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 what are some non-prescription medicine for styes??
I have a BIG STYE!
and its been here for about 3 days, and are there any ointments, medicine, etc for non-prescription..

(to tell you the truth, IM scared of doctors...lol)...

 Glasses: do people actually need them!? i mean biologically speaking we wernt exactly designed to read....?
small text etc.. am i the only one who thinks they are bad for your eyes in the long run? if i ever got diagnosed with short vision etc.. i definately wouldnt wear them! wot about you guys? whats ...

 is it true reading in bed is bad for your eyes?
someone told me they heard ppl saying and reading on the newspaper that reading in bed is bad for your eyes? is that true? and wth that makes no sense to me. hope they are wrong....

 Is there a such thing as colored contacts?
is there a such thing as colored contacts? like as in the kind that are just to color your eyes and not to help you see? i want to get colored contacts for my eyes so i can have light green eyes ...

 What are some pros/cons about contacts?
I have had glasses most of my life and was thinking about getting ...

 If you wear eyeglasses, how often should you get an eye exam?
Not that new 3-D retinal scan thing. Just the standard test....

 where can i buy strong powered wild eyes contacts online?
with halloween just around the corner i need to find a pair of these contacts for a halloween party coming up but i have horrendous vision, right now at -8.50 power in one eye and -6.75 in the other. ...

 eye booger overboard in my right eye!?
for the past two or maybe three days i wake up with A LOT of eye booger stuff. its not crusty, its whitish, and feels like mucus. ( not saying it is, just describing it as mucus.) and not in the ...

 Does it hurt to wear contacts?
I'm 16 and I've been wearing glasses for like 3 yrs.. I love my glasses
but I'm going to be taking archery soon and it'll be hard with the glasses and I need contacts.. and ...

 I passed the eye test OK, but do I need glasses to prevent eyestrain and headaches while using a computer?
So, I have been getting headaches almost daily now...they usually occur later in the evening, and I've been using my computer for work or homework...so I believe it might be do to eye strain ...

 very nearsighted friend who dont?
want to wear her glasses fulltime,she only uses them for the blackboard or whilst watching tv,
her glasses prescription is -2,5 in both eyes how could i convince her
to become a glasses ...

 Eye colour popularity?
Ok, so what are the most popular eye colours? I know that amber and green are rare but which order does it go in? Cheers.

P.S. I have amber eyes and in my life I have only seen 1 other ...


 Different color eyes?
Why is one eye sometimes different to the other? does this effect their eyesight? is there a way to induce this color change?...

 Sometimes my eyes get a bit dry with my contacts in. Is it okay to use my contacts solution as eye drops?

 Where can I get colored contacts?
Where can I get cheap colored contacts? Non ...

 Are my new glasses really that ugly? *picture included*?

What do you think, can I get better ones next year?...

 How do you corret a lazy eye?
I've had a slight lazy eye when I was younger. I'm 12 now. I wore glasses and they didn't seem to work. Then, I didn't wear them for 3-5 years and now I realized the other day it ...

 What can I do for light-sensitive eyes?
Where I work, there are all florescent lights everywhere. I can barely make it through the day. My eyes get so heavy and i get a big headache; I feel like someones holding a bright flashlight in my ...

 How to get rid of a stye in your eye...? please help!!!!?
I have a stye in my eye and not gonna lie I wanna look cute for Halloween so I want it to go away ASAP! What is the best way to get rid of it quickly? I stopped putting makeup on my eyes but I have ...

Why can't I drink water after midnight before surgery?
My husband is having eye surgery and they are not going put him under. So, I was wondering why he can't eat or drink anything after midnight before the 11:00 am surgery.

arnold ziffel
Because you might leak with all of the holes that are gonna be in you

Even though they aren't knocking him out they do give you a drug that relaxes your body so you can stay still for the surgery. They always air on the side of caution when it comes to any surgery with throwing up. They can't have him throwing up during the procedure. Eyes are a very risky thing you can be working on. So this is just a precaution. Besides it won't hurt him to not drink or eat after midnight anyways. He can pig out the next day if he feels like it.

It is kinda like going to the dentist if you have a morning appointment more than likely you don't eat beforehand because of nerves. Even though they don't knock you out your tummy can feel upset and if there isn't food in there less likely to throw up.

Increases your chances of vomiting and asphyxiating on it.
Anesthesia alone make some sick. Just reducing the chances.

because if they use anesthesia, it will make you nauseous and you might throw up.

because the gas they give you relaxes your muscles so yo may pee on yourself

Sandie B
To help reduce the bodily fluids; sort of starving the liquids.
Plus, should something happen that would result in having to make a change, his body is ready.

Because he might get nauseous and throw up all over the surgeon, not pretty

because the .. i forget what its called.. but anyways the stuff they knock you out with, if u have ANYTHING in your stomache, you will throw up. (anistetics or something like that)

Austin N
Becuase it will go through your system and will do 2 things.
1. Your body is gonna want to go to the bathroom.
2. When they put you to sleep with the gases, it will make your stomach wanna throw up.

Before surgery they don't want anything in your stomach because it will react badly with the anesthesia. You need to have a completely empty stomach so that when they put the tubes in there is no reflux. Even drinking water or chewing gum will get your juices going and you will have a bad reaction. So, even if you are having a little bit later surgery they always say no eating after midnight as they are never exactly sure when your surgery is going to take place. They are very strict about this when you check into the hospital. They don't want you throwing up into the tube while they try to put you under, they don't want to risk you strangling on your own vomit.

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