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 My optician refered me to the Moorfield clinic.?
It seems that the presure in the right eye is high. I have been prescribed Travatan (travoprost). One drop in my eye every night. What will be the effect? will it cure my condition?....

 Vision get worse from wearing glasses?
lets say your just slightly near sighted like I was apparently cause of a astigmatism. Dose wearing glasses or contacts cause your eyes to get lazy thus making your sight that much worse when your ...

 Is There Any Way to Improve/Worsen You Eyesight? If you are shortsighted at -2.5?

 Ive heard about this teqnique to help you see better without glasses called palming- can someone explain it.?
palming is when you put your hands over your eyes and close them. its so no light gets in. also its sopposed to stop strain, and slowly help your eyes heal if you do it for long periods of time. when ...

 Thinking about getting contacts----?
Do they hurt? How do you keep them clean? what things do i need to know about them... first pair....

 if we had flat eyes...?
would far objects appear at the same size as if it was near,
or would we realize the dimensions ?...

 Change your eye color hypnosis?
I found this little thing online but i do not have the money to be ordering it. Can i just download the sessions off of limewire. And if i can what would it be called because i cannot find it on ...

 scared of putting in contact lenses and taking them out....?
i've wanted contacts for like 5 years but still cant touch my eye very well. i can touch the outside of the white part but thats IT. i'm supposed to be getting them in a few days...am i ...

 When people die with their eyes open do their eyes look up?
my grandaddy dies and in the picture i seen his eyes was open and looking up and his mouth was open ...

 Contact lens question! I'm at my wit's end!?
This protein build up is killing me! They're clean when I insert them, but within maybe 2 hours, they're foggy! Before I go back to my eye doctor, does anyone know any way to prevent or ...

 ever look through a microscope and see little clear dots moving around?
i see clear dots moving around, and that is not the thing i am looking at, it looks as though they are from my eye. I have a feeling that this is the same dots that somone sees when they get knocked ...

 Dark Warp things in my vision?
Help me!! I am sooo scared!! For about 4 years, I noticed that when I look at the sky or an light colored object, I see little dark colored warpiing shapes in my eyes. I notice it more when I'm ...

 What is going on with my eyesight?!?!
This may sound silly.. but I wear contacts, and I've noticed that when I take them out, my vision is extremely blurry. It seems like the more I wear them, the worse it is. Is it possible that ...

 Birmingham Laser Eye Surgery? Lasik in Birmingham?
I am seeking Birmingham Laser Eye Surgery from Optical Express.

Does anyone know what is the closest eye surgery location to me?

Also are these procedures safe for everyone? ...

 Uneven eyes: one creased, one not creased?
I have uneven eyes, one eye lid is creased, and the other eye lid is not creased
This makes one eye smaller than the other.

I've heard about some tape or something you can put ...

 What exactly causes a sty in one's eye?
Also, any good remedies for them (besides a doctor)? Thank you!...

 When you close your eyes, are you looking at the inside of your eyelids?
In other words.. what exactly happens when you close your eyes?...

 How many hours a day should I wear contacts?
I used to wear them about 18 hours a day everyday but I got GPC from wearing them too long. I just got glasses to wear so that I can take my contacs out sooner. How long should I be wearing them ...

 How can I improve my eyesight?
I've started wearing glasses 2 years ago and go to have check-ups every 6 months. Every time I go to the opticians it seems my eye-sight keeps getting worse . I would really like it if the next ...

 How common is it to have?
hazel eyes?
im the only one in my family with them..
my mom has blue eyes and my dad has brown..
my eyes are mostly green... with a hint of light ...

big A
how much money does an eye doctor make a year?
I'm interested in becoming one but I want to know how much on average they make a year.

Go to salary.com and enter the requested information. It depends on where you live and whether you're one that can perform surgeries on eyes and prescribe medications for them (ophthalmologist) or one that just prescribes glasses and can do a basic eye exam (optometrist)

So far, both answers are wrong...it does depend on what part of the country you work in and how good you are, like any other profession. OPTOMETRISTS CAN PRESCRIBE DRUGS, TREAT DISEASE, AND DO MINOR SURGICAL PROCEDURES!!!! Now that i got that off my chest, average starting salary is roughly 80,000, but depending on if you own your own practice or not, the sky is the limit. I am an optometrist for 5 years now, employed by another optometrist. I make with benefits about 150,000, where the owner makes 3 times that. this is not normal, but very possible if you work hard. Hope this was helpful!

good job dr lennox. its a common misconception that is shamefully promoted by ophthalmologists that optometrists "just prescribe glasses". optometrists in literally every state can and do rx oral and topical drugs and treat any and all eye disease short of invasive eye surgery like cataract extraction. everyone should be going to an optometrist for literally every eye problem, unless they know that they need invasive eye surgery.

optometrist = primary eye care physician
ophthalmologist = eye surgeon

the vast majority of eye care can be and should be done by an optometrist.

i make $125k working for another optometrist. but my starting salary 7 years ago at my very 1st job was about $70k. surgeons (ophthalmologists) generally make more.

Nurse Annie
An optometrist makes anywhere from $72,000 up to $94,000 a year. An ophthalmologist makes anywhere from $97,000 up to $200,000 a year.

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