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Cut finger and strep???
So a few days ago, a friend of mine was at a bar, got drunk, and somehow cut his finger. The next morning he woke up and the finer that was cut was extremley swollen- to the point of where he couldn't bend it. He went to the hospital and has been there since saturday. I was told, from another friend, that his cut became infected with strep. Tonight, he is supposed to be in surgery- for what I don't know. But when he got to the hospital, there were lines going up his arm; I would assume the circulation was being cut off. Anybody heard of this?

By the way, this is all taking place in San Francisco. From what I have heard recently, STAPH has been on the rise, not strep. But does strep do this? Maybe the friend that told me all this got it wrong and it is staph. Who knows.

marie a
It would have to be staph because strep is infection of the throat. The red lines indicate blood infection and if it reaches his heart can be very dangerous.

stacey c
blood poison.

No, one of the above answers is wrong. Streptococcus is everywhere and can infect any part of you. It doesn't just attack throat tissue.

Yes, it can definitely be strept. It can also be a resistant strain.

He's where he needs to be! Good luck.

Hi RJ,
Go to www.webmd.com, they have every answer to any medical question you could ever think of.
I'll say a prayer for your friend and ask God to heal him and not allow his infection to turn into blood poisoning in which the end result can be the flesh eating disease caused by strep in which is a very serious staph infection.
Take care and God Bless.
Common misinformation that Strep is only in the throat.
Strep is not only in the throat,
strep is a staph infection of the blood and can cause infection anywhere in the body.

Yes its a classic symptom of a serious infection. I think those lines are inflamed lymph nodes anyway it means the infection is spreading and fast.

Your throat is the most common place for a strep infection but the bacteria is highly contagious and will easily enter your body through a break in the skin.

I wish your friend all the luck in the world, he's in for a fight.

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