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 Do you think i should have contact lenses?
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It's odd, I can do this easily. I wear contacts (near sighted) and this is a task I could do since before I can remember. What is it? Why does this happen? Am I alone?...

 Eye floater problem?
I have a few eye floater in my eye. I consulted my ophthalmologist abt them and he said that they r harmless but i should report to him if there is any sudden increase in their number.
When i ...

 Does anybody know of a place where you can get an exam and glasses at a reasonable price?

i am getting contacts and i have a few questions...
1. does it take a while to get used to them? how long?
2. does it hurt once they are in for the first time?
3. is it hard to put ...

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 I popped a blood vessel in my eye...?
can I still wear contacts?
Additional Details
Thank you to all, but I found out my vessel wasnt popped. Tomato girl, it does seem like people do care right?...

 glasses or contacts. whats better? why?
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Ive wanted contacts for a while now. I was wondering if anyone has had problems with theirs, or if they had any reasons a person shouldn't get them?...

 I might get contacts in the summer, and..?
Tell me how contacts feel!!
best and worst things about them?
bad experiences with them?
would they be alright for a 13 year old girl like me?
tell me everything i need ...

 how often should you get an eye test?
I usually get my eyes tested once each year but they are getting worse all the time it feels....

 How old do you think kids should be to get contact lenses?

 when should i get new glasses?
i got mine like a year ago at the end of summer (8th grade now)
a few months ago i got my eyes checked. the doctor said that it changed a little. and sometimes i see blurry with my glasses on.<...

i have a spec of dirt or something in my eye. how do i go about getting it out? or will it naturally work out?

Jake always gets things in the top part of his eye.

usually it will work itself out but you can try this also:
take you index finger and start on the outside corner of your eye then lightly run your finger from one side of your eye(outside) to the other side(inside) and repeat. -that moves the item the the other side of your eye which is the side easiest to leave without scratching your eye
you also may have a scratch on your eye but dont worry eyes heal quickly
good luck!

There are many things ur can do....
if its dirt blink a lot. if that dosent work throw some warm water in your eyes and ee if that makes a difference. u can also just try to pull it out....if its really bother some use eyedrops specialized ffor stufff like tat

First try pulling your upper lid down over the lower lid, as far as you can.
This may dislodge it. Maybe several tries.

If not, you need help.
Have someone take a Q-tip and roll your upper lid onto it. This should visually expose the culprit. They can flick it out with another Q_tip.

If it is embedded into the lid, you may need to see an ophthalmologist.
Glass ot metal will need medical attention.

just blink a lot. :p

u can dip your head in water bucket

and open your eyes

Do in like this for 4 to 5 times

if any thing is there, in side the eye it will go

Don't ever put anything in your eyes, this includes your finger. This can cause more harm than good. I recommend you flush your eye out. If this doesn't help, then you've probably scratched your cornea. Not much you can do if you have, time will heal it. Your eye is the fastest healing organ in your body. It can regenerate in about 24 hours! If it's still bothering you after a few days, see an eye doctor.

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