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 Can I wear 3D glasses while wearing a normal glasses?
Erm... My question is can I wear a 3D glasses while wearing a normal glasses?
Does it fit?
Will my vision be blur or it's just the same wearing the both glasses together...?...

 If you wear glasses when you don't need to, eg if you're an actor, is it bad for your eyes?

 does anyone else have trouble putting in contact lenses?

 will i need glasses??
my right eye is super blurry and i dont wear any glasses no eyedrops but do u think i might need it bc i have always had 20/20 all my life and my mom is going to set me up an apointment ...well i ...

 How to insert contact lens. It doesn't grip the eyeball.?
Ok, I take the lens into the eye. Nothing happends.
It's still on the finger, even though the lens touch the eye. Why is it still on the finger? Isn't it supposed to grip the eyeball?<...

 Should i wear my spectacles?
Last week i went to check my eyes.After checking,the optician says i need to wear a 50 degree specs. He also say wearing specs will lengthen the time of getting a higher degree over time. But it is ...

 My eye color (pic included)?
What do you think is my eye color ? is it a good color ?
I really hate my eyes btw :(
I'm a guy..

 Does wearing sunglasses protect your eyes while on the computer?
I look at the computer screen for very long periods of time and I wonder if sunglasses will help!...

 Contacts lens Help?!?
I put them in less than an hour ago. They don't hurt but I can feel them a little. Its a little uncomfortable. Glasses feel a little better. What can I do? I just got my first pair 2 days ago. W...

 i am seeing weird things flying around?
okay so i am seeing weird purple patches and zig zags flying around and its blocking the part of my vision that i am concentrating on.

this is the 3rd time it happened. what is is?? i also ...

 When I take my contact lenses out, there is a film on them. What is that and how can I make them more comfy?
I am constantly putting rewetting drops in my eyes and the contacts stay wet - I know this because I don't get any halos around lights like I do when they got dry. But, throughout the day I ...

 got my 1st pair of contacts today & it seems like i can see farther&better with my glasses rather than contact
did my eye doctor mess up on the exam or is this what happens on the first day of wearing contacts?...

 How can i cope with JUST getting glasses?
see i got glasses about 2 days ago and i feel like they sit lopsided on my head and the part on my nose leaves a mark.... any techniques??? please help! school ...

 Can you change your eye color without contacts or surgery?
if so. Can you help? I hate the color brown. And i want blue....

 how can i change my eye colour?!! and dont give me that crap that i need contacts!?
ok i know must ppl would say i should use colored contacts
i just want to change my dark brown eyes to hazel green
ok i know most ppl would say accept your eyes but am sick of it!
i ...

 Can your vision get better on it's own?
I always thought the more often you wore glasses the more dependent you became of them. I'm nearsighted, and I've been wearing glasses for over 9 years. (I'm 22) I've had the ...

 headache behind right eye, reduced vision in right eye...?

So over the last couple of months IĀ“ve been having this headache in the top right back of my right eye, which has kind of steadily but very slowly been getting worse. ItĀ“s kind of ...

 Can your vision be so bad you're not abel to wear contacts?
just curious

 Why Health Insurance don't cover Lasik? Why is it concider cosmetic?
I think that if they were to cover it, the insurance company in some way would be saving money. I've been told that the surgery helps you stay with good vision for years. In that way, for years ...

 Is michael really dead.?
What really happen to him....

Will I get my contact lenses right after the eye exam?
I think im going to go to walmart vision center or target optical i need my contacts on the same day i go so will i get a free trial pair on the same day?

probably , ask politeley , options can be funny these days

yes, you will get one pair of contacts on the first day, they'll put them in your eyes right away.

Yes, you'll receive a trial pair.

sure why wait

They might give you temporary ones that are close to your prescription but the ones that are your EXACT prescription will be given to you probably two weeks after that exam.

Good luck!

It depends on your prescription and whether they have them in stock. If you have an astigmatism, for example, the toric contact lenses are very expensive and they would need to stock several in each prescription to have the ready just in case someone walks in with that particular type of astigmatism.

They may give you some temporary ones but your permanent ones will come in later.

Depends on your prescription and the type of lenses your getting. If you get custom made lenses (ie toric lenses for extreme astigmatism or conventional lenses) you'll have to wait for them to be made. Otherwise they should have them in stock already.

yes youll get a trial pair but only 1 theyll have your real one in a week =]

Yes you get it the same day. They at least will give you one pair, and that would only be if they dont carry so much of your prescription.. So dont worry

I broke your gaydar
Not if you are like me, I have to wait a week for my contacts because they are special made for my eyes :(

Paula M
Every time I go to get contact lenses, I get a free pair. So, the answer is yes, you should. They have to fit your eye and make sure that you can see alright so you should always get the pair that they fit you with.

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