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 How fast can we seeee?
You know if you wave your hand infront of your eyes it looks as if its see through. Why is that? Is it because our eyes cant keep up? Or our brain cant register the movement fast enough?

I ...

 Is it ok to sleep in contacts once?
Is it bad to sleep in them just once or twice or will it damage your eyes the first time you sleep in them? I have frequency 55 lenses. I hate having to take them out at friends houses so if I just ...

Do contacts hurt? Are they hard to use? Are they hard to take in and out?
Additional Details
By the way, I'm 13...

 Something's wrong with my right eye..?
I went to bed last night and it was perfectly normal.
I woke up, like 5 minutes ago, and my right eye lid
is swollen and the corner of it hurts when I blink.

any ideas??...

 Question about getting glasses?
My vision is getting bad and I am going to need glasses. I just get weirded out about anything touching my eyes. What do they do at an appointment with an eye doctor like a place like Lenscrafters? ...

 I've been thinking about getting contact lenses but was looking for the cheapest place?
I am looking preferably for daily disposables. I have never worn contacts before and was wondering if anybody knows the best/cheapest website to purchase them from? Many ...

 Does wearing glasses improve vision?
Does wearing glasses help improve vision over time?...

 Why can't I drink water after midnight before surgery?
My husband is having eye surgery and they are not going put him under. So, I was wondering why he can't eat or drink anything after midnight before the 11:00 am surgery....

 I can't take my soft contacts out my eyes?
I tried contact lenses yesterday at my optitions but I couldn't take them out of my eyes, and subsequently, cannot take them home until I am able to do so, three times. I have to 'pinch'...

 Is Anti-glare coating on spectacles really beneficial?

 Do carrots make your eye sight better?
I wear glasses and my friends think I am a bit colour blind. One boy said to me that he eats lots of carrots every day and he is the only one in his family that does not need glasses. Is this true, ...

 Is it bad to wear my contacts too long??
I usually wear my contacts for 14 hours a day. Is it bad and please explain y??
Additional Details
for too long**...


 I have these spots in my eyes. It started out with about 4 in each eye. Now, there's about 30 in my left eye.
My eye is starting to get blurry also. What should I do?...

 Why won't people look at me in the eye?
When I'm talking with girls or boys, they never look at me when I'm speaking to them. Its kinda weird and I'm wondering what does it mean. thanks.
Additional Details
Well, ...

 how to reduce eye sight ?

 Eye Test different results from D&A and Specsavers.?
I Had been to D&A for eye exam and they gave me a myopic rx. of -3.5 and -4.0 and told me I need to wear glasses full time. I went to Specsavers and they told me I dont need glasses at all.

 If you were in a car accident and your eyes were hurt, what part of them would be damaged to cause blindness?
I'm writing a story, and the girl in it gets in a car wreck and is blinded. I do not know much about optometry...any stories or information would be much appreciated. I have a friend who was ...

 what are some non-prescription medicine for styes??
I have a BIG STYE!
and its been here for about 3 days, and are there any ointments, medicine, etc for non-prescription..

(to tell you the truth, IM scared of doctors...lol)...

 Glasses: do people actually need them!? i mean biologically speaking we wernt exactly designed to read....?
small text etc.. am i the only one who thinks they are bad for your eyes in the long run? if i ever got diagnosed with short vision etc.. i definately wouldnt wear them! wot about you guys? whats ...

nyhima w
What does it mean if your vision is 40 40?
i got a letter from my school saying i failed the eye exam test , and that my parents should make me a eye appointment , due to my vision being 40 40 . But i dont even know what 40 40 vision is , can somebody explain it to me ? :D thank you

you have binocular vision

it's bad vision should be 20/20

your vision isnt 40/40, its based on a 20 ft scale, do some research

There is no such thing as 40/40 vision. Vision tests are based on 20 feet, so it has to be out of 20.

there is no such thing as 40/40 vision

Michael T.
There is no such thing as 40/40. She most likely misspoke and meant to say 20/40. This is moderately bad vision, but you would still be legally allowed to drive so it isn't that bad. All vision is measured with the standard of 20/X.

40/40 is the same thing as 20/20

the numbers compare how far you would be able to see compared to someone of normal vision

if you can see something clearly from 40 feet and a person of standard vision can see something clearly from 40 feet, then that should mean you have perfect vision.

40/40 is impossible the best vision you can have is 20/20

A few years back I did the eye exam at my school and I got a 60/20.
There is no such thing as a 40/40 what you mean is 20/40
20/20 is perfect eyesight but if the number on the right is anything higher than 20 your eyesight is less than perfect. The higher the number on the right is the worse your vision is.I got contacts and glasses after that.
I hope I helped:)

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