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 I'm 15 and first got glasses when I went to high school, but since then my eyes have got worse and worse?
As a result my glasses have got stronger and stronger and now i'm totally dependent on them. Would it have been better if i hadn't worn my glasses so much in the first place?...

 Eye test prescription query??!!?
Every year my eye prescription has got stronger, i went to the opticians today and cant quite believe how different my prescription is.. I go to specsavers and i am 27..
April 07
R -4.25 ...

 One of my contacts slipped out and dried up. How can I save it?
One of my contacts fell out while I was sleeping and dried up. It's part of a pretty expensive pair and its the only pair I have, too! Does anyone know how I can save it?...

 Is it safe to wear contact lenses when it's raining?
Because I'm afraid that when the rain gets in my eyes the rain water will get on my contacts (which is what is likely to happen) and the contact lenses will be dirty since rain water is likely ...

 what will happen if i dont wear my glasses?
i went to the opticians for a joke with my mates.when i got in there he checked my eyes and said i needed glasses,at first i didnt believe him and when i tried the glasses on, i ***** see out of them ...

 It feels like I need to 'stretch' my eyes out constantly?
I've read other posts about this but couldn't find what, if anything worked. My eyes constantly bother me, feeling like I have to roll them left, right, or most of all upwards. This has ...

 Eye... So... Cost??? Again don't read if you don't like reading.?
Okay so, my eyes are nearsighted... or something like it i don't know...
Example: When I'm in the car, (I'm thirteen) I can't see the road sings... The letter on the word ...

 can eye-sight get worse if you need glasses but dont wear them?
i am asking cause i need glasses but i dont have any. my eye sight isnt to bad right now but if i dont get glasses will my eyes get worse. i am near ...

 Do I need to wear my glasses all the time?
I was wondering if I need to wear my glasses all the time with this prescription
OD: -2.25
OS: -1.50...

 I think I need glasses..?
I sit second from the back in three classes and its wicked blurry and in the back in two classes and its impossible. It gets gradually worse from 4 feet away. My mom said I dont need em since she and ...

 Do people that are/look cross-eyed know it?

 i have a problem with my eye glasses?
i broken my eye glasses in half yesterday and i cant get to the eye doctor for a week. I cant see a thing with out them so my husband taped them together for me so i could use them. I know im not ...

 My dad just popped blood vessel in his eye?
He said it's cause he took too much aspirin and it's normal and it'll go away in a few days, but I'm worried. Should he go to a doctor? almost the hole Half his eye is red on one ...

 I have just got contact lenses they are the soft ones but i find my eyes feel dry and i am aware of them?

 What is up with hotmail??? if you don't play for about a month your account will get DELETED...?
i hate hotmail;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
moo cow ...

 Is it safe to share [FAKE] colored contacts ?
i wanna share with my friend . will it hurt my eyes or something ?
is it dangerous ?...

 What does my eye color mean?
My eyes are normally Blue, but sometimes they are green. But other times, my left eye is Green and my right eye is blue. I was wondering if it means anything, has something to do with my personality ...

 help with contacts... ?
ohkay well i gave my dad these colored contacts in a contact case and he accidently dropped them and i dont know what color they are but i really liked them and now im just trying to figure out what ...

 superglue on contacts lens!!!?
i got superglue on my contact lens what do i do!!! emergency! how do i get it off!!!!!!...

 Why does my eyeball click when i rub it?
sometime when i rub one of my eyes it makes a weird clicking sound or like a rusty squeak any ...

Why is it that when you have your eyes dilated it makes you feel so sleepy.?
Is it the actual dilation process or is it because after your eyes are dilated, you sit in a dark room for 30 minutes waiting for the ophthalmologist to do your exam?

Jilibean Reinstated
I am so glad you have this in the right category. I'm the official category patrol officer, and I have had to issue a LOT of citations lately (ahem..GOD!) Anyhoo, I think it's just the lighting. Also, just the fact you can sit without distractions of a phone, computer, etc. Feel free to use this time to masterbathe or think of questions to ask here on Answers. Oh, and be sure you wear your puffer jacket!

woman 3
oh...you mean you have your eyes dilated legally??? uhhh , well, i feel all kinds of things when my eyes are dilated...depends on the drugs you know??

I take the most amazing naps when I have my eyes dilated. I am not sure that the drops themselves make you sleepy. My doctor I work for does not have this as a side effect listed in his material we have available. I am wondering if it is the nice cool dark room and the absence of stimulii that make us sleepy becuase we have a chance to relax for a bit. that is my thought.

I'm sure it had something to do with who's office you were in! I'm thinking they may have slipped you a "sedative" and dilated your "pupils" with their benis.
Just a guess?!?!

Not me...I sit there and look at everything - I see detail you don't normally see, right down to the texture of the wallpaper!! (lol)

belinda milfinda
It didn't make my four year old sleepy. She actually got a lot done that day. She dumped out most of her toys and did a lot of artwork--some on paper, some on walls. She stayed up until almost 11 giggling with her sister, too. A very productive day for her.

probably the latter

Is that all there is?
Good Q.
You know when you are very sleepy and you have to keep your eyes open and they start feeling dry and kind of sticky and gaze gets focused in one place.. well, it is the same feeling produced when you have the dilation eye drops in your eyes, and it makes you feel like you are high and sleepy.
May be a good way to hypnotize someone I guess.

princeidoc: do you know about the new method with Riboflavin for treatment of Keratoconus?
Also, left comment on your macular degeneration post.

Kel: vision actually gets blurred..
Edit: the chemicals in the drops are slightly astringent to the eye that's why.

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