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 Why do so many people wear goggles in the tanning bed?
I see a lot of tanned woman with white rings around their eyes!

I don't have those white rings around my eyes because I never wear tanning goggles....

 Glasses wearers/optometrists/anyone:?
What are the advantages of using a glasses cleaning solution?...

 Is Lasik Eye surgery safe???!?!?!?
im 13 years old and i wear glasses and i dont want to wear it the rest of my ******* life i dont want contacts either . Tell me all the things about lasik eye surgery the disadvantages and the ...

 where can i buy cheap prescription contacts on line without Dr. consent?
i wear freshlook contacts and i have been for a year so by now i should go to the doctor and get my next check up. but my vision is doing fine so instead of paying another $300 on them telling me ...

 Glasses? Too all who have glasses or contacts!?
I've been having problems seeing. Like if i stare at the computer screen too long it gets blurry. and when i read too much i get a headache and feel dizzy and its kinda blurry. and if i stare at ...

 Eye Glasses help or not?
Will eye glasses make your eye vision better,yea but it can get worse...now the question is...if i am wearing them all the time...will the diopter get smaller?...

 Please Answer, My Symptoms Are...?
-High Fever (Sweats,Chills And Hallucinations)
-Headaches (Fever Probably)
-Bald Patches On Arms And Legs.
-Anaemic (Pale Complexion)
-Worse When Lying Down (T...

 To people who wear contacts is it ok if you put your contacts in water?
if you dont have your contact cleaner ...

 Can I shower while wearing my contacts?

 My eyes are yellow colored?
I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror and my eyes had sort of a yellowish tint to them. Not the iris but like the whites of the eyes. Is it some sort of dietary thing? Like am I eating too ...

 do i have retinal detachment, gray shadow creeping down over left eye's vision?

 What does it mean when you stand up and you see black gradually goes across your eyes?
Every time I get up, it happens. I feel light headed, and I feel really weird and I just want it to go away. It happens every time I get up fast, and if I get up real slowly, it doesn't happen.<...

 Can the eye prescription change like this?
My glasses were +0.25 and -0.25 (prescribed two years back) but as i broke them i went to get a new pair and doc said the power is -0.5 for both the eyes. As you see, I have very mild powered glasses ...

 is it harmful to use visine every day? if so, why???
i use the visine for allergies and have been using it 1 to 4 times a day for years and someone told me recently that it is very bad for you.....????...

 Is there ANY risk of blindness in LASIK surgery?
Even 1%
Well i am myopic and my numbers are in negative ( -4.0), so does it support correction of negative numbers?...

 Which is better to wear to a theme park, glasses or contacts?
Last time I went to one I wore my glasses and had to take them off before every ride and it sort of killed the fun because I couldn't see anything but now Im really paranoid my contacts will ...

 is it okay to go into a pool with contacts on?
i might go swimming but idk if i can go into the pool with my contacts on....

 me and her made eye contact?
i went to the game friday night. me and this girl made eye contact about 3 or 4 times threw the course of the game. i also see her staring at me at lunch at school. what should i ...

 small white spot type thing on bottom rim of my eye - what could it be?!?
i am getting married in two weeks - it had better go by then or at least not turn into anything bigger and nastier lol!!...

 Who's luckier out of the two of us?
My boyfriend and I have been arguing violently over which one of us is luckier. So: who's right?...

Katie K
am i near or far sighted ?
kk my perscription is positive ... +1.25 i think . umm does that mean im near or far sighted ?? see far and cant see close , or can't see far but can see close ?

Farsighted means you see well far but not near. And nearsighted means you see well near but not far to put simply.

u have far sightness. in ophthalmology we call it as hyperopia. u are more comfort to see far because it needs little accomodation, but if u're trying to see near u have to accomodate more. people with hyperopia have problem because the image are located infront of their retina, so they have to accomodate-normal person NOT if see object at far place-it will need more effort to see ini near because needs more accomodation



Ceryl W
I am nearsighted and can't see far. You are the opposite to me and farsighted - can't see near. Complicated!

You are farsighted. You can probably se near and far clearly.
In hypermetropia the image does not focus in front of the retina as some ophthalmological office workers believe. It may come to a focus behind the retina or on the retina.

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