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 my lips are frozen! HELP?
i cant move my lips that well sometimes which causes you to slur your speech. then i cant talk normally. they feel really stiff andhard to move....wat is this? im worried cause people notice this and ...

 what causes a black swollen leg?
someone hurt their leg and now its swollen and it turns blue/ black. The person is in hospital for treatment and their whole body began to swell. What's happening?...

 I get dizzy/ lightheaded, to the point of near fainting. I haven't fainted, but what could it be?
I have gone to the urgent care by where I live and they have said it is do to emotional stress anxiety which causes palpitations.

I get a racing pounding heart and I get dizzy and ...

 I'm an alcoholic?
On New Years eve I humiliated myself and my boyfriend at a bar by flirting with some dude I didn't even know. I have been a heavy drinker for 5 years and have decided that enough is enough. I ...

 do you think its personal to tell someone you do cocaine?

 What is the lump on my neck?
Right below my chin, on my neck is a hard lump. The area surrounding it is swollen. It is sore and when I lift my head to look up, it hurts even more. My throat is not sore and I have no idea what ...

 Drinking to much water cause diarreah?
ew! i know but does it?...

 Is there a disease for being too skinny and whats it called?
My friend had a normal body of 96 lbs and 5'4.She is 14 years old.She is on a diet for 3 months and she eats bery little now she is 63 lbs and 5'4.shes too skinny....

 Can someone figure out what's wrong with me?
I have muscle pain in all of my front torso, chest and abs, similar to the feeling of workign out too hard in the weight room, as if all your muscles are torn/overworked.

i also feel ...

 What should you eat to get a stomach ache?????????
I'm just wondering is it a lot of milk or a lot of salt or stuff like that!...

 i eat (clean) toilet paper...?
i was dared to try a piece of toilet paper and then i found i liked the taste. so i kept eating it. ive been eating it for a while now, my poos have gone wierd (mostly water) and im worried that its ...

 I am mot an alcoholic, but was told I need to go to AA for pill addiction, why?
It felt really weird to say, "hi, I'm ---, I'm an alcoholic, when I really wasn't. I mean, once or twice yes, I've had a hangover, but that was called college!...

 Help! I am constantly having to urinate ?
every half hour or so i need to urinate and its only little bits at a time. when im almost finished its starts burning and it last about 1 minute afterwards. I have pains on the lower right side of ...

 what would you rather have cancer or hiv?

 Am I Ill??? please help?
i feel tired alot. and sleep alot.

i can be not hungry and then suddenly go to hungary with hurting tummy (because of no food) then if i dont get anthing to eat i feel really weak.

 What is the best way to flush out your kidney's?

 anyone else got a touch of insomnia?

 When your sick with something, why does your body feel like it's freezing cold?

 Alzheimer's Question?
My mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer's when she was 66. she was in a home when she was 67 and completely taken by the disease 6 months later.

She is now in a wheel chair, in a nappy, ...

 i tried cocaine about a year ago and i was wondering if its possible that it could be traced through urine?
i only did about five lines and it was about a year ago and i have been running about 2 miles everyday and drinking alot of water...PLEASE HELP!!!...

Did you ever have a colonoscopy?
I did today and I'm happy to report that I'm fine!!
I had a 7mm polyp which was removed but no cancer!
Additional Details
LOL michael, I had a kidney stone removed on time and I ended up telling everyone how cute they were. gosh how mortifying

&quot;Arkie Mom&quot;
I am glad you are okay Irksome. That stuff is scary.

never had one glad to here your ok

The Vaginator
No but my doctor shoved her finger up my @ss.

Browneyez08 loves the sauce
Yes and the "crap" you do before is the worst part. But then they give you the happy knock out juice and your out for the count.
Glad you are clean as a whistle. I sometimes feel for those Docs looking up butts all day....at least he gets paid well.

YEA !!!!!!

More quality time to spend with us!!!!

ummm .... if you put the polyp into a pond ... will it turn into some kind of amphibian

No not yet...Ouch!!

Yup. I had one last year. I had several polyps but no cancer. ( ^ _ ^ ) Congrats to you. Best of wishes and long health!

No, I avoid going to the dr as much as possible. I'm happy for you though, that's great news!

Nirvana Veggie balls
Nope...O-o, glad ur ok. see now u have something 2 tell ur grandchildren

blue knight
That's great news !!!
I see that not even that can keep you away from Yapoo : )

Nope, not me...

LOL, you told me at first it was a 7 inch polyp. Ouch!

End of Story
I just figured out my next career

Browneyes ...knock out juice !.............where do I sign up?


I had one a few years back.... damn Dr. didn't even by me flowers or take me out to dinner first... just wham bam!

Same result as you, nothing wrong....

It was kinda cool seeing the video he made of my inner colon though...


hey did the Doc find my tacos while in there, i made some great hot salsa..


Michael T
I had one. They didn't find anything wrong. I remember hating the prep. Then they gave me some anesthetic that started making me run at the mouth at the beginning of the procedure. My memory stopped at that point until the procedure was over.I hope I didn't say anything too stupid. When I was in the recovery area the nurse said they would not let me go until I farted some. I had a green light to pass gas.

I'm so glad that they found nothing bad.

cel&#39;s giant beaver
I will also pitch in some cash so you will post the video.

I'm very happy that your colon is happy!!

tublet cuddle punch
Haha, I bet you had to drink a gallon of Go-Litely! That's its own kind of torture.

Crash Fu™
Awesome news! *hugs*

Do NOT post the video, thanks!

­ revenginator ✘
Yeah! That's great news!

*does a little dance*

I'll give you money if you post the video.

Kev ~ Now with added moobs
Yaay! She's been butt poked and she's happy about it!
I'm so proud of you.

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