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Whats the maximum time allowed to spend on the pc daily if you don't wanna damage your eyesight?...

 sleeping with contacts in?
now doctors and my mom and other people tell me that its bad to sleep with ur contacts on. but i sleep with them in and they don't bother me. i do clean them. and when i take them out for a ...

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today when i was in class, i have never had eye problems before, but today when i was workng in my textbook, all the wriring started dissapearing, and when i was writung things down i didnt c wat i ...

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If you look through say the right lens, then close that eye and look through the left lens, should the images you see be the same sharpness?
My right eye is much weaker than my left....when I ...

 Tears coming out my eyes when laughing?
Whats the cause of this,why do only some people get this . .and PLEASE tell me theres a way to stop this because kids at school think I cry all the time but all I do is laugh alot
Additional D...

 how many days can i wear my 1 day acuvue for?
i wear them 16-18 hours a day
its the third day that i switched to 1 day acuvue now and im still on my first pair my eyes are not red nor are they pain so i want to stretch it how many days can ...

 my right eye has been twitching for 2 days now and its really irritating. What should i do about this?

 My friend needs glasses, What should i do?
Ok so in S2 English he keeps asking me what's written on the board. He did that in Maths In S1 as well. I keep telling him he needs glasses but he doesn't want to hear it. He keeps ...

 Is this normal ?
I used to have really dark brown eyes, and today i noticed that they are a really light brown color, and i have a gray-ish blue ring around the pupil .
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I meant the I...

 Eyeglasses vs. contact lens: When is it better to wear contacts instead of glasses?
For those who do not have 20/20 vision anymore, do you think wearing contact lens always have an advantage over wearing glasses?
And what eye conditions will prevent one from shifting from a ...

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 Colored Contacts Help?
I want really cool contacts. But I have perfect vision. 20/20.
So my question to you is, do I have to have prescription to have these contacts or can I just put them in?...

 Contacts... Need help quick!?
Okay, well I ordered contacts online and I got them today. The only bad thing is that they didn't come with a case or fluid to keep them in. I really need the contacts to see straight. I have ...

 What are really good eye exercise?
I want to improve my eyesight ( both 20/40) and I want to do eye exercise. Can you suggest any really really really really really really effective and good exercise to improve my eyesight?...

 My daughter says she cant see the movie when wearing 3d glasses?
Does this mean she has an eye problem? I can't get an appointment to the ophthalmologist for another two weeks.
Additional Details
It's been twice in the movie theater....

 Why am I suddenly having such discomfort while wearing my contacts?
For the past few days it's been uncomfortable to wear my contacts because they constantly feel so dry, even though I'm putting in plenty of rewetting drops and I don't see any kind of ...

 How long can I wear my contacts in a day?
I have monthly contacts. How many hours in a day can I wear them? Thanks! :)...

 Preventing glasses from getting wet?
I'm nearly blind without my glasses. But if it starts raining, the lenses get wet and I soon can't see. This is a problem, especially while hiking. I use an umbrella, but when I'm ...

 who has laser eye surgery?
i'm 21 and short sighted. I'd love to have laser eye surgery but some things hold me back, such as 'oh but what if i go blind afterwards'. I have been wearing contacts for about 4 ...

What happens when you fall asleep with ur contacts in?

not much. your contacts dry out and get sticky in you eye. They dont work very well for a bit but then they clear up. If you sleep with your contacts regularly this can be dangerous because your eyes become deprived of oxygen and blood vessils grow over your optic nerve and you go blind.

sometimes they roll to the back of your eye.
its not hazardous i guess but it is a pain in the butt to get them out when you wake up.

It depends on what type of contacts you wear.

Some contacts [like I wear] are okay to sleep in. You just need to ask your doctor what kind he prescribed for you.
Although, there are some contacts that you should NOT sleep in because they aren't very breathable.

But, most eye doctors will tell you that you should take them out every night just to be safe. At night, is when an infection can grow.

But, if you just fell asleep in them a couple of times, I wouldn't really worry about it- Things happen..Just make sure to take them out and clean them. Or if you have time, let your eyes rest by wearing your glasses...

Good Luck!!

I did this when I wore contacts some years ago. I woke up in the morning and my eyes felt a little dry, but nothing to worry about. At the time of opening my eyes, I thought a miracle had happened and my eye-sight had corrected itself. Sadly this was not the case, but it was great until the realisation set in.

that girl
They get a little bit dry, and then it causes it to stick to your eye. It can also go into the back of your eye and get stuck back there, it's not a good situation to be in. However, there are certain contacts that you can wear for two or so weeks straight and not take them out.

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