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 My snot's gone red!?
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Dizzy, Tired all the time, Feel like I'm in a constant Daze. Need Opinions!?
I have had these symptoms for about 2 or 3 months now, and when I went to a doctor every test came out negative except that my liver functions were elevated, which he believes is a result of constipation that I am currently taking medicine for.

However, I have constant headaches throughout the day and they vary from around my temples to the top and back of my head. Also, I am tired ALL THE TIME. My eyes feel sunken in, and strained. I feel like I am in a daze most of the day, and I have trouble concentrating on things sometimes (I am on adderol).

If anyone has any input into what may be wrong, that would be a great help.
Additional Details
Hepatitis came up negative, Anemia tests came up negative as well.

bathe in anti freeze frequently

3 things.
1. something may be disrupting your REM state during sleeping. try turning off all electronics before bed.
2. mono.
3. your dying. idk

Gail Michell BOMBSHELL
also you could be having multiple mild seizures
probably while you are sleeping
They most likely arent completely serious
as in they most likely wont be fatal.
I would go to a neurologist and ask them to monitor you while you are sleeping.

Listening Whispers
I feel like this when I am having anxiety/depression problems. If you have any of these then I would consider that this could be part of the problem.
I hope you feel better soon!!

pink elephants
High Blood pressure and dehydration. Both cause the symptoms you are describing. Also Anemia, and liver diseases can also cause these problems. Since it has been ongoing for over two month- I would be seeing a different doctor. Something is off.

If you haven't had your thyroid tested, it's worth a try. I had a similar problem and the doctors just could not figure it out. Then they tested the thyroid function, which is just done by drawing blood and having it tested.

Since your symptoms are primarily neurological-you may want to see a neurologist. Have you started any new medications? This could be a side effect of a new medication (i have had a similar experiance before, thats why i ask). Some psych meds may be able o help you with alerntness (welbutrin XL BRAND NAME ONLY-some of teh generics have actually made people worse)-but be sure to see a qualified person (a psychciatrist), to balance any other meds you are on with something new. a neurologist or physch dr may be able to help you with the headaches. I'd try seeing many drs until you get an answer. Chronic fatigue syndrome might be a possibillity, but i'm not sure what the diagnosis requirements are. It could be multiple things too, taht just seem like one problem cause they showed up around teh same time. you mention your eyes being strained, which could be a symptom of poor sleep, or an underlying eye problem. I'd get my eyes checked out too. The dr to see for liver problems would be a gastrointerologist, btw if you want to make sure your liver is healthy. In the meantime-i'd try keeping up your fluids with lots of water and weaning off cafiene if you havent already. some poeple dont tolerate cafiene. (never quit cafiene cold turkey.)

are you under a lot of stress? Stress affects the body physically more than people realize and over a period of a long time it can take a toll on the body. Have they checked you for anemia or hypothyroidism or hepatitis

*Justabig is on the rite track. People can laugh it off , being unable to make a bowl movement is serious.
Take a careful look at your diet, and what you are ingesting, some food and drugs have strange interactions.
Think about going on a raw food diet,fruits veg and grains and drink nothing but filtered water.
Doctors are very quick to rite out a perception and send you on your way, you may want to get a second opinion doctor.
2-3 months is really a long time to be dealing with the problem. It's total unacceptable, heaven forbid it anything life threatening because your delaying treatment.
Check with your doctor first but I think you should go in for a colonic cleansing. It's alternative holistic treatment and you'll most likely be paying for it out of pocket. then at least you can see if that helps out....


If you have been constipated long enough to be taking medication for it, then you are currently toxic. Toxicity can cause all the symptoms you mentioned plus many more. Drink lots of water to help flush the symptoms. I don't like water, so I drink iced green tea. If you still have these symptoms a few days after your bowels are moving regularly then you can consider other causes. In the meantime, you're in good condition for the condition you're in :-)

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