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 is there a hole in your eye?
i was watching an episode of house and dr.house put this really thin neddel through the black part of the eye....is that black part a hole??????...

 Where could I find.....[contacts!]?
Where could I find pictures of all the color options contacts come in..?...

 eye problem!!! please help :)?
I'm staying at my friend's house, right at this moment. i wear contact lenses and i've forgotten my case and lense solution. i have two options, sleeping in my contacts or soaking them ...

 I'm thinking of changing from glasses to contacts, is there anything important I need to know?
I'm sick and tired of being teased because of my glasses, and I also feel like it's time for a change. I've decided I want to get contacts if I can, but I'm not really sure what ...

 I am due to have my first eye exam tomorrow at a spec savers optician. What happens during the eye exam?
I am unsure weather i need glasses or not. Sometimes i feel that my eyes feel strained first thing in the morning and last thing at night? does anyone else get this?...

 Am I long-sighted?
The keys on my piano, when I'm playing a tune, and words about 2 inches from my face are blurry. Is this me being paranoid or is it worth an eye-check?
Additional Details
The keys ...

 Can an optomitrist withold my contact lense RX??
i have worn contacts for 2 years. i recently made an appointment to have my year contact lense fitting with a new dr. after the appointment, i was given the standard one contact lense in several ...

 whats the difference between a lazy eye and a wandering eye?

 Am I supposed to change the liquid in the Contact Lens barrel case daily?
Well basically, I've always had the normal contact lens case, but I've been having problems with my contacts lens recently, so I got new ones and a new cleaning liquid, and I was given a ...

 Can you get blind from bald people?
I heard something about you could get blind because of all the sunlight that is reflecting from there heads. And how more bald people near you, how higher the chance of getting blind....

 Does it feel good to get eatin out?
just asking cause my boyfriend wants to try it....

 Contact Lenses Down Bathroom Sink Drain?
I accidentally put my soft contact lenses (lasting an entire year) down the drain for the second time today, and my parents just don't have the money to buy me another pair for such a long time. ...

 i think i might need glasses...can yall help me out a little bit??
well all my life ive been on the computer and i think its starting to affect my vision- it is starting to become a little blurry and i cant really read things far away. when i try on my brothers ...

 I'm 14yo and want contacts, but Specsavers won't let me! Where else can I get them?

 People who have contacts and glasses!?
if you normally wear contacts in public, are you embarrassed to wear your glasses in public? i am i just wondered if anyone else was.
Additional Details
i got yelled @ by my dad for not ...

 Should i get glasses?
My eyes hurt and then i get headaches, i went to the eye doctor and she said its because my eyes try to focus on something and then they get strained and then my head starts to hurt. My left eye is .2...

 Is it ok to change contact lens solution brand?
I use the opti-free express contact lens solution but I bought the renu contact lens solutions since the price was better. Is it ok to change from opti-free express to renu?...

 I opened my eyes in a tanning booth without knowing it was harmful. Will it have a harmful affect on my eyes?
I was in the booth for about 10 min, but opened my eyes for about 2 min
Additional Details
do u think it would be helpful to take ibuprofen?...

 what eye colour will a child receive if its dad has black eyes and its mom has blue eyes?
and vice versa?...

 Can mascara and other eye makeup affect your eyesight?
Maybe I'm hallucinating, but when I wear lots of eye makeup it seems like my vision gets worse. Is that possible?...

Why does my vision seem worse at night?
I have recently noticed that when I am driving at night it is a lot harder for me to see signs and liscense plates than it is in the day time. Does anyone know what could be causing this or what to do about it? Is it normal? Thanks!
Additional Details
I know its darker but everything is a lot blurrier and I can't read things that I normally can.

Its dark.


the awnser
because it is dark duh!

Because it probably is. Without the outside light to assist, it is much more noticable at night. You probably have problems during the day too, you just don't notice it as much. Go to the eye doctor.

some people just have really bad night vision, even though there's nothing wrong with their eyes. this is very normal, do not be alarmed or worried....

it is normal it is dark out side and has much as your sleepy your eyes don`t stay wide awake

Hex the Fundies (JPAA)
This is absolutely normal. It's because your pupils open wider to allow more light in and your eyes cannot focus so easily as a result. It's the opposite of squinting:) It is more noticeable in some people than others, and they get night-driving glasses specially to help:)

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