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 My Left Eye is Blurry?
Well my left eye is blurry, and i thought it was from the computer at first, but now its like overall blurry &&i can only see distance, and barely read w. it.
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 Do (eye) floaters go and come back?
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 I hate my glasses!!!?
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What REAL/AUTHENTIC websites sale freshlook contacts or baush & lomb contacts? (not prescribed)
And does anybody know if I could buy non prescribed contacts from an eye doctor place?
If ...

 When were color contacts invented?

 Is it impossible to improve your vision naturally?
i dont think it ...

 can putting honey in your eye cause blindness?
ive heard it is a good natural remedy to clean the eye and lighten the color?

is this true or can it cause blindness?

like is it bad for your eye or good?/...

 Will I go blind if my eyesight keeps worsening?
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 Is it a dangerous thing to have many eye floaters?
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 I am seeing circles around all lights, does anyone know what this is?
It started this morning when i was walking to go mow a lawn and now i am seeing it everywhere outside. My parents think it might be astigmatism but I don't know if it is that or not. Please ...

 how to make a Gunnar glasses?
i'm about to order my own optical glasses, so what is specific in the gunnar glasses? is it just the yellow color?...

 Help!! Hit with green laser pointer in eye! I don't know what to do!!?
On Monday I was hit with a green laser pointer in my left eye from a very close range(probably 1-2feet away) It was only for about a second of exposure.

Im not exactly sure but my eye ...

 I have mild to moderate keratoconus. I am wearing glasses at the moment and finding reading a bit difficult?
I have found that when i put an old glasses lens over my glasses i am able to see my PC screen a lot easier and the letters are sharp. Does this mean that i have the wrong prescription glasses? or is ...

 Eye masters, any one else think they sell junk?
It is my first time going to eye masters. I bought two pair for me and one for my wife. Two pair had the ear piece fall, break off. One the screw stripped out and the other pair broke by the joint. ...

 Are there any chances of vision damaging if we read in a moving bus or train?
specially for people using specticals....

 my eyes are strange answers quick?
hey out there i have a question well as we all no eyes r important but my pupils go like big at times and sometimes they go small but once they stayed big all day and they still do that sometimes it ...

 Why do people blink even when their eyes are closed? If you close your eyes right now you will blink.?

 about how much does standard lasik eye surgery cost?

King Ghoulardi
Will "sun"glasses with bright yellow lenses help or hurt my vision while driving at night?
I know a little about psychophysics and vision, and am aware that yellow lenses DO sharpen visual images, but at night when driving, would that benefit be offset by the limiting of light entering my eye from the tint? Also, if used during the DAY while driving, would a yellow tint (in UV coated lenses) In bright sunshine SHIELD my eyes from sun glare, or make it worse?

cynthia m
You should be careful about wearing yellow lenses in sunlight as these may not be UV absorbing. yellow tints increase contrast but generally make daylight feel brighter.
You should be very wary of using tints at night, although they make oncoming headlights more tolerable, they do reduce what you can see in dark conditions, especially on unlit roads.

Any lens with power refracts light to varying degrees, depending on the wavelength. This can be seen most easily by viewing white light going through a prism (see the cover of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon"). This is true not only for lenses in spectacles, but also for the natural lenses in your eyes. This effect is called chromatic aberration, and is often noticed as a slight blur or color fringes on objects. If you eliminate some of the colors of white light, these effects can be minimized. If the yellow lens is a true "blue-blocker," it selectively reduces the transmission of blue light, thus causing reduced chromatic aberration. However, as you correctly pointed out, whenever you look through a tinted lens there is a reduced transmission of light entering the eye. So the effectiveness of a blue blocker is largely individual preference.

Since direct sunlight has a proportionately large amount of yellow light, then yellow lenses will not help, and will likely make the glare appear worse. It would be much better to go with a polarized sunglass lens to selectively block out the reflected glare.

Contact Lens King
Sunglasses with yellow lenses are very useful in cloudy conditions as they will improve depth of field under those conditions. If you wear them in bright sunshine you will get limited protection and comfort. Wearing them at night will make driving more comfortable since they will decrease the glare of headlights.

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