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 i'm 14...so are contact lenses suitable for me?

 How High of a Prescription is This?
I have a -13.00 on both eyes. I cannot function without contacts/glasses. I can only see colors without it. I've always known I was pretty near sighted, but when mentioning it to a friend, she ...

 I'm blessed with very good eyesight, but i look really cute with glasses....?
i have great eyes, but i look really great with glasses. i know it would be stupid to get frames they don't magnify, but i'm just wondering if they make them, or what other ideas you people ...

 How can I get rid of eyeglasses?
I want to improve my eyesight and if possible get rid of spects/eyeglasses. I have myopia- -2.75(left), -1.25(right)
Additional Details
Plz.. I dont want lasik/lenses/surgeries..suggest ...

 I wear my contacts for fifteen hours a day, is that too much? Can I sleep with contacts in?
I was told I wear my contacts too long, but I don't know how long is too long.
Also, and you sleep with contacts in (in the event that I'm at a friends house, and I don't have any ...

 is it okay if i dont wear my eye glasses?
i cant wear contacts bc my eyes are so bad but i hate my glasses i been wearing them since i was 4 .so can i not wear them for a while? or would it make my eyes worse?
Additional Details<...

 I've ordered some glasses from online and I didn't know my eye size or my bridge so..?
Okay so as I stated above I've ordered some eyeglasses online and I didn't know my eye size nor did I know my bridge size, why? Because I have no perscription and I just wanted plano ...

 Bottled water as a substitute for contact lens solution?
I'm out of solution for my contact lenses to soak in for the night, and I can't get any more until the morning. I've read about the problems of soaking them in tap water, but since ...

 Eye Whitening?
I want something to whiten my eyes. I don't get red eyes, its just that they are not white, they are a bit off white to yello. I have looked at all my siblings and their eyes are as white as ...

 Is it hard to put on your contacts.?

 How long should an eye exam be?
I had an eye exam and contact fitting today at Target and they did the whole thing in about 20 minutes. The only reason I am concerned is because the doctor kept looking at his watch and the clock. I ...

 Do you think I need glasses?
Umm, well, in most of my classes, I cannot read the board. Its not blurry, but more gets harder to read. I thought an N on the board was an A, but they were lowercase. I could add more details if ...

 when i buy glasses do i have to pay for both of the lens and frames?
like at lenscrafter i want to buy this $183 glasses but then do i have to pay for the lens????
Additional Details
can i get my glassses at lenscrafter under 250$$$?? for both the LENS AN...

 Can you wear glasses that aren't your prescription?
I found some very nice glasses. When i wear them everything is very clear and my eyes don't get irritated or annoyed when i wear them. Is it safe to wear them even know I'm not sure if they&...

 How can I tell if I'm wearing 1 of my contact lenses inside out?
It feels fine but my vision isn't as sharp as when I wear glasses. Is that normal? I just got contacts, so I don't know....

 I took these pics of my eyes, and they look crazy. Why are my eyes so different from others? What's the deal?
I was bored (like usual) and I decided to take a pic of my eyes with my new camera. For some reason, even though its a 6.1mpx, its such high quality. Well, anywho, here are the pictures:


 Can you view an autostereoscopic device (3D without glasses, e.g. Nintendo 3DS) with only one working eye?
I'm blind in one eye, so I can't use normal 3D stuff like the blue-and-red glasses. I was wondering whether autostereoscopy (the stuff they're going to use on the 3DS etc.) would ...

 can dim vision be a symptom of eye fatigue?
I think I may have a bad prescription for my astigmatism because I've had ghosting vision that won't go away. I've recently also developed unequal pupils and dim vision however...can ...

 I accidently took a shower with my contacts on! PLZ HELP ME!!?
Ok so i ACCIDENTLY took a shower with my contacts on! After the shower I tried taking them off, but it wouldn't move off my pupil! It felt kinda dry, but it just wouldn't move! What do I do?...

 I can't get my contact lense out of my eye, please help!?
I put it in thsi morning to I could part my bangs the other way (I only require one for the right eye) but as soon as I put it in it started to bother me :(

I only wore them twice or so ...

jamie c
when i wake up i sometimes can't see out my right eye, all i see is bright green?

You must go to an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) for an eye-check.

Wow, this is very serious! Unless your room is only bright green on the right side or you have windows that a large tree is right out side of. You should have your eyes checked - they can tell if there is something in there and some eye checks can reveal tumors. If this checks fine you might want to consult your Dr and see if he can set you up for a CT scan to rule out any tumors. Best of luck to you in the future!

Nurse Answer Mama
See your eye doc, Immediately!

Hi. Although I have never heard of seeing bright green, I don't see out of my right eye when I first wake up because I have a muscle imbalance and it take around 10mins or so for my right eye to "turn on". However, my eye is turned very visibly outward when I first wake up. Does you eye wander or drift from the center?
At any rate, you should go see an opthalmologist ASAP. I have heard of retinal problems when people see white or star bursts, but maybe everyone see something different. Don't ignore it though!
Good Luck! Hope everything turns out fine.

to tell ya the truth...........
wow !! thats weird...
see a dr or at least stop sleeping on your fist, lol :)


Not an Optometrist, they can only prescribe glasses.

Alice K
You need to see an ophthalmologist--not an optometrist--as soon as you can get an appointment. This could be something serious.

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