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 what are the best foods for someone with high cholesterol? what foods should be avoided?

 If I told you there was a plant that can cure lots of different illnesses?
but the government keeps in under wraps....

How would you react?...

 Liver Tumor. Doctors ONLY answer.?
I'm writing a medical drama and one of the patients has a tumor in the top right part of her liver. How is it removed? What is the operation called? I want the whole 9 yards. Thanks.

 Thyroid or not.........?
I had a baby 3 yrs ago, when she was 1 i decided to lose some weight, in last 2 years I have gone from 12.8stone down to 10.2....I'm now of average weight for my height 5'7 but I didn'...

 I want to stop....(bulimia)?
I have been bulimic for about a month now. I'm not losing weight and I do it about once or more a day. I want to stop and times like right now when I'm not eating I think, okay, I just won&#...

 Does anyone know how Ashley Hegi is doing?
She is a 15 (?) year old girl who lives in Canada and has Progeria (a premature aging disease). There have been many TV specials about her. Her mother has a website but hasn't updated it since ...

 could anyone give me details of microtia.?
why it happens? what should be done? when an operation can take place at the earliest?...

 anismus - whats the options?
has anyone been diagnosed with this - ahve you had any treatment - if so what kind - has it helped? ...

 How does blood loss affect the brain?
This is with the assumption that the brain itself sustained no damage. In other words it's like blood being drained or a drop in pressure.
Additional Details
Edit: Blood P...

 feeling very aggressive?
i recently completed treatment where i had to take several months of interferon and ribivarin. the treatment was successfully and i am "cured" but after being off the meds for 2 months i ...

 How do I remove the smoke smell in my system?
I spent two days with my best friend who smokes. I washed everything I took with me (stayed at a hotel with her and now home), and yet.. I can still smell smoke in the air. Its in my nostrils and it ...

 sounds in brain back of head?wats wrong with me?
so for the past 3 years ive been noticing this sound everynow and them from the nape of my neck to the center of the back of my head. i cant really describe the sound but its kinda like water ...

 Acid Reflux Diets - Home Diets To Keep Acid Reflux At Bay?
Just looking for 3-4 easy diet tips to prevent or treat acid reflux naturally. Information websites would also be helpful....

 Does bad eyesight get better?
I wear glasses because i can't see far. Would my eyes get better? Or is this permanent?...

 How can one find a girlfriend and not get liver disease or cancer?
Are these directly related?...

 Uncontrollable shaking...?
I'm an imbecile in the health category and I need to know if what I have is common... deadly... unheard of...?? So I'd like you to fill me in, if you can.

For awhile now, I'...

 has anyone heard the medical term greying out?
my daughter in law has been having funny turns and very high BP....

 Do people with MS eventually lose all eyesight?
My dad (who is 65) has had MS for over 25 years. He recently had an MRI, which showed to be about the same as it was in 2004. However, he has lost 30% of his peripheral vision in his left eye. This ...

 What's your opinion on this latest form of treatment?
Not yet proven ,but has some medical merit,i found it interesting as i am a nurse....

 Is it possible to cure UTI without antibiotics?
I have had a UTI for the past week or so. I started taking cranberry capsules a 2 days ago (2 capsules a day). I would really like to cure this with out antibiotics. Any other suggestions? Thanks....

CT Scans and contrast injection .. Advice please?
Hiya, I am having a CT Chest/ Abdo with contrast and CT Pelvis with Contrast Xray examinations tomorrow. Can someone walk me through what the procedures involve please? I remember around 10 years ago having dye injected into my fallopian tubes and it hurt like crazy!!

Thanks :)
Additional Details
I have had high white blood cell count for a while now and suffer really bad night sweats so the hemotoligist (sp?) wants me to get this done.. is it just a needle in the arm for all body parts?

Dr Reem
CT isnt supposed to be painful. I dont think the contrast hurts more than the normal IV infusion. Are u sure it was contrast in the fallopian? Well that is also possible if there was some narrowing or something.

Anyways, to your question. . . IF the dye is being injected it would be trying to come to a diagnosis. In normal X-ray you cant tell much, same with CT. It gives alot of Info but injecting the Dye Highlights the areas where there can be blockades or narrowing.
They'll probably infuse & very quickly start taking off the pictures on the computer.
I think its being done to distinguish whether wat u complain is a problem in the abdomen or the pelvis if U dont have two seperate complaint.

Just wondering .. . wat complaint do u have?

dr H
Nothing like that they just put a small canula/needle in your arm and inject a dye into it. You wont even feel it

Hiyas Back,
both are not too bad I have to have them every 3 months due to cancer and the worst thing about them is the contrast (I'd rather chug down sewer water straight from the source haha) you have to drink the night before!! My hospital makes you drink 2 bottles one the night before one a few hours before the test and a cup when you get there for the test (seems they don't trust you haha). Anyway they just open an iv line and put you on the table in the machine and inject the dye in when they're supposed to. You run thru the machine a few times holding your breath for about 10-15 seconds each time so it can take nice pictures for the drs to laugh at and probably sell on Ebay. It all takes about 15 minutes once they get you all ready (the iv line open etc). It's not that bad really (course I'm not afraid of needles so I can say that). Good luck

Hi, I am a CT Tech so I will walk you through the typical cat scan. Number one thing. Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before. If you have something in your stomach, the contrast will make you sick. You may have to drink some oral contrast before your scan, if so you would already have been told that. The technologist will probably have you fill out a questionairre or will ask you a set of questions about medical history, allergies, etc. The technologist should also inform you of the risks associated with receiving the contrast. The technologist or a nurse will start an IV in your arm. You will lie on your back on the table and the table will move in and out of the gantry (donut-shaped tube) The IV contrast will be injected with an automatic injector, and the machine will begin scanning. The chest abdomen and pelvis can all be scanned with one injection. There may be a delay of a few minutes or so between the abdomen and pelvis, as it takes about 4 minutes for the contrast to reach your bladder. Whenever the scan is done, the IV will be removed and you will be able to leave. The injection will temporarily make you feel hot, like a hot flash, it may make you feel like you are peeing in your pants and it may give you a metallic taste in your mouth. These symptoms are normal and only last a few minutes. If you feel itching or trouble breathing, let the technologist know ASAP as this could be signs of an allergic reaction. Let me know if you have any questions.

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