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Mark E
Head pressure and dizziness, can anyone help?
I am experiencing the following symptoms:
*Pressure in temples and across forehead and back of eyes
*Dizziness/Feeling like i am going to overbalance sometimes
*Slight nausea (never actually been sick)
*Heavy head
*Tingling sensation in head/face/hands/feet on both sides on occasions
*sometimes feel disorientated
*Periods offeeling tired, when i cant seem to stop yawning

My functions are fine, i can see, hear speak and move perfectly.

I used to suffer anxiety attacks and chest pain/palpatations which i was perscribed beta blockers for, these stopped the anxiety and chest pain. I have had ECG's and numerous blood tests all have come back ok, apart from what my DR says is a border line underactive thyroid which he thinks will have gone back to normal when i have my next blood test in a few weeks. He seems to think its anxiety based and has referred me to a shrink, but i think anxiety is an easy diagnosis and an easy way out for him, im not convinced. Any ideas?

O.K. Mark, you forget to tell your age.
you should go to a neurologist.
It would be good to recommend you a computer tomography.
The intracranian blood pressure it could be caused by tumor which it doesn't mean necesarry it is malign one.

Hope this will find you well!

Sounds like sinus infection or high blood pressure!

I would go to a different dr. for some further questions. It might be something with the meds. It might have some reactions that ur dr. is overlooking as something else. If u have it all the time then go to someone soon. Those symptoms aren't good at all. It might be anxiety but also it sounds like slow blood circulation. But go to ur dr. soon and get it checked.
=-) I hope it goes well.

Nuli Secundas
Eurika. Dont take this the wrong way but I`m glad someone else is suffering the same symptoms that I have. I have been on medication for high blood pressure since I was around 40. I am now 71 years old. About 5 years ago I had a mini stroke. One legasy I was left with was tiredness in my legs which is worse in the winter.The other problems which are word for word the same as yours have developed over the last two to three years. The yawning and tiredness that can get that bad I have to sit down and close my eyes until it passes.
I also have had all the blood tests for underactive thyroid etc.
which came back as OK.
After being taken to A&E by my wife who during one of my "turns" who thought I was having a ITA , an appointment was made for me to see the consultant I was under when I had the mini stroke. He suspected the cause was a thickening of a bone in my neck that now and again pressed on a gorroted artery restricting the flow of blood to my brain. I given a course of excersises by the hospital physiotherapist to make my neck less painfull. Made no difference to the amount of attacks. A year on, back to the doctors. Refered to a Neurolagist. Waiting time was so long we decided to pay. £300-00 for a twenty minute chat and some tests. One test was to stand facing the wall, feet together,eyes closed and arms stretched out in front of me.after a couple of seconds I fell backwards and he had to catch me. Sent me for a CT scan then another £100-00 for the neurolagist to tell me nothing was found other than what would be expected for my age. Throughout the last few years of explaining the symptoms to varios doctors etc: I have always had the feeling that they thought I was either making it up or I was a bloody nuisance.
Best of luck. If you ever get it sorted please let me know.

i would consult a docter mate it is better to get it cheacked out jst to rule out tht it is nothing serius gd luck

I have had most of those symptoms and still have many of them. It sounds like my own illness ,but I cant say that for sure.
The illness in question is chronic borreliosis / lyme disease.
Doctors and hospital consultants are terrible at spotting it and treating it in my experience and that of many others.
The hospital below is private , but they are experts at dealing with it,if your doctor wont refer you,its ok to do so yourself.
It may just be that,in which case they will treat it,also theres new treatments on the way.It is infection based,if yours turns out to be lyme disease,like mine.If you need more info you can email me.

It sounds like you have high blood pressure. Go to a doctor.

peace artist.....
migraine maybe ????

more than likely is your blood pressure , i had low blood pressure with similar symptoms, make sure you are eating properly dont skip meals and have regular snacks also cut out caffiene as can make those symptoms much worse.

My concerns are from the issues you gave regarding your head and the sensations you are having in your head and extremities.
You may need to see a neurologist to rule out any issues dealing with the brain. I have a condition that has many of the same symptoms you listed. (not all of them but a lot) It is called Intracranial hypertension (aka pseudotumor cerebri) in a nutshell, it is caused by to much cerebral fluid being produced causing pressure in the head. It puts major pressure on the optic nerves and if untreated it can cause blindness. It is not fatal and can be easily treated with medications or as I have, a shunt to remove the extra fluid away.
I am not say this is what you have, dont get me wrong but head pain and the other issues you discribed should not be discounted as nothing but anxiety. It would be better to see another doctor and rule everything out and have it be nothing, than to ignore it or listen to the quack saying its anxiety and have it be something major but to late to treat!

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