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 What is lasik surgery like and are there any bad side effects?
I am looking for people that have actually had it and would like to know more before making the decision. How soon did you get your eyesight back and is it painful? Did anyone have any side effects ?...

 what colored contact lenses would go good over brown eyes?

Additional Details
This isn't a question about health issues. God answer the question right next time!...

 Why are our eyes?
why are our eyes colored?...

 Should my optometrist be able to detect a torn or detached retina when she dilates my eyes for the exam?
I was seeing a shadow and went to my optometrist for an eye exam. She dilated my eyes and examined me and said that I was seeing a floater and my eyes were fine. 3 days later it got worse so I ...

 what causes your eyelid to become uneven, out of shape, or smaller looking then the other?
it's not serious or anything, because i normally get it for like a few days, then it goes away, but it only happens on my left eye, and it makes it ugly, like sometimes the eyelid fold is off or ...


ok so recently my vision has become a little blurred when i try and look at the whiteboard from the back of the room,

however i have an eye test booked this week and im ...

 lumineyes eye color change surgery questions!!!?
where is this done?
how much is it?
when is it coming out onto the market?
Additional Details
really? your aunt got it?
where? how much was it?
please ...

 Sometimes I see weirdly... like if i had zoom in my eyes.. does anyone know what this is?
sometimes I see like if I were having zoom, like a hawk eye.
does anyone know what it is?...

 How can I keep my eyes healthy, and maybe even improve my vision?
I have 20/20 vision, but what other factors determine the quality of your vision? My night vision is just awful, and colors always seem a little dull. What should I do. Any foods help?...

 How to improve your eyesight naturally without the help of eye glasses or surgery ?
My eyes are getting blurry and have to squint my eyes in order to see things clearer. I want to bring back my vision before it’s too late. What is the best way to improve my eyesight ?...

 does the old theory hold true, that if someone sits too close to a T.V set, it can make their vision go bad?
We are using way different technology now, so does it still pose the same threat as it did in the 50s-90s
Additional Details
I think all kids do it for some reason....

 how much money does an eye doctor make a year?
I'm interested in becoming one but I want to know how much on average they make a year....

 Why do i look like i have a black eye?
Ok why do i look like i have a black eye and is there anyway i can get rid of this?

My life style is not the greatest i play online poker for a living and its not very healthy. Thank in ...

 Question about blind people...?
Do people who have never seen before dream? And if so, is it simply in sound?...

 Solutions for dry eye?
I have severe dry eye plus allergies which leave my eyes really dry, itchy, red and burning.

I medicate to treat allergy symptoms.

And I tried temporary dissolvable punctum ...

 About how much does color contacts cost?
I want to get color contacts. I alredy have regular clear contacts. and i hear color contacts cost alot
Additional Details
that r also perscription ...

 Which contacts are usually better for dry eyes: Acuvue Advance or Acuvue Oasys?
I wore contacts as a teenager without any problem. Now I'm in my late 20s, and I've had trouble wearing them for the past several years due to my eyes getting dry. My optometrist didn'...

 blind people?
if someone is blind from birth
do they dream?
and if so
what do they picture?
do they dream about how they percieve the world?...

 I can somehow make my eyes rapidly shake, what's going on and is this bad?
Ever since I was in elementary school I've been able to somehow make my eyes rapidly shake on command. What's going on? Is there a scientific term for this? Are very many people able to do ...

 What is the Easiest and Surest way of instilling eye drops?

Avery R.
Why is my eyesight getting better?
I've been wearing glasses for four years now.

I got a new pair... four months ago.

Lately I've noticed that I remove my glasses when using the computer because I feel like I'll go cross-eyed if I don't.

But before my glasses were even ready, I asked my optometrist if he thought my eyesight will get worse later on.

He said yes especially if you're far sighted (which I am).

I've also held flyers and pages a few feet from my face and with just a little bit of a struggle, can read them.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad my eyesight is getting better.. but why?

Eye doctors get cases of spontaneous eyesight improvement from time to time. Some of them had a poor prescription but if they had a poor prescription, vision would still be noticeably blurry or it would usually cause discomfort and need to be resolved within a couple of weeks. Many of them occur when a person has overcome a stresful time in life.

Blury vision is a learned behavior that is an incorrect vision response to life stress. During stressfull times, whether life, emotional, or health, we can strain our vision and learn other incorrect vision habits of squinting, diffusion, and staring. Artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) usually lock in stress and strain and encourage stronger and stronger blurry vision habits. This is why most people who get on the road of artificial corrections continue to get stronger and stronger ones year after year. Glasses don't remove eyestrain, they only convert it into a less painful form.

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