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Do I have insomnia?
I normally take like 2 seconds to fall asleep and recently its been taking me like a really long time like a few hours. When I do get to sleep, I wake up like every minute. What do I do?
Additional Details
It's been going on for like 4 days

midnite rambler
try to sleep it off

take a few valerian root caplets about an hour or 2 before bed. It helps you relax.
Go with Tylenol PM

kaelen i
take ambian cr.

a hit of mj helps me, looks like you might agree with me

I don't think you are an insomniac, perhaps there is something on your mind at the moment?
It always takes me at least 3 hours to get to sleep, so I normally don't bother going to bed before 3am, I know how frustrating lack of sleep can be.
Getting some mild exercise 3-6 hours before you go to sleep is known to help.
I find I always find that I have the hardest time sleeping when my mind is still active, even if my body is tired, so I try to do some reading before bed - something I have to concentrate on. This way both your mind and body will be tired.
Short of that working, try your local health store for some natural sleeping remedies, like chamomile.

Your not pushing yourself hard enough during the day. I dont know what you do but whatever it is, you need more activity during the day to force your body to shut down at night when it is time to go to sleep. I am looking at some of your answers and I disagree with using pills to help you sleep. Pills are not the answer. Please dont take pills.

who knows but i think i am now.. ive been awake for over 24 hours.. and im still on here lol.

probably everyone here is having trouble sleeping lol, therefore you might be better off asking the question in the day time when all the normal sleepers can give you some good advice

Try to do a small exercise work out an hour or so before you go to bed and see if that helps. Maybe tiring your body out will help you sleep better.

Notorious Guy
You are not insomnia, insomnia is much more serious, usually refer to the inability for in sleep for several days.

You just need to relax, relax and relax. Don't think too much and let it easy.

Tylenol PM is pretty good if you want to go that route.

What are you doing when you attempt to fall asleep? It is important not to have any stimuli if you are looking to go to sleep quickly. Ensure you aren't on your computer, playing video games or watching TV. Turn lights off and put your mind at ease. If you are not tired and are trying to force yourself to sleep, then the Tylenol PM may be a good choice. It is very gentile so you will pass out but won't oversleep nor feel groggy in the morning.

Insomnia means u can't sleep on a normal schedule and usually stay up all night

empty your brain of all your thoughts during sleep

is ur bedroom the rigth temperture are u getting enough exercise to make u tired try a hot milky drink before bed hope this help good luck u on many medicines

Demonic Aura
you know i can't actually give you a good answer for thi because i haven't found the cure all for it yet. I have bad insomnia myself and i have a few different things i do. First, warm milk, yeah it sounds cliche, but it really does work for me......sometimes. Second, excersize sometime in the middle of the day or towards evening, work up a really good sweat, then take a nice hot shower before you hit the hay. One other thing, cut off all mental stimulation about a half hour before bed, no tv, video games, none of that because your brain is still gonna be active even if your body is tired, which can keep ya up all night. Good luck and sweet dreams!

margie k
check your caffeine and sugar intake, stop using both if you possibly can. don't forget there is caffeine/stimulants in chocolate, soda, diet pills, energy drinks, tea, NOT just coffee. try some warm milk before bed.

before you go to sleep you may have a lot on your mind,this could be causing restlessness.try to clear your thoughts first.if it persists over a period of time, then it could be insomnia.

4 days is nothing. I've had it almost continually for about 14 years.

peter o
ive got some arsenal tapes from the 80s.if that cant get you in to a deep coma of a sleep.your in serious trouble.

have you things playin on your mind , maybe troubles at the moment . try a relaxin bath with some kind of lavender in it which will help you relax

dont do much activity before sleeping.. dont read thrilling books and stuff, try not to watch tv before sleeping. in short, dont do things that would make your body active before sleeping,,

a glass of red wine does it for me.

i have insomia and sleep isn't good for me because I can't get any but try taking a warm shower before bed because it relaxs your nerves and seriously seriously buy some sleepy time tea. It really works! It relaxs the nerves making you more calm/ sleepy. Plus it is not that pill crap that they have on t.v and you can find it in almost any store. P.S it has a bear on the cover.

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