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Dancing Chic
Doctor won't believe me? What the hell do I do? :(?
I'm going to the doctors today coz I'm constantly bloated, have stomach pain and keep having diareah and constipation. I went to this doctor a couple of years ago coz if I don't eat every couple of hours I feel very shaky, confused and horrible. I feel terrible in the mornings. He dismissed me as having nothing wrong with me. I'm scared of going for this today coz I've now spent years having food related problems and I don't want him to not believe me again. I'm getting fed up with it all. :( What do I do?

Captain Cooley
I agree with the doctor, there's nothing wrong with you.

Unless, of course, you're not telling the whole story, like you went to a 'doctor' who has no formal education in the systems you're describing, mainly the GI tract. See a doctor who specializes in the GI tract.

Facile Princeps
If there is nothing the doctor can do then go to a chemist and see what they can offer you


Stop going to the doctors - he isn't going to give you a different response. You will have to sort this out yourelf unfortunately but at least that way you won't end up taking pharmaceuticals. Sounds as though you have either a candida overgrowth or a food sensitivity but the doc will ultimately just diagnose IBS. The other possibility is parasites and it could be a combination of all three as they often go hand in hand. Mail me if you want to know more.

Change your physician mate ........ go and get yourself fully assessed by a naturopath ....... get them to do testing for food allergies/intolerances and chemical sensitivities .......what you ingest and absorb through your skin and breath can have a vast impact on the way you think, the way you feel and your overall health and vitality ....... seriously, you can live a pain free drug free life if only you know precisely what chemicals and foods are upsetting your system .... it could be something as simple as lactose intolerance or an intolerance to processed sugar or wheat (coeliac disease)...... disorders from which people suffer due to intolerances to food or chemicals in their diets can cover almost the whole spectrum of physical and mental illnesses ..... an extraordinary concept but mind blowingly true....... do yourself a favor and go and get allergy tested.

in the meantime, try to eat as much whole fresh foods that you prepare yourself that includes a wide range of leafy and green vegies, some low sugar fresh fruits like watermelon, cantalope, pears and strawberries, some lean meats and fishes, brown rice, organic nuts and seeds like almonds, brazil nuts and sunflower seeds and lots of fresh filtered water .......... feed your body from God's table and wean yourself off any highly processed, packagedsludge that has little to no nutritional value anyway.

drink more fresh filtered water too and ensure that you are properly hydrated..... you'd be amazed at how being just a little dehydrated can affect your mood and energy levels....... every single cellular function inyour body requires water ........ your lungs need it to breath, you need it to digest your food, lubricate your joints, transport nutrients...... to do anything at all really ...... drink up.

peace baby

Well, there are about three things you can do:
1. you could go back to the same doctor adn present your case to him again, or
2. You could try other doctors, and if within your price range you could see a specialist instead of a GP, seeing as general practitioners only have a general view of all medical problems,
3. you could perform a search of people with similar symptoms to yours and lear from them and how the solved their problems

I recommend the 2nd option. Try keeping a journal of your daily symptoms concentrating on what you can diagnose with your five senses (touch, smell, taste, feel and hear) focusing more on what you feel. Document changes,improvements or how it got worse.
Good luck.
I really hope you get better.

go to the dr tell him everything an if u get his dismissiveness again tell him u want something done or u'll change ur dr

Anna M
I cannot diagnose, but I can tell you that there are many maladies that doctors do not understand. Keep trying until you find a knowledgeable doctor who respects you and believes you.

To learn more for yourself, read the website of the Mayo Clinic. Don't go to quacks for diagnosis. Don't give up. Don't let them tell you it is all in your head. Your symptoms are serious and you have a right to healthcare.

read this article too:

Good luck.

I'm really sorry to hear that you are suffering like this. It is so fustrating when your doctor doesn't want to listen.

It does sound like it could be Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Here is some more information on it:

Irritable bowel syndrome is an extremely painful condition affecting primarily women below the age of 35. About one in five people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. The condition is characterized by constipation, bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and cramping.

The specific causes of irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, are unknown. It is suspected that stress and sensitivity to certain foods can play a factor. For some people, the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome come and go every few months. Others are plagued by the painful symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome constantly. However, IBS is almost always a chronic condition, meaning that you will likely always have the symptoms of the condition at least occasionally.

I've taken this information from an article that I've found which I hope will help. I would also look at visiting an alternative doctor or maybe seeing an nutritionist for advice.

Good luck in getting this sorted.

I agree with Vicky, it sounds very much like irritable bowel syndrome. Your doctor should order blood and urine tests and maybe ultrasound scans to rule out other possibilities though

Chris H
If your not happy with his opinion after your visit, then all I can suggest is to see another doctor for their advice.

Explain exactly how you feel and what your health problem is, this is your right and what Dr's are for...
Don't be fobbed off with medication without explanation of what it is and what does your Dr expect it to do for you.

If this persist then any Dr worth his salt will refer you to a Specialist for further investigation.

future fate
Doctors really cant' do much for these kind of situations, except prescribe medicines which only treat symptoms, not the cause.
This may sound a little strange but one of the best things to help stomach and digestion problems is a good Chiropractor.
The colon is a muscle, and is also controlled by the spinal nerves. When you improve the posture of the spine you automatically improve the function of organs - very many patients of mine improve greatly within a few weeks. Takes about 8-10 times, get one off an insurance list. If you aren't insurred they will give you a discount too.

Time to get another doctor.

Despite their years of training, doctors are not infallible. There are good ones, average ones, and bad ones (the minority, I believe, but they are there). Same goes for the way they listen to patients.

There is nothing wrong with going to a different doctor if you are not satisfied with their treatment. Just like any other service.

Just a caution on "Irritable Bowel Syndrome": do not jump to conclusions. Your symptoms of digestive problems could describe any of literally dozens of conditions!

try another Doc.

Sounds like you have IBS, but that is only from my experience of it.

I would change your doctors, he should at least investigate your claims and then make a diagnosis.

Relentlessly Wrong
Find another doctor.

Maybe a holistic kind of doctor would be your best bet, but don't put up with an uncooperative doctor, life's to short to put up with that crap.

Good luck

You could try going to a different doctor for a 2nd opinion.

Ivan R

(ANS) No.1 I grew up in a medical family, my father was a GP for 35years in Toxtheth in Liverpool. My sincere advise is that you should ask to be seen by another different GP you are quite within your rights to do this.

No.2 NOTE:- IF you are at all unhappy with how you are treated by this doctors practise (i.e. surgery) you are quite entitled to change GP practises.

No.3 Sadly, I found out myself when I got seriously ill with Proctitis and Ulcerative Colitis (both digstive conditions) that GP's get NO! TRAINING in food related issues & no training on nurtition. i.e. they don't know how food or diet affects illness. Which is pretty shocking but I was told this from a close friend who is herself a retired GP & hospital doctor.

No.4 If your interested take a look at my website it might be relevent to you? http://www.proctitispages.co.uk

No.5 Food & diet and sickness can be a real issue don't be put off by doctors you are right to pursue this problem. Get a second opinion if neccessary and try to get seen a doctor who understands specifically about diet & food related health issues. DON'T be fodded off by a GP who really doesn't know whats wrong & doesn't care about you.

Kindest Regards from Ivan

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