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 If I zoom-out the text in the webside, will it prevent me from getting the myropia?
It just like looking far distance stuff....

 Soothe XP, Systane, Optive?
I used to be a chronic user of Opcon-A (redness reliever drops) and recently quit them cold turkey about a week ago to help end this rebound redness mess that I got myself into.

For now I ...

 Contacts Prescription Question?
I wear glasses, I don't really remember my prescription for them but I have to wear them full-time, from when I wake up to when I sleep.
I really want these contacts:


What happens when you wear a 1 day or a 2 week contact lense for more than the date it suggests. Like if you wore a 1 day contact lense for a week or a month....

 can you get better vision than 20/20 if you get lasik surgery?
just what it ...

 How do we know if everyone sees the same colours?
I know this may sound like a stupid question but I was curious. We catagorize our colours but how do we know if each individuals sees different or same colours? because we were taught to label them ...

 Do contact lenses make your eyes worse?
My dad said I can't get contact lenses because it will leave scratches on my eye and i will not be able to have laser eye surgery. Is this true?? (i'm 15 boy). I've been wearing ...

 Ok so i lost my contact case and i don't have a spare?? what can i put it in?
I lost my case..And it has one of my contacts in ,but i need to take this other one out..
but what do i put it in? and is it okay to leave it in open air?...

 Can I rub my contacts for better cleaning when using a non rub solution?
Will it hurt any thing to rub the lenses with a no rub solution? I am pretty sure my eye doc said to rub them to get them clean no matter the solution, I just wanted to check....

 Why are eye floaters so ugly?

 why after wearing contacts i see more red veins in my eye?
why after wearing for a few hrs i start to c a build up in red veins which disappear shortly after i remove them
Additional Details
No, its not allergy for sure
the build up is only ...

 where can i get a free eye exam in the bay area?

 How do opticians re-tint sunglasses?
I got my lenses done yesterday and they came out a lot lighter/different color than I asked for and expected.. They said they would re-tint them to make them darker.. I am just curious how that ...

 Is switching contact fluid safe?
I have always used Renu but now I'm considering using the generic, is it safe to switch without a doctors consent?...

 I damaged my eyes from the sun, and now I am seeing things?
Oh, and also, my eyes get tired very easily too because of this.
Additional Details
A week ago, I was out in the sun for a few hours and the sun was really super bright. Since then, ...

 sleeping in extended wear lens do ur eyes get red when u wake up?
when sleeping over night in extended wear r ur eyes red when u wake up?
do i have to put eye drop before i sleep?...

 Can your eyes change colour?
Is it possible for your eyes to actually change colour? Is it also true that all babies are born with blue eyes? (even non- Caucasian babies???)...

 need help ASAP with contacts?
hey everyone i really need help with putting contacts in. I can't do it no matter what. I seriously sat there for an hour trying to put them in but coudn't. please if anyone has any tricks ...

 What si This Thing On My Eye When I Pinch It?
i dont pinch hard very lightly it feels like almost a contact lense popped out a tiny bit but falls back to palce what is that? am i going to go blind cause i did that im scared now =[...

 What do blind people see?
Some of you might say, "They don't see anything at all." others might say, "Darkness/Black".

So the only way to know for sure is:
If you were once blind and ...

do color contacts come in one size or they have diffirent size to fit all people s eyes?thx?

~*Baby Girl born in June!*~
Coloured contacts are mass produced. They generally range in a "medium" diameter to fit everyone. You can only get specific diameters for coloured contacts made in a lab , but were talking big money...and generally that option is only available to people who have a problem-like someone who is born without an iris or has had damage done to it. (the iris is the coloured part).

Chanse B
The size of contact lenses depends on the brand name that you are prescibed for. Your eye dr will pick the brand that best suites the size that you need.

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