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 Whydoesdry eye cause pain?
HHi there
happy new year!!!!

Can any body tellme why does a dry eye cause intense pain???

What isthe solutionfor this??


 Doctor says I have conjunctivitis?
My doctor says I have pink eye but I beg to differ. He prescribed me some Vigamox Antibiotic eye drops yesterday but I honestly don't think I need them. I checked my eye this morning and it ...

 My contact lens ripped; can i still wear it?
okay so i bought 14 day contact lenses; and so they gave me 3 packs of contact lenses to wear over the span of 14 days.
Now i'm still on the first pair but i put the second and third ones ...

 do they make contacts for nearsided people?
i want contacts because im going into highschool next year and i dont like wearing my glasses, so i was wondering if they made contacts for nearsided/farsided people i dont know which one i am i ...

 If I wear my contacts continuously, will it fuse with my eyes?
I don't think I have removed my contacts for almost 8 months now....

 What are the medical reasons you would need longer eye lashes?
I am visiting my ophthalmologist soon and would like some of that new FDA approved drug that makes your eye lashes grow, but I don't want her to think I just want them because I am being vain. W...

 how can i get an eyelash out of my eye..?
my eyeslashes are blonde...and hard to see and i cant get it out of my eye and its bugging me!!!!
Additional Details
to all trolls : kiss my @$$!!!!...

 Do I need glasses? Maybe I'm nearsighted? ?
In the PAC at my school, I'll stand in the tech boot and look towards where the stage lights hang, and I can't see the light numbers and everyone else can.
Also, in English my seat is ...

 What would this do to my eyes?
I sit at the back of the class and I have -1.50 and .50 cylindrical in both eyes and recently I have not been using the glasses to read the board. (my nose hurts when I wear them, sinusitis, prolly) ...

I'm 18 year old and I'm short sized since my 13, could anyone give me advice where i can do a surgery? is it painful? can i do it? how much does it cost?

Please I really do not ...

 Im getting laser eye surgery tomorrow and I have a chesty cough....?
Dont think its an infection but it could be one starting. Does this mean I
should not get it done? Why does it matter?
Additional Details
I dont know but it does ...

 I don't like my eye color, what's a spell I can do to change the color?
Ok, so I want to change the color of my eyes. Does anyone know a good spell to do so I can change them?

 What it the best thing to do without glasses?
Well sometimes I'm in school and the teachers have a set seating arrangement and sometimes im at the back of the class. And i forgot my glasses (I have short sight 2.25 if that helps) and to see ...

 For the last couple of nights I've been using a sleep mask - and now I can't see properly!?
My vision is all blurry. I woke up a couple of hours ago but I still can't see properly. The same happened yesterday.
I have work in a couple of hours. How can I make my sight go back to ...

 how can i stop my eyes from being so red?
My eyes are always really red.
It's mostly the veins on them that always get a really dark red. They're like it when i wake up, and they've been like it forever.
I've ...

 How do I get rid of my eye floaters?
I am a big outside person, and they are very annoying. i'm only 12, and i don't want to deal with these for the rest of my ...

 Can i go swimming with my contact lenses on?
i just got my pair of contacts just last december and i am afraid to swim with them or even bathe with it while in the shower. please help......

 How can i put eye drops in without blinking and missing the eye?
I had an eye infection that has recently returned and now have more eye drops but i can't stand using them, everytime i try to put them in i blink and miss!
does anyone know an easy way ...

 is there any Vitamins for eyes?
hei guys im 16 years old and my visions are getting weak,this happen because i use my computer so much for about 4-3 hours everyday and some times longer.... i was wandering is there any vitamins for ...

 Why do I get headaches when I where my contacts?
As soon as I put my contacts in I get an instant headache and I become really tired. Why is this and is there anything I can do to prevent this?
Additional Details
I had an eye exam just ...

is it harmful to use visine every day? if so, why???
i use the visine for allergies and have been using it 1 to 4 times a day for years and someone told me recently that it is very bad for you.....????

sure, it's not good for you.
You might want to ask your doctor about restasis, I heard it really helps.
I've used refresh before - because I have contacts, my eye doc said the contact formula and the regular formula are the same, so you might want to give that a try if you're looking for something good that's OTC

Eye drops with preservatives can irritate your eyes if you use them too often. If you need to use eye drops every day, you should try to find the individually packaged ones without the preservatives in them.

Joan H
Try Artificial Tears, I wouldn't think it would be good to use visine that often.

yes, its bad for you:


Visine is not recommended by eye doctors because it contains chemicals that constrict your blood vessels - making it appear that your eyes are less red. Over time this chemical can cause rebound redness which is often worse than the eyes were before.
Other drops that are great are systane and refresh tears. These and the drops mentioned above are perfectly safe for continuous use as often as you like.

Yes extended use of visine and similar products is not good for your eyes. Visine does not fix any problems, it just temporarily masks the redness in your eyes by constricting the blood flow.
Vasoconstrictors like Visine cut off the much needed blood flow and can cause some serious problems with prolonged and excessive use. Also those who excessively use visine are actually making their eyes worse.... using it too much will actually cause your eyes to be red all the time and the visine will not help you anymore..... you need to speak to your doctor/eye doctor about your eyes and allergy issues to see what they would recommend for you. I would seriously recommend you discontinue use of any vasoconstrictor product and see a doctor :)

http://www.drugs.com/mtm/Visine.html (scroll down to "What is the most important information I should know about Visine"
Good luck! :)

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