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 magic eye question?
Is magic eye supposed to help with myopia, and if so what are you supposed to do with it?????...

 i need some good eyeglasses name brands?
does anyone know of some good name brand eyeglasses for sophisticated 16 year old's ?????
i'm a guy so no girls ...

 Before I buy contact lens...?
I'm wearing glasses for few years, if I want to switch to lens, how much will it cost? (lens case, eye drops, examine fees, relevant stuff, etc)

which brand (contact lens) is most ...

 I'm having a problem with my vision, what going on?
There's this little section of my vision where there's a static looking piece that I can't see out of.

When I look at it with peripheral vision, it looks like thin stripes ...

 what is the reason my eyes hurt?
I got hit in the head a couple months ago with a rock, which caused about an inch long cut in my head that bled pretty good. Within three weeks of this incident, maybe sooner, my eyes started to ...

 Contacts, help?
Im probably going to get contacts sometime in march. I plan on most likley getting the acuvue advanced contacts. They said they are two week contacts. But if i only wear them while im at school, and ...

 Is it true that it is good to be near sighted since you get more far sighted the older you get?
And what's the good and bads with glasses and contact lenses. If contact lenses do the same, why doesn't everyone use them?...

 Why are my Eyes shaking back and forth?
What causes your eyes to feel like they're moving from side to side, rapidly? It distorts my vision, everything looks like it's moving back and forth.

I'm 23, for the most ...

 When does progressive myopia stop (q. for eye doctor or optician)?
I have had progressive myopia (nearsightedness) since I was 7 or 8 years old. My prescription changed rapidly in 2002 from -4.00 diopters to -5.00 by 2006. Since around 2007 I haven't had any ...

 Prescription Sunglasses...?
I was just wondering if it was possible to bring in Store bought Wayfarer sunglasses and have them put in a Prescription sun glass lens. The ones that I have look just like the Ray bans you can get ...

 I can't put on my contacts.?
I have tried but I Just have a thing about putting a piece of plastic in my eye. Every time i go to put it in, I freeze up and get scared!


 i am on incaoacity benefit.where do i stand on eye test and glasses charges.thanks?

 What are the tests my optometrist will do to determine if my glaucoma is in check when I have my next exam?
Other than eye pressure checks?...

 My eyes hurt when I look at the computer too long, but my job is looking at the computer?
Any advice? I am literally staring at my computer for 10 hours a day. My vision goes blurry and I get headaches and my eyes just kill me, any tips on what I can do?

 why do i have yellow eyes?
i drink lots of water but its bottled. help plz
Additional Details
i drink a good amount of water. Its the whites if mi eyes that are yellow. they have been like this for a while. also, ...

 My hazel eyes are changing colors?
Should I go get this checked out by an eye doctor or is it normal for hazel eyes to change??

my eyes now:

 can unfitted and nonprescription colored contacts cause eye damage?
I was thinking about ordering colored contacts online, but if I use them without eye-doctor approval, can that damage my eyes?...

 What are some of the symptoms and problems of glaucoma?

 What is definition of hazel eye color...?
Mine are green, with a brown edge away from the pupil.
Is that the definition of hazel?
Additional Details
Looked it up in m-w.com (d'oh)
a variable color averaging light ...

 Is it true, that carrots can improve your vision?
I'm 21 and wear glasses all the time. I can see without them, but it's just blurry. When I transfer to a univeristy, I wanna try-out for the football team. Is it true that carrots can ...

Chocolate cherry.
What does it mean when your eyes start to go blurry and you can't concentrate anymore?
I don't need glasses that isn't my problem.

This happened to me 2 times in school and i couldnt read the black board and we must copy it to the the book.
I dont need glasses too, im just sleepy.
Take a nap or ummm u will be ok dont worry...

Bozz Mozz
Dont know if you're diabetic, but add shaky to that list and you just nailed the symptoms of a low BG.

Dr. Bill
You might have hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. Next time it happens eat a little candy or drink some orange juice. If the symptoms clear up in a few minutes then that's the problem.

Could be low blood sugar. Go grab a snack and come on back.

David E
You need to take a nap.

Green Is Sexxxy
you've been on Y!A too long and now are sleep deprived.

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