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why are my eyes gooey?
this just happened today. and im sort of thinking it might be pink eye. but not sure, never had it before. i took a nap and when i woke up my eyes were all gooey and now its been going on all day. they're also watering like crazy. i dont wear lots of make up or anything and as soon as my eyes got gooey and watery i took off my make i was wearing. i just want to know if i should go to the doctors or not and what it might be.

Brandy M
That is pink eye. I had it when I was younger. It will cure itself. But be careful with your family and friends because it is HIGHLY contagious!

♥My lil Angel♥
It sounds a lot like pink eye. Try getting some eye drops for pink eye first before waisting a co-pay for a doctors visit. Just to be on the safe side. Is your eye getting kinda red? If so, it is pink eye. But try going to wal-mart or something and getting eye drops for pink eye. I would advise you to not wear any makeup until this is gone because if you do have pink eye and you apply makeup to the pink eye, you will have to throw all of your makeup away unless you wanna keep getting it back and forth. I've had pink eye a lot. Also, don't use other girl's makeup because that is another way to get it.

Hope this helps!

<3 Ash

Just Everheart
Congratulations! You have pink eye! Go to the doctor and get some medicated eye drops for your prize!

Metallica Fan
most of us are not doctors on here.... so please talk to a doctor
better safe than sorry
um why did a troll give me a thumbs down?
and i think the same person gave a thumbs down to that other person

Texas RN
If, when you pull your bottom eye-lid away from your eyeball, you see a "stringy" mucus, coupled with the watery eye, redness, and achiness...then chances are very good that you have pink eye. You would definitely need to go to the doctor for antibiotic drops. Also, if you have pink eye, be sure to throw away any cosmetics or contacts that have come in contact with your eye(s) because pink eye is HIGHLY contagious. Wash your pillow case and sheets if you happened to touch them to your eye as well.

If you wake up tomorrow and your eye(s) is glued shut, you have pink eye.Best to see a doctor.
It could be an eye infection of some sort..do you wear contact lenses? If so i would go to the eye doctor ASAP and not put the contacts in again until you go to the doctor. If it is the beginning of an eye infection from contacts, wearing them will only make it worse!
Or it could just be a bad reaction to your makeup (was it a new brand to you?) or were you wearing old Mascara? Old mascara is anything 3months or older. It could also be just plain old allergies.

Either way if your eyes aren't better by tomorrow see a doctor just to be safe. Hope you feel better soon! :)

Go to your doctor--you have conjunctivitis... misnomer - pinkeye... You can get an ophthalmic antibiotic salve for your eye and it should clear up almost immediately... You should toss any eye makeup that you have used recently--as this condition is highly contagious.

In the meantime...you can steep a teabag in boiling water...and when it cools...bathe your eye with the hot teabag...it will give you some temporary relief until you can see a doctor.

It's a very common condition and very contagious between people. You could've got it just about anywhere.

Starbucks Girl
ew! go be gross somewhere else no one wants to read about gooey pink eyes

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