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 Does opening your eyes underwater in a pool cause eye damage?

 what would happen if u were wearing crazy looking contact lenses & then you got really high & ur eyes dialated

 Pupils always dilated?
For some reason, unless I'm in very strong sunlight, my pupils are always very large. This is irritating for 2 reasons:
1), people often assume I'm on drugs when I'm not
and ...

 the irises in my eyes have both developed a crescent shaped dull area along the top edge. What can this be?

Additional Details
I'm in my early 40'...

 Dry eyes from Lasik?
I am hearing from people that their eyes are sandy dry after surgery of lasiks. Even after an year. Is this true? If i get lasik, my eyes will always become dry?...

 Whats up wihm my eye?
I was just sitting here, watching a movie and suddenly the bottom lid of my left eye starting to like twitch. IT doesn't hurt or anything, its just really bothering me because i have to blink a ...

 How much do monthly contact lenses cost with insurance?
I just got contact lenses today, and I love them. I was just wondering how much I will have to pay.

I have vsp insurance
They are soft, monthly clear lenses
I get them at Pearle ...

 i think i got water in my contacts.?
so i took a shower with my contacts because i was to lazy to take them out, and i think i got a little water in them.

is this okay?
can i still use my contacts?

p.s. my ...

 does medicaid pay for eye contacts?
Additional Details
does medicaid pay for the exam for your ...

 i went to the eye doctor and my eye feels weird but the dotor says it looks fine?
1 of my eyes have been bothering me for a couple days i went to the doctor and she said everything looks fine what could it be? i feel like a pressure sort of its hard to ...

 What colour do Transitions Lenses come in? Do they come in black?

 Eye Damage from IPL treatment?
I got an IPL treatment for roseaca back in December, ever since then when I turn my left eye to either side I see black dots. The technician did press the laser against my goggles (don't know ...

 Is everybodys provivial (sp) vision different?
Damn I don't even know if thats the right word. What I mean is the vision that allows to see things that were not looking straight at, is everybodys the same or different?...

 my both eye has -4 and -4 glasses number so i really very unconfortable how can i remove my glasses?

 Contact Lens Help ?
I getting a new pair of contact lens soon . i want to know is there things to be aware of ? like not to wear it during sleeping or showering . what else should i be aware of ? i am getting a monthly ...

 What should I do about a blood spot on my eye?
I was trying to take a contact out yesterday and I think I poked my eye too hard. It doesn't hurt or anything, it's just an unsightly red spot. Is it anything I should be concerned about, ...

 anyone bought the rebuildyourvision program??????
please email me on
cuz i have troubles please help........

 I currently have iritis. Will some of these floaters go away when the iritis clears?
I was also diagnosed with Adie's pupil and corneal edema. There is also some blood vein growth in my eye that I am getting checked out.

Thankfully this is only in my right eye. At ...

 What was wrong with Sterling Sharp"s eye last week?

 What happens if i touch my eye three days after lasik surgery?

justin r
how do u get rid of lazy eye?

Cool Dogg Ringer
I can't help you or yourself because it will be there for the rest of your life.

Sorry, you can't. It lasts all your life.

:) KmH (:
I read somewhere that if you cover you lazy eye and play video games for about an hour, it can get rid of or at least help. It's worth a try! Good Luck!!

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