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 Do I have the flu?
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♥Horrible Headache (It felt more like a Migraine)
♥Sore Throat
♥Runny Nose
♥Clogged Ears (But I Have an Ear Infertion already)

 I have a brain tumour and cant make the decision whether or not to have it removed ?
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Hi, My little boy gets red ears and they feel hot, What causes this and how can I treat it?
Is this high blood presure or asthma causeing this? Please respond if your a nurse or in the medical proff!!!Really woried mom!!!

maybe its jsut an allergy..take him to a doctor

sounds like embarrassment....


Sherri Nurse

If you're REALLY worried then take him to the doctor.

My ears can get really red, hot and itchy. My parents use to think it was my asmtha causing it, so we seen my docter. He asked me if I get stress at times and if my ears get red when I do. I told him yes to both questions and he told me that it was high blood pressure.

Beverly C
my son did the same thing and was prone to very bad ear infections which at times got so bad his ear drums would bust. The Dr had to put tubes in his ears and treat with antibiotics. It would be in your best intrest to get him to a Dr asap.

Armando R
Hello, My boy has the same thing. John's ears and possible eyes, depending on the weather, around this time of year. The doctor said that it is only natural or your son could be overheated, or like you said yourself High blood pressure. Well, hope your son is ok

I'm by no means a nurse or anything, but my Mom and Brother get red ears that feel hot right before they get sick, we just use it as a little sign that they are coming down with something and we take some preliminary precautions. My brother also gets his red ears before he gets cold sores.

Sally N
My son's ears are a early warning sign when he is hyperaroused, he has Fragile X , and when he becomes overly stimulated his ears will turn red.

It's a sign that we need to work on calming tasks. Once he's calm his ears will fade back to a normal color.

Red ears would not necessarily mean he has Fragile X, it could just mean that he is over stimulated. Monitor when it happens and you may want to take the time to consult with your pediatrician if this is a true concern.

My little girl had the same problem and the Dr told me it was from elevated body temp and she couldn't be more right, my daughter is always warm no matter how cool it is in the house and if she gets a little hot or a little over exurted her ears and cheeks turn red. My doctor told me there was nothing to worry about and that it was normal in todlers up to ages 5 and 6

Kristiin Knows
I had this when I was younger and still have it to this day.

My doctor said it was a result of stress and nerves.

It happens whenever I over stress about something
Become nervous.
Or the weather is extremely hot.

It has never been linked to anything else its just a way of your body telling you to its under duress and to calm it down a bit.

my mom used told me that was how she knew i had a fever was that my ears were red and were hot

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