literally separated from the bones in my chest area. Doctor's at first thought it was a heart attack but my pulse did not indicate such to be the case. I felt as if a huge weight had been droped on my chest, but it was stress. Vicatin would not even allow my body any relief, and the doctors had said if it didn't help that morphine was the next step.Fianlly, after several months of just letting nature run its course; I finally stopped hollering with every breath. I would shake like I was in a ice house on min. and feel normal the next; but my temp. was up and down like a yoyo. Do you have any other symptoms, coughing, sneezing,dizzy spells, black outs, nausea? Have you been to a doctor yet? If not; I strongly reccommend you go see one immediately. Keep in mind not all diseases or illness's cause the same reaction in a person. You can take 50 people with the flu. Some it turns into more upper respitory infections, and some of those can be fatal. Others just feel crappy and tired. While some can't see much difference in the flu and what most people would call a bad cold. My temp. runs 98.6; 99.0 is low grade, and any thing more than 102.6 I start calling the doctor. As I said I strongly reccomend you go straight to a doctor and have them check you out. I wish you well.

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