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 what eye wear can i help to stopmy eyes getting sore when using the computer ?
i using it lots for study and ...

 What are the odds of two different colored eyes?
I have two different colored eyes and I just wanted to know what the statistics are of that. My dad says one in a million, but I think it's less than that...what do you say?...

 Just bought coloured contacts (non prescription)?
I dont believe they come with solution and im not sure how to look after them. what do i need to buy ?and what do i have to do with them in order to look after them??
Additional Details

 why do I have Light green eyes. Opticians!!?
hey, okay so im kinda hoping a doctor answers this, my question is why is it that i have light green eyes when my mom has blue eyes yet my dad has brown eyes and like i came out with really light ...

 What are the risks and complications of LASIK, also Does LASIK eye surgery safe, and ?
Does it really that you don't need eye glasses anymore and What is the advice from people doing LASIK eye surgery do it or not PLEASE i'M SO CONFUSED ABOUT THAT and i really need your help. ...

 Are having "floaters" (the little things that you can see in your field of vision) dangerous?
I mostly notice them when I look at a white screen or a wall. I first noticed them years ago, but the eye doctor said not to worry too much, that unless it worsened, that it didn't signify ...

 Why did my glasses prescription change so fast?
I am 25 years old. I have been wearing -4.00 in both eyes for about 5 years. About 2 years ago I went for an eye exam and the optometrist said that I was now -4.25 in both eyes. Regardless, I did ...

 Did you already have the "Swine Flu" this season?
What was it like for you and how did you battle it? If you weren't vaccinated against it, would you have been if you knew you were going to get the flu?...

 Contact Lenses?
Well im thinking of getting contact lenses and i need to know if theyre better than glasses, and will they fall off...? You see I play soccer...and would I be able to use them while playing, could ...

 How much does 4 hours of gameplay affect someone's eyes?
My dad has been telling me about this for a long time now because he weares glasses and says that it feels horrible not being able to see properly. I play a lot of videogames everyday for about 4-5 ...

 Are glasses or contacts better?
My dad says I need glasses. My eyes aren't that bad together, but I have to have really big writing to read with only my left eye. I can read up close though, but lets say, I sit half way back ...

 Is there a such thing as eye cancer?

 How can I get past the fact that I'm nearsighted at the local pool?
Basically, I can't see a thing without my glasses/contacts. This becomes an issue when we go swimming at the local pool, because I'm required to take them off in order to swim. It gets ...

 Help! I think I saw a worm in my eye?
1st, i didn't look into a mirror and see it, i actually saw it in my field of vision sliding from the top of my eye ball down to the bottom.

2nd I dont wear and have never ...

 I lost my contact lens and then found it dry and shriveled up, what can I do to make it back to normal?
I've tried putting solution on it and it's only going back to it's crumpled position. Will it go back to normal after a night in solution? Or should I replace it?
Additional D...

 Wearing eyeglasses at the beach?
This is my first summer wearing eyeglasses all the time. They are the kind that turn to sunglasses which is good but what do I do with them at the beach if I want to go in the water or lay out and I ...

 Why and how do the pupils of your eye change size?

 contact lenses gone wrong?
my lenses is nuts. i been wearing contacts for about a year now. didn't have problems starting till recently as in months ago. its seems my vision get blurry when i just put it into my eyes. ...

 how come my eyes are itchy like 10 times everyday?
im thinking its my hair.. because its probably "poking" my eyelids making it itchy, and whenever i rub them REALLY hard, well u kno that red spot on ur eye, near ur eye boogers? yeah ...

 should i apply eye drops when wearing contacts?
trying out contacts for the first time... would eye drops be a good or a bad thing?...

could needing glasses cause dizziness???
Ive been feeling dizzy for about the last month, and my eyes have also been kind of tired feeling, or strained. Ive been to the doctors and they said my dizziness isnt serious or anything, they just think it could be vertigo, but that doesnt seem to be going away. Ive always had good vision, but recently i have noticed that things seem a little blurry. Please help me, i want to know whats wrong with me. Could i need glasses??

That sounds about right, I'd suggest seeing an eye doctor. You could also test your vision right now, cover up one eye and stand a certain distance from an object (perhaps a clock) and see if you can read the time with one eye covered then switch.

Mr. monkey
this sounds a lot like my situation. I'm an air force cop, and we have to fire a rifle every year, well, ive always gotten 40 out of 40, but then i failed with a 17 of 40 because my eyes were tired. i too was feeling dizzy all the time and all i wanted to do was rest my eyes. i went to an eye doctor for the first time in my life and he said that even though i have great vision I'm still far sighted. the muscles in my eyes control the lens and fix the problem through the day, but now they are weakening. this means my lens won't stay the right "size" without strain. Get some glasses, even if its just for reading, it helps. promise.

Ta-Zu (&Miku)
It's possible.
You may need glasses just to get rid of headaches.

My oldest sister's numberthing is literally -.25 and she only wears them because she gets headaches sometimes from her eyesight...

Collin Y
yes you could seeing in blurry is always a sine of glasses

most definately

eye strain

Deffinitely. Your eyes feel strained and your vision is blurry - those are two signs of needing glasses. Go to an eye doctor and find out. That's really all you can do.

I've had glasses all of my life.
Ever since I was about 8 years old
But I have to get my prescription renewed every year.
and every year when i go to get my prescription renewed they give me a questionaire type of thing.
And they list a bunch of things that you can check off like headaches and lightheadedness.
And dizziness is definitely on the list.
So I'm guessing it could have to do with your eyesight.
You might want to go get your eyes checked.

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