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 Are my eyes grey or blue?
People normally tell me my eyes are blue, and never have i gotten they are grey. But I myself have seen in this pictures that they can be both. Never are they green.
So what would you say they ...

 Can I get a eyeglasses with frame even though I have perfect vision?
Ive ALWAYS wanted to have a eyeglasses with frame around it, I just LOVE the look and it looks SO good on me but I have a perfect vision. Do I have to take an exam to have a eyeglasses? Whats the ...

 What's the easiest way to take out contacts?
Yesterday, it took me 35 minutes to take out one contact in the eye doctors office, and at home I tried for at least 2 hours before giving up. People are calling me a "quitter" because of ...

 Anyone know why I see little light spots in my vision randomly?
Ok this is what I mean. I can randomly be focused on watching television or something else and all of a sudden this very tiny light spot just kind of gos by my vision and when I look to see it, it...

 So i recently bought glasses and..?
I just recieved them today, i was told by my siblings that i should wear them ALL THE TIME or my eyesight will detoriate?

I was wondering, if i REALLY HAVE TO. I'm VERY nearsighted ...

 what does pressure in the eyes mean?
i had an eyetest last weekend and she said that the pressure of my eyes was high and that i needed further test i should of asked but all i could think of is my eyes are gonna pop out of my head any ...

 Help! OPEN! !@#$%^&*()!@#$%^&?
I did those symbols to catch ur attention. =D Ok well anyways. I'm goin to a water park on thursday and I don't know if I should wear my contacts or glasses. I could like put on goggles or ...

 I need help!!!! Contact lenses question.?
I just got these blue contact lenses and they are giving me a hard time to put them on. Every time it get close to the colored part of my eye, my super long (and hard!) lashes start batting like ...

 I don't see as well with contacts as I do with glasses, is that normal?
I'm new to contacts and recently got fitted for them. The doctor measured my prescription, for glasses it was -5.50 for each eye. He then "converted" the prescription to contacts and ...

 Why do people raise their brow when they squint?
I see people bunch up the eyes all the time to see close - and I figure that is to lengthen the eye.

In which case, am I to assume that people who raise the brow are shortening the eye? <...

 What's wrong with my eye?!?
My right eye has been watering every morning for the past couple of months now especially when I put makeup on. And now for the past 3 weeks or so, there has been a bright red patch under my right ...

 colored contacts help!?
i have a slight astigmatism in one eye, and my mom said the doctor said i can't get colored contacts...? is this true...i have a feelin she just doesnt want me to get them haha, but if i did, i ...

 Im going to eye doctor and freaking out?? ?
Hello - I'm 13 and as I already stated in other questions I am a Glassesphobe. I'm having my first eye doctor appointment in a month, and if I get glasses I;m like gonna commit suicide. Can ...

 Her optometrist dilated her. I am worried for my pregnant friend. Will her babby be delivered out of her eyes?

 What colour are my eyes? (Read Description)?
Some people say I have blue eyes and some say I have grey eyes but I just wanted to ask and see what you guys thought. The ring around the edge is I kind of navy colour btw. Thanks xoxo


 contact Help????
well i was wandering how old you think you should be in order to get contacts...I have glasses and I am tired of them!! I really want contacts...thanx for any help!!...

 How much our lenses for glasses?
I have the frames I want, I just need to replace the prescription of the lenses. Whats the price range for lenses? My script is -4.75...

 I got punched in the eye and now have eye floaters.?
I got a black eye in a fight. About 5 days later the swelling is gone but I just have developed eye floaters. Should I worry or just wait a few days? Thanks....

 Specsavers - Prices?
How much does an eye sight test cost?
When I've looked, all I have found is how much glasses cost, not the test itself.

UK only.
Specsavers only.

Happy ...

 Contact soft contact lens solution help?
Help!! Instead of buying my normal ALL IN ONE contact lens solution for soft lens, i purchased Easy Sept Peroxide system in error, didn't know till i put in my eye this morning, stung like hell,...

is it okay to use eye wash instead of lens solution for storing contacts?

no way !

noooooooooooooo,it is not sterile

►◄The►◄ ►Answers◄ ►◄Girl►◄
No, it is not sterile and will damage the plastic.

Despite everyone's assertion that it is not okay, it can be. As long as the solution you are using is saline (99.1% water, 0.9% NaCl), you're fine.

Despite the fact that many solutions you buy on the market contain other things to clear your contacts even further and remove protein, pure saline does the job fine as long as you wash your contacts off and rub them a bit. I wouldn't recommend doing it for a prolonged period of time, but doing so a few times won't do any harm.

In cases where I've needed to take out my contacts but haven't had any solution with me, I've more than once put in a tiny pinch of salt into a container the size of contact lens carriers. Doing so worked fine.

Just make sure you don't put anything like common Visine (no NaCl in it) into your storage container. It will shrivel your contacts up as the salt in them tries to balance its concentration with the surrounding solution.

Also, for those who are saying that eye wash doesn't kill bacteria, you are wrong. Salt does kill bacteria, even in a small quantity such as that found in saline. It's not as effective as a contact lens solution, but it won't cause any harm if you do it for a while. People used to use pure saline for the contacts, anyway.

Only if you are looking at wanting an eye infection soon. Eye wash is usually just sterile saline. Eye solution is meant for contacts and cleans the bacteria off of them if you rub the lenses

Blue Rain
No, do not do that.

For the most part, NOOOO...it won't kill the bacteria and remove the layer of lipid/protein. So, the next time you put them in, they won't be comfortable and you will more prone to eye infections.

It would be okay just to store them so that they don't dry up then before you put them back into your eyes, put them in the contact solution for the time required for it to get disinfected.

Never, it can cause infections and its not sterile, contact solution cleans and hydrates your contacts, it cleans any build up on your lenses, and cleans the bacteria on them.


No, most definately not. Contact lens solution has ingredients in it that will clean and disinfect your contact lenses, whereas the eye wash does not. If you have already used it to store your lenses as a one off then store them in the proper contact lense solution before putting them in your eyes, this will disinfect them.

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