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 My right eye is 20/20, but my left eye is not as good, what are some ways of fixing this?
My right eye is 20/20 but my left eye isn't as good. It's not horrible, but sometimes when I close my right eye and try to read something far away with my left eye, it's a little bit ...

 Is it okay to take a quick (20 minute) nap with contacts in?
Hihi- sometimes I get kinda tired and just wanna zonk out for 15 to 20 minutes. However, I just got contacts, and am unsure if that'd be okay or not.
I have soft lenses- they're 2-4 ...

 Why do I have white dots at the bottom of my eyes?
I have Hazel of greenish eyes but at the bottom of them there are these white dots, what are ...

 Where can I go to have a bionic retina transplant in the U.S.A.?

 My eyes change colour?
This is my eyes a week ago.................. http://s866.photobucket.com/albums/ab224…

And today they are .......... http://www.daveltd.com/photo/macro/eyes/…

Additional D...

 I got my eyes examed today, and my "optical pressure was boarderline high"?
I know that this can lead to glaucoma, so what can I do to lower my eye pressure, and how serious is this? It has me worried... I don't want to lose my sight. I am nearsighted, and my ...

 I need a web site for Ophthalmology exercises ?

 How much would it be to get a new lens for my glasses?
I dropped my glasses and on the left lens theres a big chip how much would it cost to get a new lens or to get it fixed?
Additional Details
And i also have the lenses that change color ...

 i just got acuvue colored contacts and i'm having a hard time trying to figure out which side is which?

Additional Details
there is no 123 on this one..i wish there was it would make it so much easier...still having a hard time. and would it be blurry on both sides? Why are the colored ...

 My Eye color might be changing.?
My eyes were dark brown since birth now I'm 27 and there brownish auburn ...

 Inflamed/Red Eye After Surgery?
Well... over the last 3 years I've been in and out of hospital for operations on my left guy, it all started when i was playing football (Soccer) and the ball hit me in the eye, over the months ...

 Is This eye vision bad and what is blind like what number?
mine got to -6.50 because of my height
Additional Details
um yes height does affect ur vision thats why i had a significant jump in my prescription thats what my doctor said because ur ...

 How do I fix my glasses?
I have these glasses made out of some metal with a glass ceramic covering it. I was playing soccer and did a header and the left piece broke off close to the lens. What is the best way to fix this?(...

 Does "AMERICA'S BEST" eyeglasses accept INSURANCE?
i need to get glasses but im not sure if they acept ...

 Okay, I'm still confused?
I'm trying to order contact lenses online. (No, I don't want to go through an optometrist because I want circle lenses.)
But I still can't figure out what's the difference ...

 This is a question for people who had PRK, NOT LASIK!!!!?
How bad did it hurt when the eye doctor removed your contact/bandage??

I don't think I can stand anymore pain..my eyes were on fire last night after the surgery..worse than childbirth ...

 I recently started seeing a shadow/reflections to the far right out of my right eye with or without glasses.?
Having never had vision problems before, other than wearing glasses most of my life(I'm 61), I just recently started see what I can only describe as shadows or reflections out of my right eye. T...

 Twitchy top lid of my eye?
The top of my eye has been twitching all day and it is doing my head in. My mum said that it is meant to mean something but she doe know what it means.

Can somebody help me? it is the top ...

 Is the age eleven to young to get contacts?

 I used my 1-day contacts for 3 days does that damage my eyes in any way?
i put them in a contact case thingy with that liquid they come in. i used it for 3 days because i ran out. Will it do anything to my eyes? Can i use them for more than 1-day?...

Life Maker
what's the lowest magnification you can get for over the counter non- prescription reading glasses?
I'm lookin' for a pair of glasses to help me read the tiny a$$ print in my textbooks, but I've got 20/20 vision and don't want anything too extreme. The textbook print always gives me and my buds a headache and eye fatigue because we have to squint and put our nose into these books because they're so old they look like someone peed in them.

I saw +1.25 at Shoppers, but I was wondering if there's anything weaker than that?

Yes. Weakest I've heard of is +0.50

I've never seen weaker than a + 1.00 in the ready mades. Try some other pharmacies , there should be some + 1.00 somewhere. I have them at my office so I know they are made.

Weaker ones exist -- I swear I've seen +1.00 somewhere. Probably a dollar store. I've never seen anything below +1, but it might exist.
I'm fairly sure that Shoppers Drug Mart never carries anything below +1.25, nor does Chapters or Sears or anywhere with the nice-ish ones. Lenscrafters also has ready-made ones, but I have no idea what powers and I imagine they're a bit more expensive.
I'll also follow this up with the obligatory "get your eyes checked" message -- you might have issues with eye coordination or other muscle strain that should be addressed with something other than reading glasses. Plus, if you're young enough to be a student, it's possible your provincial health plan will pay for the exam (with a valid health card) anyways.

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