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Can someone please explain autism to me?
I have been approved at my college to be a peer tutor and i looked at the list of tutees and contacted someone that needed help in math.He wrote me back and said that he is autistic but very high functioning.I have never experienced being around an autistic person.Can someone please explain to me what this means???Because i would like to tutor him.Please help.Thanks

Mandy C
Actually doesnt have to do with a specific part of the brain...an autistic child is born perfectly normal...the develop autism..Autism is caused by an insult to the brain such as Metal absorbed through vaccines or foods we ingest. These metals for example adhere to the brain and cause damage. There is a lack of eye contact, social skills and emotional responses. There is a large spectrum of autism depending on the level of severity of the childs autism you would may not know the child has a problem or sometimes the child may not even speak...

No one has any idea what causes Autism. There are some theories but no proof for any of them how it happens.
It may get genetic, it may be caused by an in vitro infection or reaction to immunizations.
Autism, Aspargers syndrome and ADHD/hyperactivity may very well be varying degrees of the same thing (this is my own personal belief, and from many other people).
I played music once with a software engineer who almost certainly had Aspargers syndrome (also called mild autism). He rocked back and forth the whole time, talked with a flat nasal voice, had absolutely no sense of humor. He played the songs note for note perfect (Jimi Hendrix) but with absolutely no feeling or emotion whatsover, and he incessently complained every time I played a note that wasn't from the record.
He really drove me nuts, and I never played with him again. Music is no fun to me if I can't improvise or bring my own style to it, but it drove him crazy, like Tom Cruise reorganizing Dustin Hofman's room in Rain Man.
Best luck. I'm sure it will be interesting but don't take it personally if he doesn't seem too friendly - it's just his way of dealing with life.

Athena W
It is basically a brain disorder that effects social functions to varying degrees. Check out the links below.

My cousin is autistic and what it means is that a certain part of their brain isnt developed. Like my cousin cant distinguish other peoples feeling towards him so he might attack someone if he thinks they are threatening him when they are just talking normally.

Its a brain disorder that affect social skills. They cant distinguish different emotions so they have a hard time around people. Read " THe Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime." by mark haddon its great. Also go to autismspeaks.org to learn more.

Explaining autism would take more time than we have here. So instead, I'll just suggest that you accept the tutoring position. This young man will probably stick to the subject at hand. He may be distracted by his specialty (that thing that interests him most in the world), but if you can work that into the math, all the better.

Since he's made it to college, it is apparent that he's pretty high functioning. You might not have even noticed the autism if he hadn't told you. I have a teenager with Asperger's Syndrome (also known as high functioning autism), and until he gets in a stressful social situation, most people don't notice anything wrong with him.

Your first meeting might be a little awkward because his social skills may be a bit lacking, but I imagine you will come away from the experience with a new understanding of autism. There really is not a way to explain "autism". Every autistic person is different, just like every "normal" person is different. Teach the young man math, and he'll be teaching you a new definition of normal. Good luck!

All of the previous answers gave some good info so... I just want to say if you decide to tutor this young man, thank you, thank you, thank you, for taking the chance to make a difference in the life of someone with an autism spectrum disorder and for not just putting a label on him. Your example to your peers will help them to realize that these kids want and need to fit in and it takes everyone's effort to make this happen. My son is only 4 but if he makes it to college someday, I hope there is someone like you to help him out if he needs it. Thank you.

larry L
First of all, autism isn't a brain disorder in spite of what pop medicine is telling everyone. That's just political schmoozing. There are no neurological tests for it. There are no chemical or genetic tests for it. There are no brain scans that detect it or predict it. In fact, the peculiar MRI's appearing in the brains of many autistics are similar to the brain scans of newly arrived immigrants.


On top of that, all medications prescribed for its symptoms are psychiatric. Neurologists will diagnose it only after ruling out all possible REAL neurological defects, but diagnoses of autism by PSYCHOLOGISTS are accepted by insurance companies!

Finally; nobody with brain damage could possibly be a genius. However, lots of autistics are geniuses.

As to your question; autism is pervasive arrested EMOTIONAL development. You will find your tutee to be extremely juvenile, although possibly highly intelligent. You have to be patient with him.

How do I know all this? I AM AUTISTIC.

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