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 How can I regain my eye sight as it used to be before I started wearing spectacles?
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 What can i do about my lazy eye?
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 my eye lashes keep falling out and into my eyes. I'm curious to know if they're all swimming around my cranium

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Does touching the colored part of your eye feel any different than touching the white part?
i can touch the white part of my eye..but not the green....

 Where do your tears come from?
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 eyes r dry...contacts...help?!?
well ive been to the eye doctor...w/e u call him
and ive tried a lot of contact brands: biofinity, night and day, dailies, acuvue 2, and acuvue advance
and all of them still make my eyes ...

 How does the contact lens fairness act work?
Ive had so many issues with the opiticians at a new doctors office I went to(including improper fitting, being overcharged, being pressured into buying contacts right away, being misscheduled twice). ...

 Is there really so called Perfect vision since 20/20 is considered normal vision?
I mean there might be people with very good miraculous vision, better than 20/15 and 20/10, as such is it correct when someone said 20/10 is perfect vision, or should it be termed as excellent vision?...

 Will my eyesight worsen with or without glasses?
When I first got glasses (I'm slighty nearsighted), I found that when I took them off, my eyes seemed worse for a little while. But then someone told me that if I don't wear them, my eyes ...

 Do I have an eye infection??
i accidently slept in my contacts when i woke u[ i had crrust all over my eye, and this green stuff like looked like snot was coming out..my eye burned REALLY bad to the point where I wouldnt even ...

 Are there any brandname eyeglasses that have the sizes that I'm searching for?
i'm looking for eyeglasses that have this size: 52/20 150
(lens == 52mm; bridge == 20mm; temple arm length == 150mm)

i've been searching and searching, but can't find ...

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 Color Changing Eyes and other questions concerning my eyes.?
First what causes eyes to change colors and does anyone know of any web sites that explain about this. Also is there any eye exercises that can help me correct my lazy eye and/or does anyone have a ...

 Free or discounted vision care?
i'm 46 and disabled with ssi. does anyone know how i can get assistance with vision? ssi doesn't provide that service....

 About how often should you change your contacts lens case?

ever e
what is the waste in our eyes every morning?

stuff that comes out of your eyes when your sleeping and dryes on the side of your eye? eww i dont know or care. just wipe it off and forget about it lol

Dried mucus and waste residue (from foreign particles) that, along with saline that cleanses our eye, pushes the foreign particles aside to cleanse the surface of the eye.

Or, as my father taught me when I was young, just another visit from Mr. Sandman...

Your choice!

Eye Boogers.

it comes from an organ in your eye called the plica semilunaris that makes a sticky fluid that collects any dust or pollen that goes in your eye. All the crap that goes in your eye is surrounded by the stuff. It happens while u sleep because your eyelids don't move and its the only way for your eye to clean itself.

... the sand man puts it there to help you sleep at night

It is a colloid chemical that hardens and collects under your eyes. It is essencially the same thing as those hard boogers in your nose. Hence the name eye boogers.


Rheum is a medical term for the natural watery discharge from the eyes, commonly known as sleepydust, eye boogers, or some derivative thereof, which forms a crust on the eyelids during sleep (contrast to mucopurulent discharge). It is formed by a combination of mucus (consisting of mucin discharged from the cornea or conjunctiva), tears, leaked blood cells, dead skin cells from the eyelids, and dust.

Normally, blinking causes this substance to be washed away with tears. The absence of this function during sleep, however, results in a small amount of dry rheum forming in the corners of the eyes even among healthy individuals.

Eric W
dried tears and other junk that was in eye

The organ plica semilunaris, located around the eye, secretes a sticky substance that collects dust/pollen that could be in your eye, obviously to prevent damage to the cornea. This is then transported outside of the eye and of course dries out to form the, er, 'sleep boogers'.

From another yahoo answers.

Tommy the cat
breakfast eyecheese

Taste of Sin♥
I don't know but it's gross watching people pick that off their eyes at school.

I think it's dry tears, eye liquid.

It is called sleep:

An organ called the plica (PLY-ka) semilunaris (sem-ee-LOO-ner-is), which is located around the eye for many years, this organ was thought to have no function. Eventually it was discovered that this organ has an important function after all.

In fact, it is the “crusty” factory. It secretes a sticky mass that collects any foreign materials such as dust or pollen. All this trash is surrounded by the sticky **** so that it does not scratch the sensitive cornea in your eye. Once the garbage is collected, the plica semilunaris “escorts” it out of the eye and that is what we find in the morning

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