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 How to prevent a ganglion cyst?
I have a bad history with ganglion cysts, I get them at least once every year or sometimes twice. In the past, I've had them on both wrists. For the past couple of days I have felt one coming ...

 where can bulimia victims get helped in the UK?

 Do you think this has made things hard for Tourette Syndrome sufferers?
Peolple from The UK may remeber a guy in Big Brother called Pete who suffered from it, but had it pretty bad. Do you think with the people seeing him have labbled Tourette Syndrome sufferers into ...

 how bad am i with my liver?
my ast is 415 & my alt is 180. i think i all reay know but what do you think. i am a alocholic & have been to many rehabs & have gone to aa. but it is so hard to stop.& if i dont i ...

 What would cause someone to suffer from severe fatigue?
I'm a 23 year old seemingly healthy male. For about the past 8 months, I've been battling a persistent, severe fatigue. Every day when I wake up even if i've had ample rest I feel ...

 Have you taken levothyroxine for Hypothryroid?
I have taken hydro-cortisone as a replacement for having no adrenal glands because of a pituitary tumor. Recently, I have started taking Levothyroxine for a hypothyroid condition. I am having ...

 What exactly causes ADHD?
I was born with ADHD but I am unsure of what exactly causes it.

When I was born they had a hard time keeping my blood sugar down and I died for about 30 seconds.

Well I have had ...

 What is this pain (stomach)?
I have had a gnawing pain at least once a month in my upper stomach right below the breastbone and in the center. This pain is so intense and only occurs in the mornings. It usually lasts for 15 ...

 Why do people vomit after a migraine?
Whenever i get migraine's i throw up and then feel fine why do people throw up though it is a pain in you head not ...

 I am soooo confused now.... iron in blood marrow low?
but high hemoglobin level? Is that even possible?

What does low iron in blood marrow mean? (4 y/o)


 How do anorexics lose weight?
I have always heard that if you don't eat, your body goes into something called Starvation Mode and holds onto the fat/energy stores it already has.

So when does this pass and the ...

 Does white eye, like red eye, in pictures always mean a tumor? Yes or no?
My Niece had 2 pictures with white eyes. They took her to emergency but after hours they said she is fine. And take her for a 2nd opinion. Humm. Sounds fishy to me.

Can't they ...

 I have sleepless nights trying to remember the difference between amnesia and insomnia?
What can I do?...

 Rett syndrome?????
I am doing a personal survey on Rett syndrome. Has anyone ever heard of this disease? I would like to have a count of how many girls are affected, what states, and what ages. A friends daughter ...

 Anyone have experience or advice regarding vitamin D deficiency?

 What drug smells like skunk?
I have a druggy neighbor below me and lately he has been smoking some type of drug. I suspect it's coke or crack but the best way for me to describe the smell is that of a skunk. I am not sure ...

 How to lower uric acid levels in the body?
My doctor says I have high uric acid levels, but he told me not to worry about it. It concerns me cause I don't wanna get gout....

 Lansoprazole (Prevacid) for mild stomach acid?
I had an endoscopy a few days ago and my specialist said I had mild acid in my stomach and I'm supposed to take lansoprazole (30mg) for 3 months. I also take claritin everyday, is it not good to ...

 Black Stool, PLEASE HELP!?
i know this is nasty but i have been having some stomach pains, and when i eat just a little i feel so full that im gonna puke. the moment after i eat i usually have to go make a bowel movement. ...

 What would cause you to feel very nauseous and light headed?
I am 22 years old

I'm a girl

I'm in good health
Additional Details
unless the b/c pills have failed, I don't think I'm ...

Can under eye bags/puffy eyes be connected to kidney problems?
I read it in a magazine and a book that your face can be a map to your body, and if you have swollen/under eye bags then you might have kidney problems.
Because i always have one puffy eye, under my left eye, its usally very swollen when i wake up, so i tried putting eye gels under my eyes before i sleep and sleeping in different positions to try and make it go away but it won't , now i think it might be something to do with my kidneys?
Also i remember one of my friends used to have swollen eyes and then she found out she had a kidney infection, and then they went after a while.
I have told my mum but she seems to think i am crazy, and i feel a bit embaressed going to the docter and saying what i said up there ^^^ .
Please help , many thanks in advance.

Interesting question. Physical ailments can be linked to other physical ailments, but usually...if you have a physical ailment, it's probably caused by a mental or emotional issue if it's not severe (although severe physical ailments, too can be caused by mental or emotional issues/ailments.

Aaron L
nah i dont think so


Puffy bags under your eyes are a symptom of dehydration ...... thus it is related to your kidneys, particularly if you also have dark circles under your eyes as well. Dark circles are a symptom of weakened kidney function............ Drink more fresh filtered water and try to cut right back on the things that will dehydrate you such as coffee, tea, sodas and soft drinks and alcohol (if you drink alcohol yet, that is).

If this is not the case with you then perhaps you need to pop another pillow under your head at night to elevate your head........ sleeping flat without enough elevation for your head at night encourages the fluid in our bodies to pool in the fleshy area under our eyes (hence the puffiness) ...... strange but true. The simple solution is to have two pillows!!


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